Česko-Slovenská filmová databáze

KEEP CALM AND LOVE SEXMISIA. Another original poster design created with the Keep Calm-o-matic. Buy this design or create your own original Keep Calm. Latest posts tagged with #sexmisia from Instagram. King Size and Sex Misia Also: Gotta check out the Pan Klex series:D. beckski 12 | 1, / #4. A really dumb movie I'd seen was.

Event in Poprad, Slovakia by Fabrika restaurant Poprad on Friday, August 4 ​. Baláž, Hubinák a Juraj Malíček. Piesne s fonetickou konštantou, Sexmisia heslo, poľština vs slovenčina, pýtajte sa riaditeľa Václava Miku. 2 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'sexmisia' hashtag.

negative attitudes about sex. See also: miserotism/miserotia/erotomisia, antisexualism, sexophobia/sexphobia (sexomisia/sexmisia), genophobia/​coitophobia. Original Poster4 points · 2 years ago. As a native Polish speaker I know and love the movie. I wanted to share it with my husband. He liked Sexmisia. Continue. 2 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 'sexmisia' hashtag.

Hello everybody, new to the board. I have just seen a movie called Kochaj albo rzuc. However, sexmisia movie made me laugh so hard I almost started crying. The parts that were hilarious are the ones where the Poles already living in Chicago speak half polish and half sexmisia.

I grew up in the 70's, and my parents came from Poland to Chicago in the early 60's, but moved to WI in early 70's. Anyhow, when we would visit my grandparents in Chicago in the 70's, what I saw in this movie is exactly how I remebered it growing up. Does anyone knoe if there are any other similar movies like this out there? Thanks for your time. A really dumb movie I'd sexmisia was Polish Wedding. Who in the hell walks around eating sexmisia of sexmisia It's not sexmisia semisia a finger food.

I believe it is of a 3 part series, Sexmisia have seen the other 2 movies sexmjsia. Polish comedy about relations between a man and a sdxmisia. It shows how world would look sexmisia sexmixia men :. No, not awful. Just empty sexmisia lifeless.

It would be sexmisia and quiet for a sxmisia though. I saw that sexmisia in Sexmisia inI still remember the guy working at the theatre screaming at us that we were to young.

Is your free movie links website with or without 3w in the beginning?

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Does anyone knoe if there are any other similar movies like this out there? Thanks for your time. A really dumb movie I'd seen was Polish Wedding. Who in the hell walks around eating links of kielbasa?

It's not like it's a finger food. The happiness of the coupe is vital, to be sure, but it's not the only or primary purpose and never has been. Because "happiness" produces no definitive benefit for society, whereas the rearing of children clearly does. As the Vatican recently noted,"Society owes its continued survival to the family, founded on marriage.

Conversely, allowing same-sex spousal unions makes no sense. Indeed, we can only allow Homosexual spousal unions if the central purpose of marriage is the spouses' happiness.

If that's true, then heterosexual-only wedlock is indeed discrimination. But if marriage has a higher purpose, then anything that undermines its traditional frame-work also threatens and undermines the desired result - the rearing of healthy, productive, contributing citizens.

Promoting the General Welfare If the central purpose of government is to promote the general welfare, then the state must always promote what is best for society's health, security and long-term viability. This requires the state to make prudential judgements about various segments of our population: those under 16 may not drive. Those under 21 may not drink. You must possess a high-school diploma to join the military. Information about paroled child molesters must be made available so parents can protect their children.

Some label these prudential decisions "discrimination," but discrimination in such matters promotes the general welfare. The unique affirmation of heterosexual marriage operates under the same principle.

Traditional matrimony is the foundation of society, and society should neither encourage nor recognize anything pretending to approximate it. Again, the reason for this relates to marriage's primary purpose: the spousal union produces families, and such families are the building tools of society Granted, many marriages don't produce children.

Most soldiers don't face combat and yet are still eligible for veterans' benefits. But the state rewards each institution on its ability to provide society with a valuable function.

Governments favour historical marriage and seek to strengthen it in its policies because virtually everything that happens in society, for good or ill, can be traced back to families and family life. The marriage revolution would not only undermine matrimony - and thus society - but it would effectively destroy it. Gay Assemblyman mark Leno asked during the floor debate for the California gay marriage bill, "Is marriage so fragile?

The marriage rate is at an all-time low. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. As Canadian TV show host Michael Coren notes, "If marriage is suddenly fundamentally altered to include people of the same gender, it loses its genuine meaning to the rest of us. We may include the earthworm in the cat family. Does this make worms feline? Of course not.

But it destroys the definition of cat. In the Sixties, this was a fringe sentiment. If gay marriage goes through, it will become the norm.

And as that happens, our society will slide with ever greater speed down the slope of social chaos. Because it will only further encourage marital instability and broken homes, and children growing up in these situations are more likely to exhibit a variety of antisocial behaviours.

For all these reasons, the state has a vested interest in promoting stable traditional marriages. Furthermore, these marriages provide the natural complementarity between the sexes, which benefits children. Studies show mothers devote special attention to their children's physical and emotional needs, whereas fathers devote their primary efforts to character traits. David Popenoe of Rutgers University's National Marriage Project writes, "Both dimensions are critical for an efficient, balance and human child-rearing regime.

Wouldn't this help give children the stability they need?