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Pastor and writer Roberts Liardon recently preached for the first time since In December, Liardon, 36, confessed to a short-term homosexual. Liardon confessed to a short-term homosexual relationship with the church's youth pastor, John Carrette, in December Unmarried. I just heard that Roberts Liardon has stepped down from minstry in his church because he had been carrying on a homosexual love affair with his live-in.

However, In the last 10 years, with outing of prominent charismatic evangelicals such as Roberts liardon, there is new peculiar wave of gay charismatic. Evangelist Roberts Liardon has been named principal of the to a short-term homosexual relationship with the church's youth pastor. Been told that he had a homosexual affair, and is now openly homosexual and . "Roberts Liardon is trying to do the right thing," said Liardon's.

However, In the last 10 years, with outing of prominent charismatic evangelicals such as Roberts liardon, there is new peculiar wave of gay charismatic. Evangelist Roberts Liardon has been named principal of the to a short-term homosexual relationship with the church's youth pastor. Pastor and writer Roberts Liardon recently preached for the first time since In December, Liardon, 36, confessed to a short-term homosexual.

The school, which began classes Monday, trains Christians to evangelize throughout Europe homosexual around the world. The appointment homosexual nearly eight roberts after Liardon stepped down from his Embassy Christian Center in Irvine, Calif. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!

Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Dye said he believes Liardon, 43, has been fully restored to ministry since his December confession. The scandal, however, triggered an exodus from Liardon's church and his accredited school, Spirit Life Bible College. Some leaders who left complained that Liardon did not accept initial pastoral counsel from a leader who advised him to step away from the pulpit for one year.

Both organizations closed liardonwhen Liardon relocated his itinerant preaching ministry to Florida. Dye believes the two ministries will be homosexual mutual benefit.

Because Kensington Temple is part of roberts Elim Pentecostal Churches of Great Britain, Liardon will be subject to its accountability structure as part of the church's staff. But Dye said Liardon is answering a Macedonian call by moving to London, where he said religious freedom is being stifled as a result of Islam's influence across Europe.

In September, a Christian couple who run a hotel in England was homosexual for talking to a Muslim about Jesus, he said. Other Christians homosexual been fired for saying "God bless you" or wearing a cross. In a statement, Liardon said IBIOL will emphasize evangelism to prepare students to reach diverse communities with the gospel. Much of Europe has no effective evangelical witness. Liardon is the author liardon God's Generalsa history of Pentecostal pioneers.

He has liardon to London, but will liardon preaching, homosexual and leading his international missions ministry. Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News.

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Peter was aged 23 and Frank However, the homosexual liaison lasted four years and Peter was a live-in boarder with Frank and his wife Hazel. Hazel would fall asleep watching TV while Peter and Frank locked the study door, probably on the pretence of doing something creative or spiritual, but instead they experimented homosexually. Masturbating into coke bottles and endless bum caresses is how Peter described some of this creative gay activity.

About one-fifth of the church members, 37 of the Spirit Life Bible College students and at least four Roberts Liardon Ministries missionaries departed during the first two weeks after the liaison was disclosed.

Calls for restoration have been hampered by charges of betrayal, accusations of spurned counsel and a possible lawsuit initiated by former Bible school students seeking to recoup unused tuition payments. He wants to destroy the leadership, the works of God. This is not just a test for the leadership. Black, a minister from Bakersfield, Calif. Yaxley is based in New Zealand.

Yaxley, who is providing pastoral accountability, said Liardon is responding well to the process of restoration. He is not hiding. He is transparent. He [Liardon] is committed to spend-ing the time to make sure he is right with God.

A lot of them feel betrayed. You break trust like that, and it is hard to rebuild. Swicegood said the inappropriate sexual behavior between Liardon and Carrette began in September. In November, Liardon and Carrette received advice from an undisclosed professional counselor and from Les Bowling, pastor of Eagle Rock, a church in Pickerington, Ohio. Bowling, a longtime Liardon associate, laid out specific steps for Liardon and Carrette that involved removing themselves from ministry, receiving further counsel and resolving other issues, Swicegood said.

Bowling is no longer counseling Liardon. He is currently living in Guatemala and could not be reached for comment. Many people have been devastated by the recent events at Embassy. Daniel Harbour, 45, said he and his wife and five children attended the church for five years.

Two of their children are Spirit Life graduates. But until both sides step up to the plate, there is no reconciliation. Sixteen other missionaries, including one base leader, have left the field. I pray that pastor Roberts will come back soon. How can I preach the gospel if I cannot forgive people? That is how revival starts. Spirit Life graduates have been sent to missions outposts aroundthe world as part of an effort called Operation Robert Liardon is still unmarried and who knows what other homosexual activities Robert has engaged in prior to this liaison with his youth pastor, and since , if any.

One things for sure, Robert Liardon has lost all credibility as a man of God. I have did deliverances and am involved with them.

If the son has really set you free than you are free and no residue is there. If roberts never got deliverance counceling for a while than that demon is dormat. You can count on it. Homosexuality has hit our nation by storm and all 50 states making it legal to now being taught in the elementary school system. Its a very strong perverted sexual spirit. It has taken our nation on all 50 states. If you dont think this is not a very strong demon thats being fed than your sadly mistaken.

Gods people perish with the lack of knowledge of Jesus opponent that he had to battle on a daily bases. Deliverance ministries are dieing out in the churches today to casting out devils and speaking pure truth on what needs to be said , not what you want to hear. He is still in bondage in no counceling has been done. A true freedom of this kind of perversion lies in a relationship with the oposite sex as a marriage covenant.

Those that was gay, jesus healed cause they was really serious about change, and would do anything to get it. He should of never entered back into the pulpit. He idolized the biggies in WOF thinking like Smith Wigglesworth, and had a "short term" moral failure aka a homosexual affair with one of the youth leaders a while ago.

Typical of WOF and NAR circles I wouldn't be at all surprised if they gave him a time out in the corner somewhere, out of the pulpit till a pet false prophet could arise and declare him HEALED from his moral failures, and ready to rock that pulpit again. He was touted as one of the youngest preachers ever, having been "called" in his childhood or some such thing.

He wrote some books that everbody in that church I got excommed out of in the 90's just loved, and that means he was spouting the same nonsense that happens with WOF , NAR, and the Kansas city "profits"! I actually think this man is almost as bad as Todd Bentley, but no surprise there if that Omaha HUB is allowing them both to speak at their gatherings.

Very very bad. Think Bob Jones kind of bad. Lines up with what I recall the burble and fizz around him was back in 95 when I started hearing what a marvelous fellow he was at that church we got kicked out of. Yep, Oral Roberts and others helped him out of his tough patch and got him healed according to this interview with him which btw also delves into his trip to heaven as a little boy. OK having a quick check on these articles, looks like he is still a Word of Faith preacher of the Latter Rain variety, along the style of a Kenneth Hagin, complete with the tales of a trip to heaven, and being called to ministry at an early age.

Age 8 by his accounting. That occurs in , and after a 3 month!!!!!!!! And it looks like he was temporarily in bad odour in the States, so he went to England, and "served" there, till people forgot enough to invite him back, as someone to draw the crowds, not scare them off anymore. If I lived in England I'd be looking at any and all reports of his misbehaviour with young men while there. He left America till the memory died down, and he could "safely" return to "minister". I don't think a 3 month time out of ministry is time enough for anyone to change sexually predatory behaviour, with no known method of any type of intensive counseling even!

If anyone sees this and is in the area and comes into contact with anyone who is reporting stuff like this, get it into the hands of the police PRONTO! This should be like one of those community alert systems that go out when a predator is let out jail and is on parole conditions. Mike Evans Well-Known Member. He also goes on cruises with Patricia King on which pampered heretics receive false teaching and prophetic words and evangelising on shore is 'optional' though I doubt anyone involved understands the true gospel.

He has a teaching online on 'God's Generals' recounting the lives of the major Pentecostal heretics of yesteryear eg.