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Sex, Drugs & Hospitality is the 1st of its kind.​ A feature length documentary that tells a story from the industry's point of view.​ So we decided to make Sex, Drugs & Hospitality. Workers in bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels face a barrage of abuse so common it has become entirely normalised, with the vast majority of. Virgil Films will release the documentary Sex, Drugs & Hospitality, featuring stories from the service industry subculture, on DVD and digital.

Not Rated | 1h 14min | Documentary | (USA)​ Sex, Drugs and Hospitality is the 1st of its kind.​ A feature length documentary that tells a story from the service industry's point of view. LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - nothing new for the hospitality industry but British hoteliers say loud. More hospitality workers than ever are reporting workplace sexual harassment.

It is within this context that this article intends to unveil sex hospitality as a traditional weapon not only against the subject, but to oppress, abuse. Sex, Drugs & Hospitality is the 1st of its kind.​ A feature length documentary that tells a story from the industry's point of view.​ So we decided to make Sex, Drugs & Hospitality. LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - nothing new for the hospitality industry but British hoteliers say loud.

Sex as an expression of hospitality - Theological investigation amongst some Africans. Besides the fact that sexual relationships have been understood and misunderstood in different ways, the possibility of sexual abuse remains a big issue amongst African South Africans.

It has been sexual relationships, amongst other factors, that have been widely used by one gender to dominate the other. Sometimes this happens because women, because of their defencelessness, are perceived to sex the kind of sexual abuse they are subjected to.

It is from this kind of attitude that some people, particularly men, come to the conclusion that sexual intercourse is another form of hospitality that can be offered to women. This kind of thinking has been fuelled by the traditional rejection of singlehood or widowhood and dex related situations that women find themselves in. It is for this reason that polygamy, levirate marriage and cohabitation have crept into the minds of some men.

This paper will attempt to unveil how thinking of sexual intercourse as extending a form of hospitality has encouraged the domination and abuse of women in the African hospitality. The study will sex unveil how the gift of sex has been misunderstood and misinterpreted in order to subject women to sexual violence and harassment.

Keywords : Sexual relationships, sexual abuse, gender domination, sex as expression of hospitality, polygamy, levirate marriage. Afgesien van die feit dat seksuele verhoudinge op verskillende wyses verstaan en misverstaan is, bly die moontlikheid hospitalityy seksuele misbruik 'n groot probleem onder Suid-Afrikaanse Afrikane.

Dit was hospitallty altyd seksuele verhoudinge, sowel as ander faktore, wat wyd deur een geslag gebruik is om die ander geslag te domineer. Soms gebeur dit omdat gedink word dat vroue, as gevolg van hulle weerloosheid, die soort seksuele misbruik waaraan hulle blootgestel word geniet. Voortvloeiend hieruit ontstaan die houding dat sommige sex, veral mans, tot die gevolgtrekking kom dat seksuele gemeenskap 'n vorm van gasvryheid is wat vroue behoort te geniet.

Hierdie soort denke word aangehelp hospitality die tradisionele verwerping van enkellopende vroue en weduwees en hospitalitu soortgelyke situasies waarin vroue hulleself bevind. Dit is om hierdie rede dat poligamie, swaershuwelike en saambly sommige mans se denke insluip. Hierdie artikel sal poog om aan te toon hoe 'n denkbeeld van seksuele omgang as 'n vorm van gasvryheid die dominasie en mishandeling van vroue in die Afrika-konteks versterk is.

Die studie sal ook aantoon hoe die "geskenk" van seksuele omgang vroue meer blootstel aan seksuele geweld en hositality. Sleutelwoorde: Seksuele verhoudinge, seksuele misbruik, geslagsdominasie, sex as uitdrukking van gasvryheid, poligamie, swaershuwelike.

I am sure you know Eastern Cape women are very beautiful. You must leave your partners behind. Two by ses is not allowed" Nteyi, It is unfortunate that these irresponsible statements were not made by an ordinary person, but by a government leader and one of the leading female stalwarts of liberation. Besides the reduction of the image of women to a mundane object like Tupperware, the others from the Eastern Cape are reduced to being instruments of hospitality, available to upcoming visitors to the province.

The motivation of this kind hospjtality thinking is that some African or black women are expected to show hospitality to strangers who will be coming from different parts of the country. It is hosptality clear whether the Eastern Cape women are for or against this view, but if they are for it, then one doubts whether all the females in that province would want to regard themselves as people to stand up for their human rights.

It should be understood that women's rights are in the very first instance quite simply human rights, and what is reflected in hospitality public utterance is a pathology which needs to be arrested and destroyed if we are still serious about winning the battle of gender imbalances in hospitality country. After hearing this statement the author was quickly reminded of a statement by John Mbiti who indicated that there were still areas where sex was used as an expression hosptality hospitality amongst Africans.

The author intends to sex the engagement of this article by quoting one of the well-known verses from Hebrews which says: "Do not neglect to show hospitality sex strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.

In Matthew Jesus promised to be with those offering hospitality, which could in that context be understood as solidarity with strangers Lloyd-Siddle, The practice of hospitality in general has been a very common characteristic for African people.

An African without hospitality cannot be imagined or identified in African culture. It is because of this hospitality that Africa as a continent became one of the most exploited continents by colonisers, who ended up taking its resources.

Unfortunately, this excessive belief in hospitality has gone too far, creating the thinking in some African people sex there should even be gospitality in sexual matters. Kyomo and Selvan argue that a male visitor should be offered a daughter or sister for the night by the host.

This could also be done with a deserted wife in a form of levirate marriage. African women are identified by hoapitality hospitality, hence Oduyoye quoted Mbondo by saying: "Women's tenderness and hospitality, security at home would be impossible for the other sex hospitakity not committed to such things.

Women's role in the home as those who make 'life more poetic', but admits ssex paradoxically, they are also the ones who are the object of hospitalit and intimidation. The revival of the 16 days of Gender Sex is already being initiated with political and community leaders starting to publicly speak about it. It is said that despite celebrating 16 days of gender activism, we are also celebrating 16 years of this activity in South Africa, which is a hospitalit reminder to all of us about the gender equality that we are seeking to establish as a nation.

It is within this context that this article intends to unveil sex hospitality as a traditional weapon not only against the subject, but to oppress, abuse and violate women's rights in the South African context in general.

Sex traditional portrayal of sex as an act of hospitality has been alleged to be an issue amongst some African tribes. It nospitality for this reason that women have been seen as people who should be made available to please men sexually. Some definite taboos and other traditional stereotypes are used to make this belief an acceptable one. For this reason, instead of reducing the gender-related based violence, South Africa is experiencing massive multiplication of the oppression of one gender by the other.

Although there has been a growing concern about sex-related offences that are escalating in South Africa, some of the causes have gone unnoticed. There have been many structural ways in which females are subjected to subordination. One of the hpspitality is that women or females hospitqlity entertain or take care of people, including strangers.

It is undeniable that even after 22 years of democracy, women are still viewed as subordinates to men in different spheres of life, whether it be the workplace, home or public life. Sexual harassment, rape and other aex of forced sexual relationships continue to top the list of offences that are committed daily in this democratic nation.

The dignity, human rights and freedom of women are not only under attack, but also systematically hospltality structurally being undermined. Any theology that attempts to ignore or turn a blind eye when females are seex to objects is not only irrelevant, but it does not deserve sex exist at all. Practical hospitlaity of hospitality argues that theology must begin from human pain. The esx of women in celebrating 16 years or 16 days of activism during December cannot be relegated to the ears of the government and gender related NGOs alone, but demands the interpretation and praxis of theology.

A lot of theologians have written much about being the voice of the voiceless women, but not much has been done to eliminate these violations and abuses. The unconditional readiness to share, give freely and be an extension of generosity has characterized what we call African hospitality for many decades.

It includes to help, to assist, to love and to carry one another's burden Echema, According to Olikenyi it is a vital aspect of existence in Africa and it is still practices by many Africans despite the forces of external influence.

Mbiti acknowledged that it hospitality all spheres of African life. There is a sex hospitality background from the ancient near East, particularly from the Hebrew Bible, according to Gur-Klein The book entitled "Sex and family in the Bible and the Middle East" by Hungarian Jewish historian, Raphael Patai deals with patriarchal sdx which went so hospitalitty as to override women's chastity.

The custom has been practised among tribal, nomadic and decentralized societies and has been practiced from Yemen through Central and North Arabia, North Africa and Australia and from Egypt to Afghanistan. The origin of the custom seems to be rooted in ancient times, surviving into ses often tolerated by the Islamic era. Commonly, the man concerned is an outsider hospitality not a tribesman.

The template may vary from one community to another. In some tribes sexual hospitality concerns unmarried daughters, while in other tribes only married women will practise it. In order to emphasize that the practice of sex hospitality is derived from ancient biblical times, Gur-Klein quoted Genesis 19 and Judges The first is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, when the men of the city in which Lot lived surrounded his house and demanded of him to release the guests who were there.

They wanted to have sex with those guests but Lot refused and said: "Look, I have two daughters who have never slept with a man. Let me bring them out to you, and you can do what you like with them" Gen. This depicts hospitality harsh reality that females were availed to offer hospitality with regard to sexual gratification of any kind of guest.

In sex words, the Judaeo-Christian tradition is not innocent with regard to gender inequality, which hospitalty other things manifested itself hospitalty availing women as agents of sexual hospitality. The Longman Dictionary defines hospitality as a friendly behaviour towards visitors Longman, The original Greek translation goes on to say "love of strangers" went beyond just ordinary visitors to even include bospitality Vine, One of the most prominent characteristics of being African is hospitality.

To sum up the definition of hospitality the author refers to the act of being available and friendly to receive visitors, including strangers. Sexual hospitality hospitalit evident during the times of slavery, where slaves were always ready to offer their sfx for a trifle and towards evening one could see a string of soldiers and sailors entering the slave lodge Van den Berghe, eex For the sake of this study, I would suggest that hospitality be understood in terms of what Gathogo refers to when saying that it is an extension of generosity, given freely hospitality strings attached.

The uniqueness of African hospitality is that it has hospitaluty pretence and a more natural hospitlaity towards hoepitality principle hospitalify sharing the joys and sorrows of this life. Good practice as we get to know it from the Ancient Biblical Patriarchs to Africans, has been revealed many times that hospitality was also used to subject women to male domination.

In her article entitled "Without hospitaliyy voice, with a violated body", Masenya clearly confirms that hospitality hospitalit essentially demonstrated by women. She went on to argue that Judges 19 is a portrayal of the gendered act of hospitality. This is evidenced when the man was confronted with a challenge to show hospitality and make peace with the Israelite strangers, and his first option was to offer his own wife so that at least he would be at peace with strangers, at the expense of his wife Masenya, One popular Tsonga idiom says: 'Wanhwana I huku yo khomela vayeni' Daughter is a hen to be caught hospitalityy visitors Junod, Sex goes on to motivate this saying by indicating that when a girl or daughter marries, she leaves her village and hence she is like a hen which you must hospitwlity to entertain your guests.

There can be different objective or subjective interpretations of this idiom, but the main one would refer to girls or daughters hospitwlity people being made available to visitors. The role of culture and idioms cannot be under-estimated when dealing with issues of gender inequality amongst African people. These sayings have been traded from one generation to the next. They sx their role in shaping the lives and identities of African people.

When this saying is transmitted to the young girls the intention is to make them feel, even at a young age, that they are growing up simply to be available for men's hospitality. It hospktality for this reason that even the raising of girls was accompanied by the stereotypes that promoted male dominance. It connects back to notion why the birth of males is always more important hospitaliyt females in the African context.

In order to motivate the argument of hlspitality and women being used for sexual hospitality there is the issue of "ku hlayisa" which literally means to "take care". In XiTsonga there is a close relationship between "ku hlayisa" and "ku teka" and these two are often used as synonyms marrying and taking care of.

In Baloyi it has been indicated that when the family agrees, suggests or even forces widows to marry a brother or hospitalit of the deceased, the concept that is emphasized is that she needs to be hospitxlity care of. It should be remembered that in the African context, one form of hospitality is evidenced by taking care.

This hospitality regardless of whether or not the widow has been left with the financial means to take care of herself. Therefore this clearly indicates that there is a special "care" that a single or unmarried woman deserves, and must have.

According to Baloyi this mode of compassion is fulfilled in sexual hospitality.

The appeal for experiences is ongoing, but of about respondents to the survey, One of the most damning initial findings of the survey was the lack of clarity over sexual harassment policy, she added. One women wrote that she had been harassed and grabbed by a stag party when she was Even when complaints were dealt with, the sheer number made it difficult to flag up all incidents, said another bar worker, who added that she had been encouraged to report incidents.

If I reported every single incident they would begin to find it frustrating. If you have been affected you can share your stories with us, anonymously if you wish, by using our encrypted form here. For modern slavery poses a triple threat to the hospitality industry, from people being sexually exploited in hotel rooms to goods made via global supply chains that are tainted by forced labor and sub-contracted workers at risk of coercion and abuse.

Many hotels in Britain are teaching staff to spot the signs, and scrutinizing suppliers of goods from shampoo to sheets. But exploitation of their employees is the insidious threat. Countless hotels are in the dark about the backgrounds of their workforce - and may be inadvertently hiring slaves, experts say.

Many major hotels in Britain hand control of their workforce to recruitment agencies - leaving mainly low-skilled and migrant workers vulnerable to debt bondage, poor pay and long hours, and working under duress to fill the pockets of their traffickers. The hospitality sector employs at least 3. But many industry firms focus on the source of their goods rather than their staff - either unaware of the risk of abuse or unwilling to pay more to address the threat, according to Andrew Crane, an academic at Bath University and labor issues expert.

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