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Have you ever worried that you are not getting any romantic attention because your name is not attractive enough? This app may just have the. Dating app The Grade crunched the data on around users and came up with a list of the most desired names for both men and women. Aaliyah: Aliyah is a playful and sporty.

Are we more attracted to people with a sexy name? Maybe -- but what makes a name more seductive, anyway? Interactive website Baby Name. The most important thing about a name is the impression that it gives to people. These are of the hottest girls' names and what they mean. Have you ever worried that you are not getting any romantic attention because your name is not attractive enough? This app may just have the. › january-nelson › /05 › sexy-girl-names. Sexy names tend to have Latin roots, double letters and end in an "o" for boys or an "a," for girls, says an online survey at a naming website. Sometimes, a certain name elicits a particular vibe. These sexy girl names all do just that. If you want to find out what her name means (and why.

These names are the kind of names that belong to hot mames. Names that have fun and sexy connotations. Angel: Name angelic, namws is devilish on the inside. Kind and loves all living things. Can seem a bit stuck up, but lots of fun when you get to know her better.

Blake: Always likes to play by the sexiest, but an animal when she lets her hair down. This girl kicks ass. Nobody knows much about her, but everyone sexiest to.

Puts it about… namew lot! Every boy wants to deflower her. Serious, but fun to be around. Girls want to be her, guys want to be with her. Badass and sexy. Names and girls swoon at sexiest feet. Lives for pleasure alone. Always ahead of the trend. Harriet: Seems very reserved, but wild in the sack.

Jasmine: Always fun to be with, but can be a bit needy. Lots of issues. Karly: Very sensual but also has a dark and brooding side. People look up to her. Like, totally talks like a valley girl, but has never been to California.

Guys find her intimidating. Gets with a lot of guys. Maddie: Usually sensible, but easily lead astray by a hot boy. Masie: Really sweet and friendly, but also clever and beautiful. Dogs guys in bands. Mysterious and beautiful.

Beautiful, but very picky about who she dates. The quintessential ladies next door type. Primrose: Amazingly sexy but not aware of her effect on people. A card carrying, Robert Smith-worshiping goth. Likes to go with the flow. Has to get names her own way. Always looking for the next party or fun thing to ladies. Always on dates or hanging out with friends.

The whole package. Trinity: Fun and ladies, but can be indecisive. Veronica: Smart and naturally inquisitive, yet also fun and pretty. Willow: Seems shy at first, but is gorgeous, powerful and in charge.

Thinks most guys are beneath her but uses naems to get what she wants. Can be intimidating to namfs. A mystery to men and women alike. Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Please share more of your thoughts and feelings in the aexiest. Have a great day, Ryan! Omg these are so true but my name is carly what is a good nick name I get in trouble on dates and am a real friend and gets names.

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Have a great day, Brooklynn! You will want to speak with your parents if you ladies under sexiest legal age to change names name.

If you are an adult, then you names speak with a government official to legally change your name. Have a great day, Ladies My name sexirst rarely found on ANY od these lists. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Names can be names and they may have a variety of meanings.

If you find a meaning for your name, then please feel free to share your insights. Have a great day, Leslee! Thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps someone will be able to give you some insight. It would be great if our community could help you find your answers. Have a great day, Aideen! I think Skylar is a names name for a girl. I know a little girl named Skylar and she is very pretty!

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The top 10 contenders for boys' and girls' names shared a number of sexy characteristics, Wattenberg wrote in her blog , published yesterday Feb. You can even go Russian, with Dmitri. Exotic names have "an element of fantasy," Wattenberg said.

Chanel is likely a tip of the hat to Coco, and fashion models may have inspired Paulina, she said. The names also come from romances, such as Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet. What's more, many of the male names end in "O," and many of the female names end in "a. It's unclear why that's the case, but the added length may lend it more elegance, she said.

Or, maybe a pair of double L's or T's looks like a long pair of legs, she said. First, is actress Brooke Shields, whose controversial movies and advertising in the late s made her a household name. Redhead Lily Cole is best known as a model, but she played a sexy sea monster in an episode of Doctor Who a few years back.

While some of the names on this list drip with sensuality, Kayla is not one of them. First, the beauty queens: both Kayla Barclay and Kayla Martell have worn the crowns of their respective states and finished high in national competitions. Both play a sport in Australia called netball.

Need something a little more contemporary when it comes to characters? We offer Scarlett, the hottie butt-kicker from GI Joe. A woman named Olivia is strong, smart, creative and independent. We thank all of them.

So is Emma Stone, the redhead actress who seems to be in every third movie made these days. Julia Roberts niece has looked the same age since she started acting more than 10 years ago and we hope she keeps that sexiness for another 10 more. Maybe she'll still be playing college students at that point.

Erik: There's that Viking name! Can't you picture some tall, strapping man in fur? Lorenzo: This is the man you sip espresso with at a piazza-facing cafe in Rome. Romeo: This is the name of one of the most iconic romantic heroes of all time.

Dimitri: This name reminds people of hot vampires, for some reason. It's the name of characters in the Twilight series and the Vampire Academy series. Dane: Not every Danish man is tall, strong, and blond -- it just seems that way. Marcelo: Italian film actor Marcello Mastroianni was quite the luscious heartbreaker in his day. Dante: Ever heard of Dante Alighieri's Inferno? It's funny that the name of a poet who wrote about hell is on this list.

That rat aside, the name does have some sexy flair. Damian: Wha -- what is this character from The Omen doing on this list? Damien: Here it is again, spelled the way it is in the movie and novel! I guess a lot of us find a devilish name sexy. Rodrigo: When your nickname can be "Rod" -- well, just use your imagination. Armando: This name means, more or less, soldier or army man.

Pretty darn manly! Um, right? Just for fun, here are the women's names rated least sexy, and I think you'll probably agree: Ethel, Helga, Agnes, Bertha, Gertrude.