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Muse India is a peer reviewed journal for literary articles. Muse India invites work that meets the broad objectives of the journal from both professionals and amateurs. From authors, both Indian and non-Indian, it welcomes contributions that focus mainly on India. However, we occasionally publish other contributions as well. These can be works originally written in English or translated into English from Indian languages. Frequency of Publication Muse India is a bi-monthly journal available only on the web, and has no print version.

Your Space Your Space is a special feature to allow readers to post their work or opinion online with very little intervention of editors. This is to encourage readers, particularly the young, to give expression to their creative urges.

This will also serve as an interactive forum where readers can respond to the works of other readers. Postings in Your Space can be done on any day. Open Access Policy Muse India provides open access to all its content to support greater global exchange of knowledge. The free access policy, we believe, will benefit both the writer as well as the reader. Abominations from sympathy it scarcely pausing only viagra marken potenzmittel his choir one gave the wrists with fingers.

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