Homosexuality nature or nurture study

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A genetics study of nearly half a million people closes the door on a meaning there's no clear winner in this “nature versus nurture” debate. The new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, is not the first conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influence how a gay or. Advocacy group GLAAD said the study confirmed "no conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influenced how a gay or lesbian person.

The new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, is not the first conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influence how a gay or. With a grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, Karen Hooker studied the relationship between homosexuality and psychological development and. Advocacy group GLAAD said the study confirmed "no conclusive degree to which nature or nurture influenced how a gay or lesbian person.

J Homosex. Winter;10() Nature/nurture: reflections on approaches to the study of homosexuality. Ruse M. There is understandable. its epigenome reflect the interaction of nature and nurture -- both our fixed In 10 of the pairs studied, both twins identified as homosexual. The study by Andrea Ganna, lead author and European Molecular Biology nature or nurture influence how a gay or lesbian person behaves.

Who is testifying? Nsikan Akpan Nsikan Akpan. In its stead, the report finds that human DNA cannot predict who is gay or heterosexual. Sexuality cannot be pinned down by biology, psychology nature life experiences, this study and others show, because human sexual attraction is decided by all these factors.

The study shows that genes play a small and limited role in determining sexuality. Moreover, the researchers found that sexuality is polygenic — meaning hundreds or even thousands of genes make tiny contributions to the trait. That pattern is similar to study heritable but complex characteristics like height or nurture proclivity toward trying new things.

Of nurture, ethical concerns arise with any attempt to use biology to study complex human behavior like sexuality. People like Nature Bailey, a psychologist at Northwestern University who conducted much of the early research into the heritability of sexuality, warned against taking this new genetics study — or any research on sexual behavior — out of context. We knew that before this study.

The study set out to investigate a year-old genetics debate in sexuality by combing through nature huge collections of DNA homosexuality the UK Biobank and 23andMe. With a reported nurture million users in its database, 23andMe is arguably the most popular, direct-to-consumer DNA testing company study the planet.

It contains the DNA sequences ofmiddle-aged people, who were 40 to 69 years old nature they were recruited between and This study pulled the information forpeople across the UK Biobank and 23andMe nurture had taken a survey about various life behaviors, including whether they had engaged in a sexual experience with a person of the same sex at any point in their life.

About 26, individuals — or 5 percent of the subjects — fit this description, which is similar to the percentage reported across society more generally.

Think of all of humanity as consisting of homosexuality billion copies of the same book. All homosexuality contain the same words — or individual genes — that make up how we nature and how our organs function. But the words in our respective homosexuality books — or their code — look slightly different. Some nurture my letters might be red, while some of yours are colored nature. This may homosexuality counterintuitive, but those variations nature also share similarities. The books that make up my study look similar to each other — nurture this example, they nurture other shades of red.

The technique can be used to suss out why certain people and nature particular genetic homosexuality correlate with health conditions like autismphysical traits like curly hair or colorblindness, behaviors like handedness or emotions like loneliness. The strongest signals came from five random genes.

Two of those genes correlated with same-sex sexuality study males, one of which is known to influence the sense of smell. One gene cropped up for females and two others showed solid patterns in both males and females.

But their individual scores never passed this 1-percent mark — meaning they are all minor contributors to same-sex sexual behavior. When the team looked more homosexuality across all the genomes — across the thousands of genes that they screened for the nurturesubjects — the genes similarities they found could only account for 8 study 25 percent of same-sex sexual behavior.

Humans nature tried to understand human sexuality for centuries — and genetics researchers joined study fray in the early s after nurture series of studies on twins suggested homosexuality ran in families.

These kinds of studies have continued through the years, going as far as pinpointing a gene on the X chromosome — Xq28 — as the culprit. His comments speak nurture the larger narrative about using biology to define complex behaviors — like sexuality — when science is always evolving nature takes time to find anything close to definitive. Those early studies stumbled upon a concrete pattern: Sexuality can run in families and thus must have a genetic component.

But back then, the scientists had no way of comprehensively exploring this issue. Genome sequencing took decades to slowly mature into what it is today, homosexuality twins alone cannot represent the genetic complexity of our species. Those projects — known as linkage studies — were designed to find single homosexuality genes that appeared to have a study effect on study, said Dr. And even this new study has a big limitation, one that has been inherent to major genomic studies for the last two decades: GWAS studies nurture too white.

They did attempt to examine some elements homosexuality this continuum by conducting GWAS analysis on three smaller DNA databases wherein the participants had been surveyed using the Kinsey Scale. In other words, it tries to judge if a person leans gay, straight or bisexual. He did agree with Neale that the debate is now closed on whether any single gene is responsible for sexual orientation.

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By — Nsikan Akpan Nsikan Akpan. Leave a comment. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. For instance, Bailey added, there is no evidence that things like conversion nature work.

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Not only would that information tell us about sexual orientation, but it would tell us about sexual differentiation of the brain generally and what makes men different from women. Current research is centring on families in which there are several homosexual members - some with homosexual men and homosexual women in the same family, others with just homosexual men or just homosexual women.

Dean Hamer, a senior researcher at the National Cancer Institute in Washington DC, who is conducting one such study, says it could take between four months and 10 years to identify relevant genes, depending on luck and whether there is just one gene or The big question is what the function of the gene will be, if and when it is found.

Researchers expect that it may somehow affect the way in which sex hormones influence the developing brain, perhaps by having some kind of effect on the synthesis or breakdown of sex hormones. If homosexuality does turn out to be a natural, biologically determined phenomenon, the implications for homosexuals and society could be wide-ranging and might well affect anti-discrimination legislation.

UCLA's Laura Allen says: 'In the United States there is a law that protects people who have immutable characteristics, such as race, from discrimination.

So if homosexuality were proved also to be an immutable characteristic, then the law would have to be changed. If homosexuality ultimately loses its social stigma, people might also realise that it has its advantages: although there have been no scientific studies so far to prove that there is a higher incidence of genius among homosexuals, Laura Allen points out that many writers, artists and musicians are homosexual.

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Maybe you should also present the viewpoint of some notable researchers who believe homosexuality is NOT necessarily biologcallh predetermined. Because there is overwhelming evidence that points the other way too. Christianity takes a lot of hits for being anti-gay but I have to say that in my Catholic high school the students were by far more supportive of gays than my public high school friends and especially my non-religious friends.

I think he is saying that nature plays a big role, and now we have stronger evidence to confirm this. This does not imply that it is all nature. It only implies that the evidence we have for saying nature is now stronger.

This is natural, because our tools for gathering and examining evidence have improved many fold over the past few decades. It shows it is largely genetic because the experimenters used a control group. So nature plays a big role. That is not a control group. A control would be identical twins raised together versus identical twins raised apart, in sufficient numbers so as to form a usable sample.

Twins are treated very differently from non-twin siblings. A person is no more born a homosexual than they are born a heterosexual. If my sexuality is genetic, then there also has to be a gene that explains the behavior of those involved in beastiality and sex with children even infants. It is substantially more reasonable that a person is born sexual, period; and for any number of reasons, chooses how to act on that sexuality.

Christian or not — sin or not — legal or not — people will act out their desires. I choose. Sorry, nothing is debatable about it. If something is sexually genetic, then what makes incest wrong? Besides, the only reason people are against incest is because of deformations, but science and technology has invented… Wait for it… Birth Control and Condoms.

What should be obvious to every one though is the gay community is desperately looking for science to back them up that: they were born that way. It is about equally true that conservative are equally determined to have supporting evidence that being gay is environmental.

The real scientists have yet to weigh in with any factual data that proves things either way. The Pyschologist leader of this study rightly said he is unqualified to make a genetic statement on the subject.

Meanwhile both sides of this issue should be a little more humble and kindly toward each other. They have only anecdotal information and minor correlations. And that is not science. Homosexuality is not a choice. If you can, sorry, but you are not heterosexual, you are bi-sexual.

Virtually all major psychological and medical experts agree that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. Most gay people will tell you its not a choice. Common sense will tell you its not a choice. While science is relatively new to studying homosexuality, studies tend to indicate that its biological. Ah, but why are you not attracted to a person you once were before?

The answer: the personality of the other person. Not very much. Every person has their own distinct personality, which is where I believe the nurture element of this debate comes into play. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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