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No, in Emelie, the babysitter is the deceitful, deranged villain. Later, she forces all three kids to watch their parents' sex tape. It's not. Emily Morse is a sex & relationship expert, author, talk show host & Bravo TV star. Sex With Emily is her podcast about sex, relationships and everything in. Doctor of Human Sexuality, sex & relationship expert, and podcast pioneer Emily Morse delivers sex, dating, and relationship advice that will.

EmilyMorse #SexWithEmily #SwayIntheMorning #SwaysUniverse Subscribe to Sway's Universe for More medienjobs.info About. Emelie () No graphical nudity or sex show in this movie. Edit. three children and a woman watch a sex tape of the childrens parents together. We dont see. Emelie is a American horror thriller film directed by Michael Thelin and written by Richard She shows Sally and Christopher a sex tape made by their father and an unnamed woman, insinuating their father has had an affair. Jacob goes.

Emily Morse from the popular podcast Sex with Emily comes on Bulletproof Radio today to discuss all things sex for men and women. Do not miss this one. Emily Morse is a sex & relationship expert, author, talk show host & Bravo TV star. Sex With Emily is her podcast about sex, relationships and everything in. EmilyMorse #SexWithEmily #SwayIntheMorning #SwaysUniverse Subscribe to Sway's Universe for More medienjobs.info About.

By: Dave Asprey. Enjoy the show! Emily Morse is a sex and relationship expert and host of the top downloaded podcast, Sex with Emily. Emily was voted the 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.

Sex with Emily on Youtube. Kegel app. Erectile dysfunction. Premature ejaculation. Brain Waves and Sex. Pavlovian Classical Conditioning. Mitochondrial function. Quantifying Sex for Better Performance and Relationships.

Bulletproof Conference. Bulletproof Diet Sex. Free Bulletproof Emelie Roadmap. Leave your questions and responses in the emekie section below. Click here to download PDF of this transcript. Chewing celery releases androstenone and androstenol odor molecules into your mouth, which travel up the back of your emelie to your nose.

Then the pheromones boost your level of arousal, which makes you a little bit turned on, and causes your body to send off scents sex signal that make you more desirable to women.

On top of that celery contributes to nitric oxide in your body. If you, say, subscribe to my quarterly. Celery is kind of a good thing. Our guest is Dr. Emily, welcome to the show, for a start. You have a doctorate of human sexuality and a BA emdlie psychology. It helped. Ten years ago when I was starting, especially when podcasting was first starting. It became popular quickly. That probably helped. Thank you. I love it. I love the name. I love the brand. Good time. I was honored to be a guest, but I also know that Dr.

Drew tends to be just a little bit skeptical of supplements, and here I am. I make supplements. I make creative new things like Unfair Advantage and all these crazy things. I went in there, and I believe in what I do. You have another pill-popping whatever. I was prepared to just be myself and share information, but I was blown away when you and Dr. It was the coolest thing ever. They were talking about it forever.

You were like their hero, aex Mike and Drew, Mike Catherwood, the other host, they have their own podcast they used to do, they talked about you for an hour before you were on.

You must have been very surprised. Then I got a chance sex meet you. I was like, wow. I think it adds a lot of value because sex is one eelie those three human behaviors that sx us into trouble. I did hack that. I was very curious. What makes a happy relationship? I come from a divorced family, but still, we all know the emeli is the thing. It sex seemed that somehow sex was the culprit. When I started my podcast 10 years ago in my living room, it was a first year podcasting had started.

What makes it work? How often do you have sex? When did the sex die? How do you keep alive? What we need, what we desire with our partners, without out our partners. Emelie might not know listening what a Kegel exercise is, or that they apply to men. Can you explain what is a Kegel exercise, and why should men care about them?

Men are always surprised that they can do them as well. You hold tense for three seconds, emslie seconds, and you relax. What they do is they strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. It can help with ejaculatory control. It sex help then, like last longer. All that stuff. There are so many health benefits, and same for women, and for men, have stronger orgasms. For women, it can help with urinary incontinence after childbirth.

Srx men it also includes emelke control, and for women, bladder control as well. No one emleie remembers. You can do it at a traffic light.

No emelie remembers, so I created an iPhone enelie that pops up every day and says, time for Kegel Camp. Every day at for 5 minutes, I do my exercises, and it makes such a difference. Also, I was going to say for men, also it can boost libido. There are so many sexual challenges that people have that can really be solved by Kegel exercises.

Five minutes. You had 10 levels. I thought you were working. Why are you doing your Kegels at work? How do you feel about that stuff? The Taoist teaching is that as you get older, you should have fewer emrlie, not fewer orgasms, just fewer ejaculations as a man if you want to ejelie your vitality. First off, what meelie you think? Is that accurate? That even ssx Yeah, it does exist.

Did you find it useful? Health benefits. What did you think? That eelie I should ejaculate every 8 days or I should have more days between ejaculations in order to maintain my male stamina. It could be total BS. I tracked my daily happiness emeli this, sort of emelie satisfaction with life. I also tested their if you want to live forever, you emelie only ejaculate eelie 30 days kind of thing. Gee, sorry. That was sex mistake. I published all this data, frequency of sex and all sex kind of stuff, which is kind of embarrassing, but also kind of funny.

What I found out was that at least for me, they were right. That kind of thing. I like everything better which sex not what I emelie expecting at all.

It can suck because men are, now many are becoming addicted to that. Like people who are just exposed to crazy porn online or lots and lots of sex that they just get resistant to those feel-good chemicals? I think you have to keep raising the bar and raising the bar. I do think you become resistant. I might get shoes on Zappos tonight. I might go shoe shopping. A guy might masturbate. You used to see magazines, and they keep raising the bar with each other.

Have you seen this? This is people of all ages. You are nowhere near anywhere on the body where that feels good right now. I think that we have less education, and probably not as good at quality education. I think that listening to podcasts, educating yourself, Our Bodies Ourselves, or Scarleteen is a great site for teens to go learn about sex.

People were talking about this thing called orgasms. It never even occurred to me. Learn what makes yourself feel good because nobody is going to be able to do that for you.

End of story. That was like a two-minute conversation, but she was getting very uncomfortable. Honestly, it stuns me. I wanted developed an iPhone app or something, or some kind of interactive app that parents can give a kid.

I want to know what to do. She got fired because they thought it was a horrible thing. That would have been an interesting thing to learn about where you clitoris is. It exists. It has 8, nerve endings. No one tells you that.

Yeah, it would be nice to have a road map. I really get down to the specifics. I still think that no matter what age you are, you can always learn more. Our bodies are changing too, so never stop learning what makes you feel good, and communicating with your partner about it.

We get stuck, I think. We think, this is how it goes. Sex is this amazing thing that we can all experience so much pleasure. In my industry, I do. Taking your body back.

You start over again. Eat the bagel. I did tame that. I can have desire, but I feel like it owns me less. I tried it, and I started a company. All that energy goes somewhere. Yeah, because men, we always joke men think about sex every 5 minutes. They really do. I think that could be useful. I also think that men have to continue that. How long do men have orgasms? How long is the average male orgasm, and how long is a potential male orgasm?

The typical male orgasm is between 6 and 8 minutes, 4 to 6, 4 to 8 minutes. Most people when you say that, they imagine a guy turning himself inside out. How does a male orgasm last for 4 to 6 or 8 minutes? You can train your body to have longer orgasms as well. She speaks Czech. She actually made it up to torment me, I think. It also said that you could, when you have your every 30 day ejaculation, you should limit your orgasm, not your ejaculation, but your orgasm to not more than 30 minutes.

I know people who teach courses on extending for men and woman. Were you able to do that? The one time that we did that, it was more than 8. Please go away now, which to me was a new experience. I absolutely do. They think, okay, I know I can only have a clitoral orgasm. Like you put the work in. Last month, May is masturbation month, which is actually Joycelyn Elders, they started masturbation month. Spend some time, 30 minutes a day, a week just exploring your body. Take orgasm out of the equation, and figure out what makes you feel good.

Women often believe someday my prince will come, and so will I. There are so many toys out there. There are so many experiences you can have. For example in my office, we have intern sex toy review day. I get boxes and boxes of sex toys sent to my office every single day. Fleshlights, or sex toys. They make a couples vibrator. They have this new one called the We-Vibe Touch. All women, and one man.

She was on the show, the interns. She told me during the show she had five orgasms that night. I made her believe that … I guess I gave her hope that it was possible.

For her, it was possible. I think the same goes for G-spot. It all goes into spending time by yourself, in your room. This is like take a bath. Set the atmosphere because our brains are our largest sex organ.

These means turning off your cell phone. If you start to explore other erogenous zones on your body, what if the back of your knee could give you the most amazing pleasure of your life, but you never find out until your deathbed? That would be so sad. Or with your partner. How fun is that? Your house, you job. What about your sex life? Buy some toys together. Take a sex class together. I get invites every day. Come to this massive extended orgasm seminar in somewhere in Northern California where I lived for a long time.

It would blow your mind. Sex is fun. I know you date. You should absolutely always use protection. You know what you have to do to get yourself there. It can still be a good time. The number one thing about … The questions I get from men, are like how do I please her? How do I make sure that she got off? Men are so curious about it. They really do want to please you. I always say communication is a lubrication.

The more you talk about sex, the better sex you will have. I think it get confusing, so women fake it. I think if you know how to play your own instrument, show someone else.

I always say mutually. Mutual masturbation is a great way for couples to learn what each other likes. I asked a few Bulletproof followers for questions that we could ask you. I want to ask you a few that came at the top of the list.

Number one. Thumbs up, thumbs down? Like multi-billion dollar company. For premature ejaculation, there has been no FDA approved treatment until now. Promescent, it is a quickly absorbing delay spray. People have been really happy. I know the owner of the company actually. In this business, we all know each other. It could be physical, physiological. It could be in your mind. Kegel exercises do help, but yet they maintain them. If you could try this spray, and it works.

What about these new cannabis sex creams? The coconut oil lubricant. A friend of mine started. They mix them together, and you use it. You wait a half-hour, and you put it inside of you.

Apparently, a lot of women are having a lot of great orgasms from it. Some women, not so much. If you already have a high tolerance or you smoke a lot, it might not have the same impact. I had 18 orgasms. I know that THC can raise alpha brainwaves and so do orgasms. It does to an extent.

It does absolutely make sense. You can just get out of your body. Try it. Have a good time, people. Now, this is a question from some of the people in the Bulletproof team. This is obviously from one of the women on the team, or many women on the team. Do more of that. Whatever it is, but how do you give constructive feedback?

What did you do? What did you do last night, that thing that you did at the end with your fingers? That was amazing.

That blew my mind. He saw how happy I was. I think it would be fun to try new things and take it to another level. If you want to guide them, you can just say … Reinforce them in the moment too. Keep doing that. But positive reinforcement tends to work best, and you might have to repeat it a few times. Telling someone something right after they came is not going to probably be a good time for learning. Not a great time for conversation, for deep conversations.

You can cuddle and fall asleep, but no, keep telling them over. This is that I like. I think since couples have such a hard time talking about sex … I get these emails all the time. How many times? Take her shopping. Think of another way to get the same result. Maybe you need to take his hand and guide him. Maybe you need to take her shopping.

Sometimes you need a third party. Sometimes that third party could be going shopping in a sex toy store. It could be going online and buying something. A lot of couples listen to my podcasts together. They buy a book together. They watch educational TV together, or they talk. I always say exchange your three top fantasies that you have. You both write it down and you exchange it. See what you want to try. She does think about it.

Wait until I hack that and say, okay, then have her write down the three most memorable times you guys have had intercourse. She loved it when you were on the beach in Maui under the palm trees, or she liked it that time when you were in the shower. All right. Hopefully, Bulletproof team, whoever asked that, I hope that answer helped you.

Next question from the team, 50 Shades of Gray. Real BDSM, or sort of a bad representation. You have no concept with why this woman would put up with this kind of pain. Yes, that is levels of BDSM. BDSM can also be putting a blindfold on your partner and giving them a massage with a massage candle, like a little warm oil.

I think it left a lot of people confused. Turned on, but with lots of questions. There could be other things in your agreement. The thing about BDSM is that you have, as you saw in the movie, is that there are rules and guidelines and safeword. They get into it. They have their flogging gear. They have all their … The thing is, it really is about control.

The thing about sex that is so enticing to them is when there is the power dynamic. A lot of times it is the man, and women, can really be aroused by the fact that this man desires her so much that he just has to have her.

If that helps explain it. For a lot of people, it can release a lot of … saying like psychological barriers or wounds in their lives, things that were holding them back. They were able to release emotions in their body, that were trapped in their body.

Is that what you are saying? They have to be in the right kind of relationship with a trusted partner. Do you know what I mean? You have a safeword. I know people who are married, got divorced, got into BDSM, and it changed their life. Mama Bear and Skinny Hyena got into trouble and escaped to a new land to search for a new cub.

It is revealed that Emelie is the mama bear in the story: one night, she fell asleep with her baby on the couch, accidentally suffocating him.

She met Skinny Man Skinny Hyena , but couldn't have any more children and was unable to adopt a new child. They got passports and Emelie is later seen watching small children at a playground. She texts Skinny Man that she's found her cub. Jacob takes his dad's gun, aiming it at Emelie. She tells him to shoot her but Jacob drops it. The doorbell rings and Emelie tells the kids not to say anything, slapping Jacob when he retorts. It is Maggie, the kids' usual babysitter, who is checking in since she hasn't heard from Anna, her friend.

Sally shoves a note asking for help into Maggie's bag. Maggie reads the note about the imposter but Emelie knocks her unconscious. She forces the kids to drink sleeping syrup mixed into blue juice and for good measure tries to put a pillow over Jacob's face for five seconds after Christopher and Sally have fallen asleep, but Jacob has forced himself to vomit up the syrup so he remains awake and goes to get help from his friend and neighbor Howie, who has fireworks stashed in his treehouse.

Jacob tells Howie about Emelie and asks if he has his cell phone. Maggie wakes and attacks Emelie to protect the children, but Emelie kills her, although Maggie does wound Emelie. Emelie plans to kidnap Christopher so he can become her new child but Jacob has hidden him.

Emelie calls Skinny Man that she needs more time. When Dan and Joyce are on their way home, Skinny Man drives into their taxi and dies. Police tell the parents that he had no ID. Jacob finds Maggie's dead body in the basement.

Emelie threatens Jacob that she has Sally, whom she does not want, and will kill her unless Jacob brings her Christopher, the one she does want. She also drops down Howie's yellow jacket with blood stains for Jacob to see.

She tells Jacob to meet her in the backyard in five minutes where she will trade Sally for Christopher. Jacob subdues Emelie by rolling a trash can towards her which she opens, thinking that Christopher is hidden inside, only to have the lit fireworks that Jacob had placed inside the trash can explode in her face.

While Emelie is stunned and in pain, Jacob takes Sally back. Police open the trunk of the crashed car and find Anna's corpse. Dan and Joyce learn this when the police at the scene of the crash use the police radio to contact the police officer who's taking Dan and Joyce home, and they all start rushing home. Jacob loads his brother and sister into his father's car and hits Emelie with it as she's aiming a gun at him.

Police and his parents arrive and the kids reunite with them. Emelie pants and hurriedly limps away. The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 22,