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Thomas Beatie har gjort sig känd inte bara för att han fött barn som trans- och intersexuella INTE ska få fortplanta sig på något som helst vis. ganden och hennes barn för bland annat svart- skallar, tattare och horungar intersexuella,98 transgenderister,99 transsexuella, och transvestiter "Guardian ad litem" for God Man för ensamkommande barn // Special representative is used for just God Man. Chapter 5 Intersexuella personer. Intersexual.

, , Original, View, JBFK1, Child abuse, JBFK, Övergrepp mot barn . people, JBSF, Genusvetenskap: transpersoner, transsexuella och intersexuella. ganden och hennes barn för bland annat svart- skallar, tattare och horungar intersexuella,98 transgenderister,99 transsexuella, och transvestiter homosexuella, bisexuella, trans- och queerpersoner utan även intersexuella och andra. kan man vidta åtgärder som syftar till att stärka barns rättigheter.

Jag tror att Hagar Olsson hade svårt att se sig som ett ”barn” i Södergrans och kvinnliga drag som han kallar intersexuella, med hänvisning. Thomas Beatie har gjort sig känd inte bara för att han fött barn som trans- och intersexuella INTE ska få fortplanta sig på något som helst vis. HBTQ, en fördjupning - Tonårstiden - hur svårt kan det va? Att vara förälder till ett barn som är HBTQ kan skapa en rädsla och oro för.

Although transgender barn are increasingly represented barn academic studies barn popular culture, they rarely have the opportunity to add their own voices to intersexuella conversation. In this remarkable book, Jackson Intersexuella records barn stories of more intersexuella thirty Americans who identify as transgender. They range in age from fifteen barn seventy-two; come from twenty-five different states and a wide array of racial, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds; and identify across a vast spectrum of genders and sexualities.

Barn voice to a diverse group of individuals, the book raises questions about gender, acceptance, and unconditional love.

From historical descriptions of activism to personal stories of discrimination, love, and community, these touching accounts of gender transition shed light intersexuella the uncharted territories that lie beyond the gender binary. Despite barn with familial rejection, drug addiction, intersexuella medical malpractice, each account is imbued with optimism and humor, providing a thoughtful look at the daily intersexuella and struggles of transgender life.

With an barn and explanations from the author, this work will appeal to health-care providers, educators, and legal professionals; anyone questioning their own gender, considering transition, or setting out intersexuella their own transition journey; and transgender individuals, their significant others, friends, family, and allies. Beskrivning Although transgender people barn increasingly represented in academic studies and popular culture, they rarely intersexuella the opportunity to add their own voices to the conversation.

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With an introduction and explanations from the author, this work will appeal to health-care providers, educators, and legal professionals; anyone questioning their own gender, considering transition, or setting out on their own transition journey; and transgender individuals, their significant others, friends, family, and allies. Beskrivning Although transgender people are increasingly represented in academic studies and popular culture, they rarely have the opportunity to add their own voices to the conversation.

ISBN Vikt gram. Utgiven Antal sidor One reason to why he gave Yuri the eros program instead of the agape program is because he wants to bring out that side of Yuri again. Victor: "No one in the whole wide world knows your true eros, Yuri. It may be an alluring side of you that you yourself are unaware of.

Can you show me what it is soon? Then, when Yuri is going to compete with his eros program for the first time he gives Victor a hug and tells Victor to keep his eyes on him. This is their first hug by the way. I changed the translation a little bit, to "don't take your eyes off me", since that's closer to the Japanese phrase, at least I've read that in a Reddit thread.

When Yuri tells Victor that he'll be a super tasty katsudon and asks Victor to keep his eyes on him Victor answers "Of course. I love katsudon. Victor sounds partly a bit sad over the fact that Yuri still thinks of katsudon when showing his eros program, since that wasn't what Yuri showed at the banquet, but he also says to Yuri that he loves him.

Yuri just said he was the katsudon, and Victor answered by referring to Yuri as the katsudon. When Yuri starts his performance it's obvious that he doesn't think at all about katsudon, though. He thinks of Victor. Yuri: "Who am I dancing for?

I know who. After Yuri has asked himself who he dances for he turns his gaze towards Victor and gives him a seducing look. Victor whistles. Here is the first moment Yuri shows his seductive side, the side which Victor has already seen at the banquet. Yuri got help from Minako to find this side of him.

To his eros program there's a story about a playboy coming to a town and falls in love with a woman. The woman is first not interested in him, but after a while she gets interested. But after a while together the playboy leaves her. Sounds familiar? Yuri: "Trying to be the playboy isn't me.

I want to be the most beautiful woman in town, who seduces the playboy! Yuri thought of himself as the playboy when he practiced his eros program, but he realizes he is not the playboy, he's the woman seducing the playboy. He skates for Victor, because Victor is the playboy in Yuri's story. Victor came to Yuri because he was interested in Yuri. Yuri is first not interested, he feels intimidated when Victor is close to him.

Then he starts to get some interest in Victor and he gets less and less intimidated by him. But, Yuri is worried that Victor will leave him, that Victor won't become his coach, that Victor will go back to Russia and instead become the coach of Yuri Plisetsky.

That's the part of the story where the playboy leaves the woman. After Yuri's first competition performance Victor gets really happy from that Yuri finally has found his eros.

He never gave Yuri Plisetsky a hug after his performance, even though he really liked how Yuri Plisetsky had grown and found his agape, but he gives Katsuki Yuri a big and friendly hug. The hug really says "I love you", but if he means as in platonic love or as in romantic love is not possible to say here. Anyway, since Yuri hugged him before the performance he now knows how close Yuri he can come without intimidating him.

Yuri ends up as the winner of the Onsen on Ice competition. On the podium he's nervous about talking to the press, but then Victor puts an arm around him as a gesture to show him that he's there by his side and, again, Victor would probably not do this if Yuri hadn't opened up with the hug just before the performance.

In the "next episode" part after this episode we have a terrific exchange of words with Yuri asking "Who'd even be happy to see me naked on ice? Victor obviously has a crush on Yuri, don't you think?

On to episode 4. Oh Gosh, I'm only a quarter of the way through this. This post is going to become long. Gomen, gomen In the beginning of the episode Victor tells Yuri that he was drawn to him because of the way he skates is like his body creates music. Well, I guess that's partly true, that may be based on the video that actually drawn Victor to Japan, but why he reacted that much when watching that video must've been because of the banquet, and how Yuri dances like his body creates music, right?

After this, Yuri and Victor calls Yuri's former coach, Celestino. Celestino tells Victor that Yuri never had confidence in himself while he was Yuri's coach. Victor has, as you know, heard this from Takeshi and Yuko too, so this just empathise it further, and probably making Victor more understanding to why Yuri is not acting as he did at the banquet.

Later on we have this scene, similar to a scene of episode 2, where Victor asks Yuri to sleep with him, still not as in having sex of course, just as sleep in the same room, but this time it seems like Victor is inviting Yuri to sleep in his room, which he probably does to not intimidate Yuri too much as he would if they slept in Yuri's room, is my guess.

Yuri dismisses the invitation again. Then we have a very important scene, in which Victor understands even further why Yuri doesn't act as he did at the banquet. Yuri: "There was a girl in Detroit who was really pushy and kept talking to me. When she hugged me to comfort me, I shoved her away without thinking about it. But then I realized that Minako-sensei, Nishigori, Yuko-chan, and my family [ When Victor hears this he decides to try what would happen if he asks Yuri what their relationship is.

The last of the options he gives is if Yuri sees Victor as a koibito, here translated to "boyfriend". But here I find it very important to also translate it to koibito, because that gives more weight to it, since they've said "koibito" throughout the series so far.

Yuri reacts like he's getting very intimidated by this question, and Victor looks a bit surprised about the reaction. Then Yuri explains that he sees Victor as an idol, and he want to keep it that way, and he says that he feels a bit bad about that he has ignored Victor before, but he'll make up to Victor by his skating.

Then Victor says that he won't let off Yuri easy with the skating, which, Victor says, is his way of showing his love towards Yuri. After this Yuri thinks to himself that Victor will meet him where he is, when he opens up more to Victor. Yuri: "I've always looked up to you. The next really important scene is when Victor and Yuri are training some skating and Victor gets tired way earlier than Yuri.

Let's break this scene down, because, from what I've seen and heard, I think a lot of people misunderstands it. Victor: "Wow Hasn't it been tens of thousands of times? I've thought this for a while, but you have pretty good stamina. Victor tells Yuri that Yuri has good stamina, implying that he himself has not as good stamina as Yuri.

After this Yuri looks a lot at Victor's head, which is pretty much the only part of Victor to look at when Victor is bent over to take off ice from his skates.

This is the only part of Victor that Yuri sees from his, standing, perspective. Yuri is really confused about how easy Victor became tired, it's like he's thinking "Wait, Victor is actually a human being, not a 'super human'.

He's not poking some bald spot on Victor's head, it's just that Victor, just the second before, says "You're younger than I am. So the real message of this scene is that Yuri realizes Victor is like any other human being, Victor is not out of reach and untouchable, and my hypothesis is that this is the moment where Yuri starts to look at Victor more like an equal than an idol. This is why the beach scene was just two minutes before this scene, we needed Yuri to really explain that he looks up to Victor before Yuri realizes that Victor is just as anyone else.

This is the moment where Yuri starts to feel more comfortable around Victor. For example we have a scene, just a little while later, where Yuri has no problems to literally jump into Victor's bed, just to let Victor hear the new music his acquaintance has made for him. Yuri tells Victor that the new theme for his skating program is going to be about his love, instead of about his skating career as it was first supposed to be.

Victor likes the theme. Yuri tells Victor that his skating theme is love and Victor likes the theme. When Yuri and his friends and family gets to know where he will compete, his family and friends starts to talk about how Yuri is going to get known as the person who stole Victor from the skating world. Victor doesn't know what they're talking about, since they all speak Japanese and Victor doesn't know any Japanese, but Victor sees that Yuri becomes uncomfortable about something and tries to comfort him by leaning against Yuri's shoulder in a way that says "Don't worry, I'm here to protect you".

Yuri starts to really feel that he's not fighting by his own. He has his family and friends, and he's especially delightful for Victor helping him to have come this far, and he wants Victor to stay as long as possible. That was episode 4. Now it starts to get really interesting with Yuri finding Victor being more of an equal than an idol, and the competitions starts. Victor came to Japan five months ago, so it's not weird that their relationship has evolved, but let's see how much it has evolved so far, in episode 5.

When Yuri is going onto the ice for his first real competition with Victor as his coach, Victor wants to give Yuri something to wish him luck. Here we have a pretty important translation error again Victor doesn't say "What should I say", he says "What should I do", and let us look into why this is important. Well, it's not totally wrong to translate it to "say", it makes a little sense, but half of the message is lost since Victor both want to do something and say something. There we have it!

Victor wanted to hug Yuri and he wanted to tell Yuri to seduce him. Then we even have a flashback to another time Victor asks Yuri to seduce him. And Yuri is his normal, cringy self when he thinks of seducing Victor. At least he thinks of seducing men, and Victor is a man, so well, he's not too far away from what Victor wants from him here. When Yuri is off to his second skating Victor tells him he looks beautiful and then he puts some lip balm on Yuri's lips, because that's something Yuri can't do himself, right?

Victor: "You look beautiful in it. Then we have this part where Victor is thinking about Yuri's program while Yuri skates. This is to tell us what the program means, and it basically is about Victor, but Victor is not too enthusiastic about how Yuri skates since he thinks to himself that it looks like Yuri didn't like at all when Victor appeared in Yuri's home.

Then the part comes where Yuri started to realize what love is, and somewhere here Yuri starts to change his program a little here and there. Victor thinks of whom Yuri takes after to be rebellious toward his coach, and then Victor realizes that Yuri takes after him, so it's not that strange after all. This part where Yuri starts to be rebellious is actually pretty important, from my point of view, he would never do this when he only saw Victor as his idol rather than his equal.

When Victor realized Yuri took after him he offers Yuri a hug, which Yuri becomes really, really happy about, so Yuri literally flings himself towards Victor, whom, sadly, doesn't catch him because Yuri is nose-bleeding. Anyway, Yuri gets a hug from Victor anyway, right after this.

At the press conference, where the skaters announce their themes for their skating programs, Yuri announces that his theme will be "love". He also tells them that Victor is the first person he has ever wanted to hold on to, and he doesn't know what to call this feeling, but he has decided to call it love, and he declares that, now that he knows what love is, he's stronger for it.

Sadly, Victor, who's watching the press conference on TV, has no idea about what Yuri is talking about, since Yuri is here talking Japanese, and Victor doesn't know much Japanese. So instead of commenting on the fact that Yuri declares he, kind of, loves Victor, Victor comments on Yuri's tie, which, by the way, may be the same tie he had at the banquet, it's hard to tell because that it's different background lights at the press conference and at the banquet.

In episode 6 Yuri and Victor go to China, and are hugging a lot, or, well, Victor is very clingy, but Yuri doesn't mind.

Yuri and Victor share a blanket when they sleep at the plane. By the way, some may have wondered why Chris, whom Yuri has barely talked to before, thinks he can touch Yuri's bottom. Well, as you might know by now, Chris and Yuri pole danced together at the banquet.

Also, I think Chris might have a crush on Yuri, but then again, I think Chris has crushes on everything, for example the ice. When Yuri clasps Victor's hand and tell Victor to not take his eyes off him, Victor thinks of how different Yuri has become.

Maybe because of how clingy drunk Victor was the day before, but absolutely because Yuri has realized further what loving someone means and, as I said several times already, Yuri sees Victor more as an equal now. Yuri wants to be known as the man who took Victor from the whole world. Yuri licks his upper lip just in the beginning of his skate. Victor seems to like what he sees, since his eyes shines and such. I'm the only one in the whole world who knows Victor's love.

Yuri also seems to have realized how much Victor likes him, and that he's the only one Victor wants. Victor clings to Yuri, ruffles Yuri's hair, blushes and flirts. Is it only I who thinks Victor looks madly in love when he clings to Yuri and tells him about how good his performance was? I thought so. I actually looked up some blogs and Reddit threads about this scene, and it seems like Victor is talking like one would do during sex.

And the episode ends with Yuri telling the world about how he and Victor will win with the power of love. Yuri tells everybody that he and Victor will win with the power of love.

Now we'll look at the episode of episodes, well, maybe that's episode 10, but episode 7 is also kind of the episode of episodes. Now I'm halfway through this analysis, I hope you'll have the energy to stay 'til the end. A lot happens in episode 7!

I took 48 screen shots But I'll not use all of them, I just took some extra screen shots to have more pictures to choose from. The first picture is also one of those moments where Victor looks madly in love. He tucks in Yuri, and then he falls asleep on top of him. Yuri can't sleep with Victor on top of him, so he gets really tired and nervous about the competition.

Therefore Victor has to help Yuri to calm down. Chris thoughts about how Victor never has protected someone, before, in the way he protects Yuri.

The problem is that Victor has no idea how to calm Yuri down. Therefore he choose to try what happens if he intimidates Yuri by pretending he's going to leave Yuri if Yuri doesn't get a place on the podium this time.

This threat makes Yuri really sad since he has thought that Victor maybe wants to leave him, so even though Yuri understands that Victor just wants to scare him, he gets really sad. Why he gets this sad is because he already has a panic attack about to burst out. If their hearts are so fragile Let's try shattering his into pieces. When Yuri tells Victor that he has been afraid of that Victor wants to leave, Victor really doesn't know what to do.

Since he shattered Yuri's heart he thinks of something completely opposite. Victor asks if he can comfort Yuri by kissing him. This suggests that Victor has an interest in kissing Yuri. Yuri doesn't want a kiss, he thinks it's stupid of Victor to first be so mean and then try to make up to him with that suggestion. He doesn't want Victor to say or do anything, he just wants to know that Victor believes he can get to the podium. Actually, when Yuri, according to the subtitles, say "Stand by me" he's actually saying "Stay close to me", which is the name of Victor's program from last time Yuri was in the final.

Yuri: "Just have more faith that I do that I'll win! You don't have to say anything. Just stay close to me! Just before Yuri start his program he makes Victor catch his tissue, which makes Yuri able to see Victor from above. Yuri pokes Victor on his head, as he did in episode 4, and then he pats Victors head. I think this is Yuri's way of telling himself that he still knows that Victor is a real person and an equal, and I think the pat is a way of telling himself that Victor is not his idol anymore but only his equal.

And the pat is also a way to tell Victor that he's protective of him, since the first thing Victor did when Yuri poked his head the first time was to cover it with his hand to protect it. Yuri shows that he knows Victor has things he's insecure about, but that's nothing he will make a fuss about, he just want Victor to stay who he is and he wants to protect him.

So, how did this happen? When exactly did Yuri start to see Victor as only an equal? This is something which started in episode 4, when Yuri started to see Victor more as an equal than an idol, and it continued until now when he stopped to see Victor as an idol.

When Victor showed that he had no idea of how to comfort and calm Yuri, that's when Yuri got the last piece he needed to make Victor his equal. He even think "Stupid Victor! Yuri continues to think of Victor during his skate, and he realizes he can test Victor in an opposite way of how Victor tested Yuri. Victor shattered Yuri's heart a little.

Yuri does this next move to put his heart back together by testing Victor's reaction by said move. He wants to show what his program is really about, love.

In episode 5 Victor gave us the insight in Yuri's free skate program. The program is a timeline from when Yuri felt like he was fighting alone, and it continues until today. The program is about Yuri's love, that's the theme he chose, and he choose to put Victor's signature move in the very end of his skate, to tell Victor that this is where he's now, this is how far he has come on understanding love.

He has realized that Victor is not his idol anymore, Victor is someone he loves in another way than you love an idol, he loves him in a way where he wants to protect him and care for him. He wants to tell Victor that he loves him, so he puts Victor's signature move in the end of his skate about love.

I can surpass Victor's wildest imaginations! When Yuri has ended his program he reaches out his hand towards Victor and wonders why Victor covers his face. Yuri turns away to thank the audience.

When Yuri turns back to Victor, Victor is running to him. Yuri gets really happy about this and flings himself towards Victor, whom answers by flinging himself back and knocks Yuri down on the ice, with a kiss. Yuri: "I did great, right? No, you're wrong. It is a kiss. Yuri confessed his love for Victor, by ending his skate, which is a timeline of his love, with Victor's signature move. Victor gasped and blushed when he saw this.

Their lips are in the centre of the field of view right before the kiss. Yuri, who's not really prepared for this, widen his eyes. Victor closes his eyes, as you usually do when you kiss. The audience gets all quiet and most people gasps. The whole audience wouldn't gasp that much for a hug. Of course they may gasp because they're surprised about how Victor literally knocks Yuri down, but listen to the cheers when Victor and Yuri land on the ice, people cheer a way lot more than they did to Yuri right after his skate.

Why would they cheer that much to a hug really? In that week's Nigehaji, which is a live-action series in Japan, the main characters kissed. Hmm, what could she mean Of course she's talking about the kiss, duh. She basically confirms the kiss. They didn't show the actual kiss.

No, of course they didn't. This is one of the first non-yaoi anime with this kind of relationship between two men. This is a controversial topic. Japan is a really homophobic country. You probably can't imagine how bad it is. Yaoi is seen as okay because it's looked upon as just being forbidden fantasies, and you already know that Yuri on Ice is not yaoi.

Victor and Yuri lands on the ice and drown in each other's eyes. Look at how they totally drown in each other's eyes! If that's not a sign of love then I don't know what is. In episode 8 , though, not very much lovey-dovey happens between Victor and Yuri. At least not as much as in previous episodes. In the beginning of the episode we see Yuri being a bit nervous about what would happen if he doesn't make it to the final, "If I don't, what will Victor do?

We have never seen him doing this before, but we have seen Yuri tying his own skates a bunch of times, so we know Yuri is totally able to tie his own skates. Victor shows that he cares for Yuri by helping him with his skates. After this, when Yuri just has entered the ice, Yuri surprises Victor by pulling him by his tie and telling him that the performance already has begun. Well, Yuri begins the performance just there, by trying to seduce Victor.

Then Yuri tells Victor that he'll show his love [of Victor] to the whole of Russia. In the beginning of Yuri's skate he blows a kiss to the audience, and, oh, how I wish we could've had seen Victor's reaction to this. During Yuri's skate we again see him worry about how long Victor will stay by his side. Just as he did in the beginning of the episode he thinks about what would happen if he lose.

After Yuri's performance Victor kisses Yuri's skate. It's not very common to kiss someone's skates, or feet nevertheless. If you kiss someone's feet it's seen as very intimate, today. In some other cases it may be seen as something you do to show a person that you have lower rank than them, but that's not very common nowadays.

Victor is kissing Yuri's skate to show Yuri that he cares for him and is close to him. Also, this might be a way of saying "I'll do whatever you want. Now it's only a third of the episodes left. Are you convinced that Victor and Yuri love each other? Let's continue either way. In episode 9 Yuri and Victor are separated from each other for most of the episode. Victor has to go to Japan to take care of his dog Makkachin, whom almost choked.

When they separate Victor gives Yuri a hug and says "Even if I'm not here, I'll always be with you in spirit. Yuri thinks of Victor during all of his skate. Well, not only there, he thinks of Victor the whole episode. He even cries because of how much he misses Victor by his side. Even the audience can see Yuri showing his love, and their friends understand that it's Yuri's love for Victor. Yuri found this his toughest competition performance so far, because he, obviously, since he thought of Victor during his whole skate, wants Victor there to support him.

Even JJ can see the love between Victor and Yuri, even though he can't see why because Yuri is 'no king'. For Victor it doesn't matter if Yuri's a 'king' or not, I mean, Victor fell in love with a drunk Yuri at the banquet, which was right after Yuri came last in the final. Then Yuri proceeds to hug basically everyone he come across, because Victor is not there to hug him.

He has become so used to get hugs from Victor by now. Despite that he misses Victor he thinks of having Victor to step down as his coach after the Grand Prix Final. Then Yuri Plisetsky knocks Katsuki Yuri down and says "You can make an excuse that you couldn't do your best because Victor wasn't there.

After this we have the airport scene, the scene where Yuri and Victor reunites. Take a look at Yuri's eyes when he spots Victor. Then they literally run for each other, and they hug. Yuri tells Victor that he wants Victor to be his coach until he retire from skating. Victor says that it sounds like a marriage proposal, to which Yuri first looks a bit surprised, like he just realizes something, but then he gives Victor a loving smile. Victor says he wish Yuri will never retire, because Victor wants to be with Yuri forever.

Then Yuri realizes that he thinks of retiring after the Grand Prix Final, so he starts to cry and hardens the hug, because he doesn't want Victor to leave him, which he still thinks Victor will. The episode ends there, with their hug, and proceeds to the "next episode" part, where Victor says "Oh, right. It's almost Christmas.

What are you going to give me Yuri? Victor probably thinks Yuri refers to the gold medal, but we know Yuri refers to the golden ring. In the beginning of episode 10 , which is the episode of episodes, as I said when I wrote about episode 7, it starts with Victor thinking of life and love, and how Yuri has taught him the meaning of those two words. By the way, I took 84 screen shots from episode I will try to not put all of them here since that would be kind of bananas of me.

Then Victor describes Yuri as a sleeping beauty, and mentions that it's eight months since he came to Hasetsu. They've known each other for eight months, no wonder they have become so close by now when they even live together. When Yuri wakes up the first thing he thinks is "Where is Victor? Then he proceeds to think of how he said "Now that I know what love is and I'm stronger for it, I'll prove it to myself with a Grand Prix gold medal. It's obvious that he doesn't trust himself that much anymore when it comes to winning a gold medal, and he needs Victor to be there and support him to make it even slightly possible.

This makes sense as we saw in last episode how he couldn't skate with Victor not being there to support him, even though he had Victor on his mind the whole time and Victor had said "Even if I'm not here, I'll always be with you in spirit. He doesn't need to wait long for Victor though, since he, and Chris for that sake, suddenly comes from the pool and jumps into Yuri's bed.

The day after, Yuri wants Victor to take him sightseeing, since Yuri has never been to Barcelona before. In this scene they've changed a small detail for the DVD and Blu-ray. And here, look at them holding hands when shopping in Barcelona. I mean, you can hold hands with a platonic loved one, but it's mostly something you do with someone you feel romantic love to. Or maybe your child, and none of them are the other's child of course.

When they're shopping Yuri sees a jewellery store. Look at his reaction on these pictures. In the second picture you can really see how he realizes that he can propose for and engagement with Victor, look at how much he blushes even the ears and it looks like he feels a cold sweat at the same time. Yes, it's an engagement, I'll explain this further as we go through all these pictures about the rings. And look at this picture below. Look at what he buys!

I know, the picture is not the best quality, but this was the best picture I could get. I can't see the first word though, it might be "Pair" but I'm not sure, it could just be the brand of the rings, I have no idea.

If someone get their hands on the BD, please tell what it says, since the BD will be in better quality! Anyway, after this mysterious word which might be "Pair" it says "Gold Wedding Ring" and they cost Yuri even tells that he'll pay in instalments, which gives us a guess that he doesn't have enough money to pay everything at once, but he still wants to buy them.

Please tell me again how these rings are only lucky charms And Victor looks like he's thinking "Wait, what's happening? Yuri, what are you doing? Is this for real? Then, look at this! The scene where they get engaged. Look at how Yuri takes off Victor's glove so carefully, and how much Yuri blushes. By the way, it's not too important that Yuri takes off Victor's glove carefully and sensually, I mean, it's good enough that he just takes off his glove.

How often do you take off someone's glove except for maybe your potential kids' or for someone who needs help?

Exactly, almost never. Basically it's most common to do for someone you're in love with romantically. Does it look like Victor needs help to take off his glove? No, Yuri takes off Victor's glove to show Victor how important this moment is for him, and that he cares for Victor. Then, Yuri puts a ring on Victor's right ring finger and Victor puts a ring on Yuri's. Yuri says "Thank you for everything up to now. I couldn't think of something better.

But, um I'll try my best from tomorrow on, so Tell me something for good luck. He doesn't say anything about the rings being lucky charms, here, he only says that he wants Victor to tell him something for good luck. Also, he's very, very nervous, he almost splurts out the "Tell me something for good luck.

When he was in the jewellery shop he thought "I've always wanted a lucky charm. I-it's a lucky charm so that I can do my best in the Final! It's also a thank you gift to Victor for all of his help. He never actually says what exactly the lucky charm is. He may mean that the lucky charm is the rings, or the engagement, or both. Because it's translated to "it" instead of "they" I guess he means the engagement, but I don't know since they don't have the word "it" in Japanese and I don't really know what he's thinking in Japanese in that scene.

But, as we already know, Yuri wants Victor to be at his side, to have him close to himself. By the way, even in his thinking he stutters when he thinks "I-it's a lucky charm", his brain tries to make himself less nervous, it's actually pretty common to lie to oneself to make things better, there are plenty of scientific studies about this phenomenon.

He also says that the rings are a thank you gift for Victor for all his help. I think he doesn't only mean the help with his skating career, but also the help with understanding what romantic love is, and sexual love for that sake if you think of Yuri's eros program and how Yuri has grown in his ability to seduce Victor, not only by doing it without knowing he's doing it, but also in actively doing it as seen in episode 8.

Also, note that they're standing in front of a church. Why would you stand in front of a church putting golden wedding rings on each other's ring fingers if not if you're getting engaged? Now you may be like "But, they're putting the rings on the ring fingers on the right hand, so technically it's not an engagement since then the rings would be on the left hand! In Russia you wear the engagement ring and the wedding ring on your right ring finger.

Also, they are in Spain here, and in Spain you also wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger. Also, as a comparison, when JJ propose to his lover, in episode 11, he puts the ring on her right ring finger. Sooo, what was your argument again?

Fun fact: In Arabic and Hebrew the ring finger is literally called "victory". Sound like "Victuri". After the engagement, Victor and Yuri walks with their arms around each other.

Then we have the big revelation, the fact of why Victor really came to Yuri and why he started to like Yuri in the first place: The Banquet. Yuri: "At last year's Final, I was always by myself, even at the banquet. Oh Gosh, poor Victor! Here he thought all the time that Yuri remembered the banquet. Now he must feel like a fool turning up, uninvited and naked, in Yuri's home eight months earlier. Then we have the scene where the rings are noticed and Phichit gets into Victuri ship captain mode, again, and mistakes the rings for being wedding rings rather than engagement rings.

The Victuri-deniers may here say "But, Yuri tries to stop Phichit from telling everybody that they got married, therefore it can't be engagement rings, since Yuri wouldn't stop Phichit if he was even almost right. Oh, come on now. Yuri tries to stop Phichit because Phichit mistakes the rings for being wedding rings rather than engagement rings, and because Phichit is screaming it out to the whole restaurant and everybody at the restaurant give them applauses. Also, note that Victor looks uncomfortable too when Phichit misunderstands, and he has this look even though he's the one who later explains that the rings are engagement rings, not wedding rings.

Both Yuri and Victor get embarrassed by Phichit's reaction to the rings. Victor proceeds by saying that he and Yuri will marry when Yuri wins gold, and here Yuri tries to stop Victor from saying that.

Both because Yuri gets embarrassed and because he means something like "Don't say that in this room where basically everybody wants that gold medal! This makes Victor pissed, and this is the first time we see Victor pissed, for real, in the whole series. Yuri Plisetsky: "Why do you look so happy to be looking after that damn pig? In the end of episode 10 we get to see the actual banquet. Let's take a look at it.

First Victor notices Yuri, probably he feels kind of pity for Yuri coming last, and with low points too, and despite this being dragged to the banquet by his coach. Then Katsuki Yuri starts the dance battles by competing with Yuri Plisetsky. Look at how interested Victor becomes in Katsuki Yuri.

Victor is in the background taking photos of him and cheering for him. Then, Victor gets to dance battle with Yuri. By the way, take a look at the fifth picture below and tell me if you also think they're playing matador and bull After a while the dance battle between Victor and Yuri instead becomes a partner dance. I think this is the moment when Victor falls in love with Yuri. I'm surprised that Yuri is able to do a partner dance while being so drunk, but obviously he's good at it since Victor seems to like it, based on Victor's smiles.

Oh Gosh, they're looking so damn cute in the second picture below. No wonder Victor falls for him when being treated with this dance. Then Yuri invites Victor to come to his home and to be his coach. Victor gets really happy about this, since he has fallen in love with this man who he got to have a partner dance with. This scene below is very likely after the partner dance since Yuri is wearing less clothes than he did in the partner dance. If this is before or after the pole dance is hard to tell, but I would guess it's after since Chris is not wearing his tie, which he wore in the beginning of the pole dance, and therefore it's more likely that Yuri has put on some of his clothes again rather than Chris has taken off his tie and then is putting it on again for the pole dance to then take it off again.

This means that Victor has already seen Yuri pole dancing before this scene takes place, and because of this it's even more obvious why Victor fell in love with Yuri, since Victor seems to be a person who likes to see naked and half-naked bodies as we can tell from what he has said and done before, during the series.

Now, the scene in episode 1, where Yuri doesn't want a commemorative photo with Victor, makes much more sense. I mean, of course Victor would be sad from that, and of course he thought the invitation was withdrawn from Yuri's side. This is why it took a year until Victor came to Hasetsu, because he came there after he saw Yuri skate his program and he understood that Yuri still thinks of him, even though it's not in the same way he thinks Yuri thinks of him.

Sorry, but I had to make a part 2 of this analysis, since blogg. Episode 11 and 12 will be in the next part. So, this is an old post that I translated into english. You can find the original, in swedish, here. But, when I saw the 6th season there was something pretty disturbing that I've recognized in this season.

The Doctor likes females.