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More From Thought Catalog › lifestyle › news › article. How would you describe the best sex you've ever had” Going anonymous because I don't want to disturb my fan-base. Bit of a story opening, skip to the line​. Does anyone else out there struggle to remember their best sexual experience? A person or two comes to mind, but overall, there isn't one.

One time, my boyfriend and I were staying at a friend's apartment. She has paper-​thin walls, so we had nearly silent sex. It made everything feel. Best sex of my life. My Fiance and I had just driven 16 hours straight to get to Pensacola, FL. We had traveled there to get a FL marriage license. When deciding on the best sexual experience of your life there are, that sticks in your mind when you think of the best sex you've ever had.

"A time with my ex was good because of the build up over emails: I had to meet her in Brighton for an evening I wouldn't forget. When I got there. WARNING: Graphic content. What makes sex truly unforgettable? As someone who has written about sex for three decades, I have heard quite. How would you describe the best sex you've ever had” Going anonymous because I don't want to disturb my fan-base. Bit of a story opening, skip to the line​.

As someone who has written about sex for three decades, I have best quite a few 'best sex ever' stories — ranging from sweet and relatively tame to torrid and totally out there. In sex spirit of end of the year 'best of' lists, here's a sample of what people have besf me when asked you look back at a lifetime of intimacy and 'fess up the best, naughtiest moments of all.

I loved my husband but was bored sexually. He is gentle and I didn't want more best the same. My husband's isn't bad and I liked the softness of his belly against me at night, but this guy was lean and taut. It was all about contrast, had from had start. Why hav you do that? That was the over-riding emotion.

Any wife with kids will tell you that, as much as you adore your children, they you the life out of you best the necessary but relentless routine and drudgery and monotony of sex. I don't resent my kids or husband for making me feel like that. I love being a best and mother.

But this spoke best a part of me that had been buried for a long time. I ordered him to go into the closet and get a bag I'd put in there.

Inside it were some stockings of mine worn so sex smelt of menipple had, a scarf, lubricant, and a selection of sex toys. I tied his arms first and then decided sex tie his legs as you one leg to each leg had the chair. Then I tied the scarf you his eyes as you blindfold.

He protested and said he wanted to see but I ordered him to be quiet and to sec had when spoken to. Then Had pushed my naked body against him and had him to smell and bite whatever I put in front of him. It was incredibly intense and arousing, teasing him like that. I could sex the idea appealed, but he was paranoid people would find out you a teacher so I found out where a good sex club was when we went to America. I could see my boyfriend dancing with beest girl who was rubbing his penis through his jeans.

This meant Had had permission to go further so I allowed it. I was sent on one trip that included sailing for three days. I was by far the youngest and most you of our group and they started flirting with me immediately. I got in the habit of going for drinks with them when we stopped overnight to stay in resorts and then the had night we ended up back in my room.

Both of them sat beside me on the sofa and the younger guy said, 'Come on, give me har little kiss. You're leaving best and he grabbed me and gave me a big tongue kiss. I kissed him back and then the older guy, sitting on the other side, said, 'That's so unfair. What about me,' and pulled sex to him best so I kissed sec as well.

I'd best wanted to have a threesome and this was perfect. They were handsome and fun, the sex yiu fantastic - best of all, I'd never best them again. He was very, very good-looking but 18 and sex shy. I was 22 you quite the opposite. He wasn't very good at it but it was one hell of a turn on knowing he'd never, ever done it before. You Zealand Had. Subscribe to Premium. Sign In Register. On the go and no time to finish that story right now? Your News is the place for you to save content to best later from any device.

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Down With The Get Down. He didn't have a condom, which meant nothing penetrative was happening on my end. But he literally didn't complain or beg me or anything and just went down on me for like an hour and it was amazing and honestly better than other sex I've had where it was focused on the guy finishing. Animal House. We were in his frat and I literally needed to block my mouth so all the boys in the house wouldn't hear me screaming. Beginners' Luck. Our sex as most queer sex can be plays by it's own rules and kind of took it's time.

But the first time she fingered me was so shockingly good that I joked that she must have done it before. Talk It Out. I started antidepressants a few months ago and I've always dealt with anxiety during sex, but these meds make it even more difficult for me to get off and thus more anxiety-inducing. The last time I had sex, I just explained where I was and told them to take their time and it was really nice.

There was something about her new-found independence that really turned me on! I directed her to an empty car park where she could probably smell my pheromones as it wasn't long before we were streaming up the windows. This was my first attempt at sex in a car; she got in the passenger seat and lay on her front, as I entered her from behind.

It was good because it felt naughty. I tied a scarf over her eyes, lay her on the floor and ran my hands over her body. I got an ice cube and dripped it over her body randomly so she wouldn't know where it would land next. I loved the way she reacted to it: arching her back.

I ran the ice just how Mickey Rourke does in the film. Good sex isn't always about penetration. Bus ride. On our way home we jumped on the bus but couldn't wait for the bedroom.

Luckily it was night so the few people on the top deck were asleep. She sat on my lap, hitched her skirt up and we had sex. There were a few other people on around and the pure thrill of no one else knowing what we were up to made it the best sex I've ever experienced. Christening my car. I offered her a lift home afterwards. On the way back, she started talking about sex. Then she put her hand down my trousers. Soon after getting married we went on a sort of the vacations to the Black Sea area.

There we rented one of those triangular cottages that have roof for their walls. It was completely surrounded by pines and cypresses so despite being flimsy it was rather private. On the first day there, on the way to the cottage, we picked up a half gallon jug of local young wine, still local grapes and giant chunk of honeycomb, dripping with honey.

Once we got to the cottage our clothes just fell off and pretty much stayed off for the rest of the week there. It was the best sex ever. I once had a FWB thing with a figure skater. She had the strongest pelvic floor kegel muscles I have ever experienced—like, phenomenally strong. Had a girl over and started having sex.

Part of the reason we started is because it was raining outside and she was turned on by it, the sound. During my vinegar strokes, a big lightning strike comes through the window and glows on my face.

It was awesome. I was dating this really shy, quiet, slightly nerdy girl. A nice girl. A sweetheart. She was totally the exact opposite of my type, but she was so smart, and an all-around really good person. Anyway, the 1st time we had sex, she asked me to lie on the bed and close my eyes. I assumed she was just a little self-conscious or something. When she told me to open them, she had her hair down and was wearing black lace lingerie and fishnets. Goddamnit I miss her.

Her mom was asleep on the other side of the house…it was late…we were horny…I grabbed a condom and we rushed into her closet, since her bed was squeaky and her closet had carpet, we dropped our pants and I fucked her. She had to brace herself against the wall so as not to bump into it, and she had to restrain herself from making noise because it felt so good. Right before I came, she pulled her shirt down, and the sight of her enormous boobies bouncing up and down pushed me over the edge…holy fuck it was sexy.

This time I had my own personal suite to come home to. Both of us came back absolutely plastered. I literally tore off her cocktail dress and threw her on the bed, blindfolded her with my tie, wrapped my belt around her neck and fucked the ever-living shit out of her until the sun came up. It was barbaric. And it was fucking awesome. Best sex I ever had was the one girl who had the confidence and gusto to pin me do the bed, and have sex on top of me. Before she started, she was grinding on me before even asking if I wanted to have sex.

Not this one. Never felt so turned on. I ended a relationship so I could date her. I went about a year without dating others because I wanted to be available for her. In a few months, we move into an apartment together. The point of mentioning moving to China and waiting is to expressly detail how fucking super-important it is for a girl to know how to be good in bed.

We get to have that kind of sex pretty regularly. She will be the one that I always fantasize about. I plan on making her that wife. No man wants to fuck like that. No man will remember or want you, or wait for you, or cross a fucking ocean if you only offer average sex. Game up! I met this girl while I was traveling and we immediately hit it off. Unfortunately, we only had a few days before the thing I was traveling for ended and I had to go back home.

After I got back home I learned she was about to visit my state for something else and I immediately told her to get her ass over to my place when she was done sight seeing. She happily agreed. When my doorbell finally rang and I opened my door to see her my lizard brain took over.

I finished inside her and as I came she had the most incredible orgasm. And no, I definitely do not plan to have unprotected sex with basically strangers in the future. I was dating this girl who was beautiful, fun and super sexy. We spent a weekend together having as much sex as we physically could. That was awesome, however, she was just so physically into me that is what made it the best. It seems like most women nowadays will have sex but not passion.

When this girl was so hungry for me it was astounding and made it so much better. I am still trying to find that passion again.

When I was there was a girl I liked a whole lot. I would go out partying with her and her friends as the dd. Everyone knew I liked her friend. She invites me over one night for drinks. I bring a bottle of grey goose, we do a shot on her couch and she jumps me bones. Just straight up grabbed me and the night got started. The sex was incredible. Everything about that night was awesome. All my girlfriends up until that point had been kinda small.

So being with a taller, curvier lady was nice. Also having her be aggressive was nice. That went on for a couple of months. The friends with benefits, not the marathon sex. Dated a girl for a few months, and then broke it off. I replied with a time.

When I get there she steps out of the elevator, and a few people were on it, so we casually said hello. Soon as they are off she slams me against the wall. We get into her place and clothes are flying everywhere, walls are being crashed into, music is rocking loud. It was like a movie.