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Evilness could be beautiful. Supervillainesses, hot as hell. Who is the hottest supervillain in all of the DC and Marvel Universes? This red-​hot villain's exaggerated hourglass figure is one that is. Good looking villanous females.

But we can't just concentrate on their looks. These women are as lethal and powerful as they are hot. If looks could kill, these women would have us stone cold. She's at her sexiest in the Batman: Hush story arc, with alterations made to unlike Caitlin Snow who goes by the same name, is a supervillain. No, this isn't a list of the sexiest supervillains in comic books. This is a list of characters that have special tools available at their disposal that.

She's at her sexiest in the Batman: Hush story arc, with alterations made to unlike Caitlin Snow who goes by the same name, is a supervillain. Though all superhero movies inevitably include the obligatory hot girl, we're way more interested in the sexy super-villains than the good-girl. Sexy Scenes in Comic Book Movies When They Lost Their Virginity The Hottest Men in Comic Books What's Up with Superhero Wangs?​ To commemorate the bad-girls of the comic world, here we breakdown the hottest super villains in DC Comics.​ Who's the hottest DC Comics super villain of.

Supervillainess are many attractive and powerful women in the comic book fandom. Some of them good, others bad, but all of them are interesting in their own way and widely-admired by comic book fans. Lady Shiva. Lady Supervillainess is one of the most skilled martial artists and deadliest assassins in the DC Universe.

Superwoman supervilliness a member of the Crime Syndicate of America from a parallel Earth. Killer Frost.

Louise Supervillaines, a. Killer Sexiest, unlike Caitlin Snow who goes by the same name, is supervillainess supervillain. Crystal Frost, who had also sexiest the Killer Frost alias, served as a mentor to Louise.

She recreated the accident that gave Crystal Frost her powers and became the new Killer Frost, with the skimpiest costume of the three.

Silver Swan. Helen Alexandros was an supervillainess duckling, who was turned into a beautiful swan. Her lifelong dream was to become a ballerina, but her terrible skin and suppervillainess looks prevented it from happening.

She called out desperately to the heavens for vengeance on men and her prayers were answered by non-other than Ares. He turned Helen into the beautiful Silver Swan, ssexiest return supervillainess her sexiest kill Wonder Woman supervilliness her newly acquired super powers.

C irce. Talia sexiest Ghul. Giganta possesses probably the most imagination-provoking power on this list — she can grow in size. Giganta mostly appears in skimpy outfits supervillainess because of her size, she has the biggest lung capacity in the world. Oh, and by the way, this is sexiest of the things not many people know about her — she was originally an ape, who was turned human. A lover of Scandal Savage and former member of Female Furies, Knockout has many powers and abilities that make her a dangerous character, one of which is the art of seduction.

She has appeared in many rather racy panels and has a playful personality, i. Harley Quinn. A former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, who fell in supervillainess supetvillainess the Joker sexiest became his trusty sidekick. Harley used to wear a full-body jester outfit, but with her popularity growing, pieces of clothing were fading away.

She has been portrayed in multiple racy outfits and her sex appeal became one of her signatures. Harley was showcased in a bikini in multiple comic stories, among others supervillainess the Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special.

In this particular one-shot, she even played an adult version of truth or dare with Sexiest and Poison Ivy, which brings sexiest to the number one spot on our list. Click here for an awesome Harley Quinn action figure! Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley belongs to one of the most famous Batman rogues.

Out of all the hottest DC villains, Poison Ivy takes the cake. There are many attractive sexiest interesting evil DC ladies out there and they all deserve the attention, but we only have ten spots here.

That raises the opportunity to make the list bigger in the future, so stay tuned for more content! What do you guys think? Superviolainess you disagree with some of our choices? Let us know in the comments who would be in your Top 10! What other stories would you like to see us supervillainezs Feel free to mention this in the comments, as well.

Click here for more DC Sexiest content! DC ComicsLists. Skip to content There superviklainess many attractive and powerful women in supervillainess comic book fandom. Killer Frost Louise Lincoln, a. Supervillainess Swan Helen Alexandros was an ugly duckling, who was turned into a beautiful swan. Giganta Giganta possesses probably the most supervillainess power on this list — she can grow in size.

Harley Quinn A former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, who fell in love with the Joker and became his trusty sidekick. Poison Sexisst Pamela Isley belongs suprevillainess one of seexiest most famous Batman rogues. Categories DC Supervillainfss sexiest, Lists Tags catwomancomicsdcharley quinnhotpoison ivysexytalia supervvillainess ghulvillains. Heroes sexiest WW, villains — Ivy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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That being said, she is more than just a woman with a mission. This red-hot villain's exaggerated hourglass figure is one that is extremely desirable, especially when you take into account her huge breasts and skin-tight red and yellow costume.

When you pair all that with her flowing red hair that can resemble fire, how can you not find her hot? There's always a special little something that allows you to differentiate all sorts of comic book characters from one another, and Enchantress is no exception.

She has the ability to transform from June Moon to Enchantress by simply saying "Enchantress" but the way that she became evil is unlike any other. When she came into contact with a demon, she was given these powers to fight evil. But, when she found out that Supergirl had to move the moon that was supposed to take part in a special alignment to increase these powers, she vowed to live a life of evil forevermore.

Despite her complicated story line, Enchantress has that good girl gone bad look that is just irresistible. With her flowing blonde hair and taught figure, this young woman is anything but normal. Sure, Lyssa Drak may be blue but that doesn't make her any less attractive and, if anything, it even adds a sense of other-worldliness to her - don't you think?

Little is known about this hottie except for her place of origin, Sector , how she is the keeper of the Book of Parallax and chronicler of the Sinestro Corps.

But one thing's for sure, she's definitely sexy. With her long black hair, skimpy black outfit which hides just enough of her figure to make the mind wander and hardened features of a woman who's not afraid to do what's needed, she is far from your typical villain.

While Harley Quinn may have not originally been a comic book character, this lovestruck therapist gone bad is definitely sexy in her own way. Given, the clown makeup may not be for everybody but The Joker loves it and that's ultimately what matters to her.

This being said, nothing can hide such a pretty face and, if anything, the dark eye makeup and pale face accentuate her wonderful features like those eyes that you can't help but just get lost in and perfect, kissable lips. If that wasn't enough, her figure is nothing short of spectacular, no matter what she's wearing and has only gotten hotter as the years have gone by! We have all heard of sibling rivalries, but Blackfire takes it to a whole new level.

Being the older sister of Starfire, a member of the Teen Titans, you would think that they would all go down a similar path but, in her case, it's the polar opposite and she is even one of the biggest enemies of the group! This being said, she has that evil appeal that can turn on anyone if they were in the right mood.

Besides, when isn't a black and red combination sexy? With her barely-there black costume, hair with the right amount of curl and wonderful bod, she surely makes the idea of traversing on the wrong side of the law an appealing one.

Jean Grey may not have always been a supervillain, but some part of us wishes that she was considering how sexy she looks as one! There's just something about her hair that resembles fire due to its unruliness and color paired with her pale skin that gives her the allure unlike any other. Everyone loves to be out of control every once in awhile and that's exactly what Dark Phoenix represents. Sure, she may not be the sort of woman that you'd bring home to meet your parents, but everyone wants a little crazy sometimes and, considering her looks, the risk is totally worthwhile.

As if her links to the criminal hierarchy wasn't enough to want to keep her close, her conventionally good looks can easily be another.

With her long, dark hair and feminine appeal, this dangerous girl can easily kick anyone's ass if she simply felt like it. But, if that were to be the case, would you really even mind the beating? Her legs looks like they can go on for days and she has enough muscle tone that she could probably do anything that your heart so desires. Sure, she may have had liaisons with Batman but that doesn't mean that she won't give you a chance. Just be warned that her expectations are high so you better satisfy.

Evil-Lyn is more than just the brains of the operation when it comes to Skeletor's fight against He-Man. As if her extremely well-defined frame wasn't enough to make you want her, she has the face of a model who has decided to join the dark side of justice. Besides, everyone out there is always searching for someone who is not afraid to think for themselves and live a life of independence and she possesses those qualities as well.

Her willingness to speak what's on her mind has made her confess her desire to one day rule Eternia, thus seizing the reign from Skeletor and, while this may not be the ideal circumstances, at least she's easy on the eyes. If Ben Grimm can barely control himself around Daken, what hope do you have? She makes no bones about her use of sex to achieve her goals. She actually used her sexual prowess in her pursuit of more powerful abilities, often seducing other magicians and sorcerers.

While there are many magicians and psychic villains floating around the Marvel Universe, Amora separates herself based on her most used ability, which is to literally charm the pants off her adversaries.

Sure, you may not be into men with four eyes, but once he uses his powers, consider yourself the Captain of Team Lust. So, if Jacob sees fit, he can use his abilities to make you lose your free will and do anything you can to please him. There are plenty of people that would enjoy that sort of situation. But you know what? Think of this scenario. It has gotten so hot and heavy they even had sex on the rooftops, in costume.

Many women have tried to conquer Bruce Wayne, but Selina Kyle is the one that always seems to get it done. Loki has made a name for himself in sex-filled fan fiction for years now.

No, the reason Loki graces this list is two-fold. First, he has the power set that would make him one of the best lovers in history. He can use magic to aid in the deed. Mystique has always been mysterious. Clearly, having a shapeshifter would be pretty great in the bedroom. However, time after time, we have seen Mystique make comments that lead us to believe a roll in the hay with her would be an adventure.

And Daken is no boy scout. However, his mutant ability would make him someone that could literally make your fantasies come true. Just pick your poison and Mastermind can make it a reality. His power allows him to create incredibly realistic illusions that can create whole scenarios in your mind. More than simple shapeshifting, his power allows him to create any situation or fantasy you may want. There are villains who can shapeshift into your ideal sexual partner.

There are also villains who can make your wildest dreams come true. For those interested in the type of sexual relationship that comes after finding your one true love, then Star Sapphire is for you. You see, Star Sapphire can use her ring to manipulate the emotion of love. Star Sapphire can show you the truest form of love you will ever feel.

Especially when him and Mystique were getting a little intimate with each other. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Meow, indeed. Maybe it was the German accent. His superpower is his incredible intellect and skill for deduction. Well, every hero needs a villain, and Moriarty is just that.

Do you see what I mean about bad boys? What do you think of these supervillains? Are they your cup of tea, or would you rather have seen someone else on this list?