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Sign up. Branch: master Find file Copy path. Find file Beybe path. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. Raw Blame History. We are great. I just thought that I would stop in and say HI I just couldnt aford four quads. Of course that oic was taken before the race beybe. Ater the series it looked like shit!!

I have needed some cousin time!! Call me sometime soon. Not today. I know that it's Ohio State and Michigan today so maybe tomorrow. I am so happy beybe you and you are going to be an amazing dad!! Can you believe it, Beybe Please tell her mom congratulations too. O yea man hey your bday today? Or was it a few days ago? May God keep sexi all safe over there. I am glad to know that you are doing ok. Much Luv! It'll be okay 3 2 HEY!!!!!!!!!

Ive been trying to get ahold of you Sexi let u know 3 1 Why thank you Hans! Hope U have a great New Year as well!!! Want to tell hey a little more about yourself? I'm so proud I'll keep ya updated, its still a month away Then use a myspace layout to make a background. Thanks for the compliment! How is everything? You're display pic looks sexi I like your hair!

I have two other classes that are at the same time as organic that i have to take to graduate so im really worried! How do u get ur backdrop pink?

Miss you! I've just been real busy lately, but now that things sexi calm down some I should have more time!!! Have a great summer. Long time no see. It's not everyday you come across somebody who knows where Peyton is. You're a class act What are your plans?? Anything romantic or a few films sexi trhe bedside? Am i right? Its cool. Shy page, sorry! Crazy busy mike works everysaturday and I work everyother.

So we are really busy I am still doing a college class. I dont think we will be down any time soon just way to much happening in our lives right now.

Love Ya! I just can't wait until we found out how far along we are I hope all goes well and we have no problems with this pregnancy But u two r hey though. How have things been. But yeah get back at me! We should do it more often!! Hope to see everyone soon! How are beybe doing? We are doing good. Chad is back out to sea until November!! Gotta love the Navy!! Well, hope you are doing well. Hey to hear from ya So how's everything going?? Are you and Jess coming up sexi the wedding??

Well see ya later. Enjoy your day to the fullest. May God bless and keep you and guide you each and everyday. Take care and have fun! Hows it beybe going. Ooo this is the magazine thing i've been hearing about!

I love you with all of my heart hey soul Ashley!!!!!! So here's the scoop! So please help me spread the word. I only have a week to get the word out to everybody, but with everyones help we should have a great turn out. Don't miss out on hanging with all our peeps under one roof! But start spreading the word! No support, no money, no leadership. So I quit. I spent 12 years at that place, and not hey person has said thank you sexi even f-k off since Hey left. It is all good though, beybe are going great, and it would have been foolish of me to stay amy longer.

That place has nothing going for it anymore, and I don't want to be associated with it. Bring the bike budday!! Lemme know. Well good beybe in beybe search. All the damn rodeos got me goin a bunch. Man I hope I look as good as he does when Im that old With something called Labrynthitus!! Chad is my myspace friend. I am so glad you are free to roam again.

Hey need to call me so we can have band practice. How have you been? OH Sexi Got a few pictures ere for you mate, sorry I got distracted the other night man. Must see you guys soon for a few.

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Whats been up with u! Get ready for camp on Monday! How have u been? I have not talk to u in sooo long. Call me some time.

I got hooked on the cycling class, but I go at p. Tell me whats happening in ur life then? U never told me wat santa got u!

Lol 2 2 hi loser jus adding more kommments kk Yeah it is crazy! You prob dont know this, but Zack and me have been very close the last 5 years. He came to visit me and asked me to marry him. So I said yes. He is my very best friend. We have been through it ALL! We are having a small ceremony here in Nashville during the Holidays, but we are going to have a wedding up north when he gets out of the Army. You gotta come! Dont quite have a date, but I will let you know. So What have YOU been up to love?

Tell me about your life now You know, the way you got him there is also a way to help him along, get it? That, and take some long walks. Like miles at a time. But bring a cell phone!

BTW, child birth, so not bad, just get the epidural : 2 1 Hello Just wanted to let you know that we are having a get together on Saturday. We plan on cooking out, It is bring your own food and drinks and then later on in the evening we are having a fire. Let us know if you can make it. Don't forget to drink a beer for me. The cutie, Logan, is my cousin Becky Klinkenberg, Melissa's sister that is her little boy.

The pic is older You should be biased that your kids are beautiful You are very fortunate to have such a great family. Havent seen you in a long time!

Im having a jewelry party what is your address? Took me long enough! We miss you, hope you come home soon I have no idea why. Just dropping by to say,"HI"" Peace 2 1 Ah thanks! Another 46 to go. Down 70 so far. It should be nice to have me the infamous AYE bless ya page!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's an arse. My job is okay, just a tad boring and I hate working every day! I was nearly sick in my mouth! I miss it too, especially as Sndays would have made us rich. Does anyone we knew still work there? And I hope you are well my friend! Do you still go out in Farnham and stuff? What're you guys gonna do to celebrate?

I hope the best for you three. I cant wait for my new life to start even tho it has already. I know i spelled her name wrong you will just have to tell me how to.

Ttyl 3 1 haha yeah i cut 6 inches off I like your background! Love your bargain alerts! Go hit up rent a center or something : 3 1 darlin', i'm gonna buttah yo bread. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! I sure hope you are doing well up there in Jacksonville.

Don't be a stranger, alright? Are you still getting married? Sorry I'm hardley ever on here my computer is too slow,I hope everything is good for you! Where are you working now? How is everything up your way? I could already feel it going in so hard and coming out so soft and wet.

No one has to know about this. I need it. I'm desperate, but your help can be very grateful you must think I have a lot of nerve asking you for this, but I can feel my tongue around it sucking all the juice out until there's no more left, this has been on my mind all day long and I hope I'm not being forward, I'm usually not like this, but LOL 2 1 I been doing great How about you guys?

I tried to make it down a few weeks ago but got a little busy due to the Ole Miss games. Happy Birthday 2 1 u finnally added me from the past minn lol 2 1 how u doin. I've got a great unicorn costume. You should be a satyr again. Looks awesome Hope you guys have a great 4th of July!

Much love to you my brother! Miss you man. It reminded me of that time we went and saw Jimmy Buffet. I think we were drunk that day. I don't know I was too drunk to remember. And where the heck is Georgia!? LOL Can't wait to catch up with you guys! I love u soooooooooooo much!!! You are sooooooooooooo beautiful : 3 1 Happy Birthday!! I love you I need your cell Hope you're feeling better!! So I haven't talked to you in like forever Take care buddy! I was just stoping by your page.

Whats up? You needs to come with me and AAron to the mall whenever we go U gotsta come over sometime Was so battered the other night!

Did you find Paul? Hope all is well ttul xo 1 2 okay you need to pimp your page girl 1 4 i think im going to keep dispatch to myself, you can have my kids in 20 years i dont car ill probable be sick of them by then anyways Hope you are doing good!!

Talk to you later! Im still recovering. Went in Crown last night for a couple of drinks. Two bottles of wine later Ended up in V bar I was a wee bit drunk. All good fun :- 3 1 que laa?!?!? I'll see you friday! Me and Mel are comin out! If that's ok. Seth said we could come so we are whether you like it or not bitch! LOve Ya Quickie! Hope all is well, love and miss you!!! Hope all is going well. It is auesome!! TecHz FinaL!! Ha ha. What color are you going to do?

Your a cutie as well. People are going to think you are a total bitch automaticly with that blurb! You should let them come to that conclusion naturally This weekend Heheh I win. Do I know you? Holla 3 1 wow i love ur songs but u have to go here mine it is so kool We want to know when you are coming back to chat????

Hope you are having a great time! Don't tell! I guess I am sooo cool! Don't forget Micro this Sat. Wear white! Just a friendly FYI. Miss you lots! I bet she is just beautiful!!! Big hugs for you and the baby!!!

Can't wait to see pictures! Love ya!!!! I need more rain around here There I added your pics I miss you too. You know, this Thanksgiving and Christmas is going to be very hard for me. Miss you Awesome pic. Haven't heard the tune yet don't know what happened will try to fix speaker.

You know that I will always be here for you and those three beautiful boys!! Let me know anytime I can help. I will be there in a flash!! Be strong and know that you have people that care and that are praying for ya!! Love Ya Girl!! See ya soon!

Awesome time this weekend! Come to LA 3 1 happy hump day. I luv u!!!!!! I'm doing ok. Really anxious for ya'll to get back! I miss Rob!! That was a pretty sweet score and I wish they could do that all of the time Oh and when hell freezes over I will root for the yankees I will be rooting for the Mets!!!!!!!!!! Oh and don't forget the cause of those wonderful meals Good times 1 2 whats up dogg!! Take care 3 1 sweet thatd be awesome 2 1 hey man ill see you tomarow 2 1 Keepin it real.

I havent seen you in forever, and when did you have a baby? Sam has luckily got his hands on a room in the Bedford Park pub in Streatham, which is now owned by the owner of the Windmill in Brixton. All very exciting! Well anyways the 1st night is gonna be Sat 30th, so y'all gotta come down!! Luv Gem xxx 1 1 wasup? Bj said whats up. I must be old : 1 1 yo u got aim 1 3 mundelein I miss u, Im so happy u got a myspace. How is everything going at college? I have to have my applications in in about a week Its officially retro day so i'm sure the silver surfer shoes will fit right in!

Cool beans. Mom 2 1 Hey, Hey kid what is new? I shot 3 and cory shot 3. Seen alot the first day but only decided to kill 3 that day, didnt see anything the following days.. What you up to? Yeah very funny! Your just jelous cause Im shorter than you!!

AnGeL 2 1 Let me know where and set up people who are interested and i'll be there 3 1 Hope that you all have a great holiday!!!! Very Poor Gramma young man!! Cute baby, but what is that next to it? I feel like i'm looking at an empty room or something 3 1 hey sup man how are ya how is life treatin u im doing good i just got done with ma colege applications so thats a big release 3 2 Hey.

I miss you? This summer you need to come to my house and swimmin. Well im glad you finally got a myspace. Brii 2 1 Hello! Hope the Holidays have been good to you and yours. Although yo did not miss a lot with that movie! I hope to see you soon! Let me know if you need anything!!!!!!!!! I hope all is well, and hopefully we will all catch up soon! You should have went pro. Thanks for asking me to be your myspace buddy!

Can't wait to get to know you better I love you. I Love You! Im about to get a couple man, and I ll put a name on one for you! Give me your address now. So that I may contact you! Im on here every so often so I can right more then I can get on here! We should get together for drinks or meet up during the day if you are going to the shows.

Give me a ring. Thought Id leave u a message even tho u neva eva message back!!! How u doin? Not seen u about for agggeezzz! Hope alls good :D x x x 2 1 Ey up, have a good weekend? If you use MSN at all and fancy a chat sometime, I'm on: clarky hotmail. Miss the Shit out of you!!!! LYLAS 2 1 wats good white chocolate, lol.

Hope you are doing well! You can see my results here - you should take it too! Remember when Lily Leung lady abandoned our group in Mr. It's been years, holla back. At least put a pic up lol 2 2 so did u fix that damn truck of urs yet?!! I've been learning how to snowboard. We can tell stephanie made this her pictures are all over it!! How are you lately? Can you plz plz plz with a cherry on top tell me ho you are?

I love you!!! Starting this Saturday You joined myspace!!!! All is ok on my end. Hope you have a great New Years I guess he thinks he is cooler then he is 2 4 Hey u fucking punk did u forget about your people or what. Wait till i see u, u are a dead manhahahhaahaha. By the way tomorrow i go the 38th MP's and get my packet. I already have my R and i am on my way Hit me dawg later Anytime you're home, let me know, and we can play.

Cool page. Keep the Metel alive. Best of luck. What are you doing this weekend? We are getting ready to move up there. So yay! Tell Christina she needs to get with the program so she can actually have a drink at dinner one day!

I'd love to stay in touch. Andy and Cory became my new "sons" over the last few weeks. Such polite, handsome young men!! Julie and Leann became my sisters, having gone on this journey together has forever bonded us!!

Let them both know that as soon as I hit Walmart on Wednesday for ink and photo paper that pictures are on their way!!!!

Lawrence has given Chris hayfever, but otherwise is mostly sleeping on your bed I'll be sure to boss him around soon, get him to make my bed and pack my bag : I will miss you though I have not seen you often enough.

Postcards will be the new communique, and maybe once in a while you can check your myspace or shock horror, even your email! Hope you feel better, big hug, lots of love, Kate XXX 2 2 Hey there how have you been I saw you driving Saturday I think but you never looked over 2 1 hey saw that you did not have a comment so I thought that I would drop one off!!! I'm comming cali in three weeks if you like hang out. Long time no see : 2 1 Happy Birthday! Haven't heard from you.

Call me again sometime. They're so big now Hope you are having a good one! Yup, it's taken care of Thanks for making me do that :- Great pics you posted on mine and Amanda's page!!! I guess paybacks are a bitch huh LOL 3 1 aww i miss you too! Can I get a job Save me from this boredom Hope you are keeping out of trouble!!

I miss you and can't wait to see you again! Till then Gotta love those Macross toy pics. Sadly I don't have them anymore I left that gift in appreciation for your generosity in letting me borrow your truck; I new you would hold it dear to your heart. I was going to replace the cubs bat on teh keychain, but I couldn't find a bat like the one that you have.

And no we did not get the chance to go out to Springfield. Go take your blood pressure again!