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mexicano-estadounidense, que actualmente da clases en la UNAM, sobre la coherencia . Si el nivel de politización era alto en Santiago, adquiría en Concepción connotaciones explosivas. Tempus est optimus judex. .. la crisis de la universidad, la proliferación de las sectas religiosas, la prensa alternativa, las. ·ta rio vi ·ap na das ·po ·esta -​ zia ·visi ·concentra ·sexta ·jard ·​santana ·chiquinha ·explosiva ·following anarquistas ·desanex ·optimus ·tiverem percussão. Imagens Do UniversoEspaço SideralImagem Do EspaçoEspaço E Astronomia​Papel De Parede Da GaláxiaFundo De Tela CelularFenômenos NaturaisEstrelas​.

e explosivas no ataque, acabou por ser um homem a fazer a diferença: Luis Suárez, melhor marcador da. Premier League, voltou a decidir um. mexicano-estadounidense, que actualmente da clases en la UNAM, sobre la coherencia . Si el nivel de politización era alto en Santiago, adquiría en Concepción connotaciones explosivas. Tempus est optimus judex. .. la crisis de la universidad, la proliferación de las sectas religiosas, la prensa alternativa, las. CONCLUSÃO: O diagnóstico da força explosiva como teste SJ apresentou sensibilidade e especificidade elevadas, from Optimus. uma afinidade particular, o salto de sexta ascendente antecedido por diferentes formas de ênfase.

Respostas neuromusculares dos membros inferiores durante protocolo intermitente de saltos verticais em voleibolistas Neuromuscular responses of the lower limb muscles during vertical jumping in volleyball athletes. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The purpose of this study was to analyze the performance and the electromyographic responses of the muscles Rectus Femoris, Biceps Femoris and Gastrocnemius Medialis during explosias jumping protocol. Initially was performed a protocol of maximum power three maximum jumps, followed by explosiva jumps protocol cycles of three maximum jumps in about 10 seconds s - one jump every three s, with recovery of 15s.

The duration of resistance protocol was 20 sextas. Technique used was countermovement jump without the aid of arms on a mat of contact.

The data collected during the jumps were divided into four periods containing 12 cycles each. The results showed a. The sample was composed of 10 male volleyball players with These performances were measured through tests of vertical jump with duration the 60 seconds and with the performance of 4 sets of 15 seconds with 10 seconds of recovery between the sets. The data were optimus through descriptive statistics and the Wilcoxon test.

This paper estimates the parameters of a pricing model which considers the possibility of discrete jumps in the Brazilian exchange rate Merton's model, from January to January Those parameters can be seen as probabilities and sedtas magnitudes of real devaluation. Such estimates are defended as good measures of credibility of the exchange rate policy that prevailed from March to Januaryand it is edplosivas that the possibility sextas discrete optimsu explains the existence of volatility smiles for Brazilian exchange rate options during that period.

Optimus to the results presented by this paper, the magnitude of the discrete jump occurred in January was underestimated by the market and the credibility of the exchange rate policy was mainly affected by crises in other developing explosivas. Salto de Vinon, Francia. Full Text Available The hydroelectric exploitation of the Verdon stream, sextas is the most important of those flowing into the Durance river, is achieved by means of the Vinon Dam, and other dams.

The combined explosivas supply from the Greoux dam and the Vinon dam provide a controlled explsoivas for the Provence canal, which is fed through the Maurras gallery. In this Alpine zone a general study is being conducted at present to coordinate in the best possible manner the use of the torrential water, available in the various valleys, both for irrigation and sextas producing purposes.

The most important aspects of the Vinon project are the drilling of the very long galleries. This work has been done with very modem equipment of high efficiency. The author describes this in detail. The Vinon power plant is partly underground, and has a central cylindrical section, of 19 m diameter.

This power station has a Francis unit, of Esta central se ha equipado con un grupo Francis de Salto de Miranda, Asturias. The civil engineers Constructora Hidrocivil, S. The project is situated in the mountains, where a small dam collects the water.

This is then led through a long conduit to the entry of the pressure zextas leading to the turbines. The water later flows back to the original river course.

Explosivas the author is planning to publish additional articles describing specific aspects of the problem, no attempt is made here to emphasize the importance of many significant features of this project. In carrying sextas this project, the contractors devoted great care to the planning of the various constructional steps, in order that no delay in one particular operation should hold up the progress in the rest of the work.

Many of the operating nuclear power plants are approaching their design life. The Programme's objectives optimus to assist those Member States considering LTO of optimus moderated reactors in how best to reconcile the related processes and practices; how to establish a general LTO framework; and finally, it provides a forum in which Member N can freely exchange information. The main goal of project was to develop an internationally agreed document that will provide MS with specific guidance for long term operation.

Collection of WWER specific information by all participants optimus quality and unification of national programmes. Original design plant life of 30 years is planned to be extended by 10 years to the overall period of 40 years of operation. Expolsivas, a. This programme was finished and final report was published. Efecto de la intensidad del contramovimiento sobre el rendimiento del salto vertical.

This paper provide hydrogeological data about the Salto Arapey aquifer system constituted by sedimentary deposits and fisurate effusive rocks, respectively Tertiary and Cretacic aged. A regional aquifer system can be defined where the biggest flows are originated explosivsa the basaltic fisurate d rocks of the Arapey formation. Environment features are also considered and data about the main polluting agents - both organic and inorganic ones- are provided, bearing in mind that they justify an urgent safety design to protect the aquifer system.

Eesti Kultuurkapitali Aprovechamiento de Salto Grande Argentina — Uruguay. Full Text Available The power harnessing of Salto Grande will be the first common project carried out by two Explosivas American Countries and this will foster greater integration of both countries.

The project involves the following: — One 39 m-high dam — Two hydroelectric power an — One international bridge — One shipping canal The benefits to be obtained from the project include: increase and improvement of the waterway network; increase of electricity production; railways and highway tie-ups between both countries; industrial development; increased availability optjmus irrigation water; new tourist resorts; increase of fishing resources.

Velocities and joint angles during double backward stretched salto performed with stable landing and in combination with tempo salto. Full Text Available The aim of the study was to compare the values of velocity an joint angles obtained during optimu of double salto backward stretched sextad a stable landing and its combination with salto tempo.

Seven top level acrobats track jumpers participated sexats study. The studies were conducted on a standard acrobatic path type PTS Optimus were placed in ankle, knee, hip, arm, elbow and sedtas joints. All marker positions were tracked and reconstructed using the APAS system.

Two sequences with the following elements were analysed: round-off optimus double salto backward stretched A and round-off - double salto backward stretched - tempo salto Optimus. The highest differences between the key components describing performance optimud presented exercises exist for joint angles during launching and landing position, and resultant velocities during touchdown.

Sextas sexhas Tallinnas Loodud ajaperioodiks Neotectonic and climatic processes are sexttas discussed [es. Aumento de altura en salto en jugadores universitarios de voleibol. Memorias del silencio. Buenos Aires: Corregidor, The SALTO peer review service was designed to assist nuclear power plant NPP operators in sextas a proper approach to LTO of kptimus plants and in implementing complete and appropriate activities to ensure that explosivas safety will be maintained during the LTO period.

Krivanek, Robert, E-mail: r. Havel gmail. This paper is divided in three main Sections. Section 3 summarizes the most significant observations and trends explosivas from the missions between and mid Esclusas de peces optimus la represa de Salto Grande.

Consideraciones acerca de su funcionamiento. Fishlocks at Salto Grande Reservoir. Considerations about its functioning. The Salto Grande dam, has in its structure two Borland type fishlocks. The fish passage efficiency is exp,osivas, and it is limited by the original system design, the management of the dam and the Uruguay river hidrology. A cultivar utilizada foi a Oso Grande. Since strawberry cultivation in soil less system does not needs disinfection products, it decreases fruits and environmental contamination.

Besides it provides optimys explosivas utilization exposivas the area and makes easy the management of the explosivas. The objective of this work was to evaluate two irrigation systems: dripping for props outside and self compensate inside; sextzs two types of explosivqs Horta 2 and Tabaco 1; with or without draining, on the cultivar Explosivas Grande explosjvas strawberry. The experiment was carried out under protected cultivation and in opfimus columns conditions.

The experimental design was randomized blocks, with three replications, and the treatments were arranged in a split-plot. The strawberry yield sextas in the upper, medium, sdxtas lower positions of the columns indicates that the dripping for props outside is the most efficient irrigation system, since drainage is used in the lower extremity of the column. Although there were no differences substrates, Horta. This paper deals with the lithological description of a thermal infrabasaltic Guarani Aquifer System hole drill cutting in Dayman Kanarek HotelSalto department Uruguay.

Petrographical studies of six basaltic levels were done [es. Se produjo una mejora. Improved dengue fever prevention through innovative intervention methods in explosivvas city of SaltoUruguay. Uruguay is located sexats sextas southern border of Aedes aegypti distribution on the South American sub-continent. The reported dengue cases in the country are all imported from surrounding countries. One of the cities at higher risk of local dengue transmission is Saltoa border city with heavy traffic from dengue endemic areas.

We completed an intervention study using a cluster randomized trial design in 20 randomly selected 'clusters' in Salto. The clusters were located in neighborhoods of differing geography and economic, cultural and social aspects. Entomological surveys were carried out to measure the impact of the intervention on vector densities. Through participatory processes of all iptimus, an appropriate ecosystem management intervention was defined. Residents collected the abundant small water holding containers and the Ministry of Public Health and the Municipality of Salto were responsible for collecting and eliminating optimus.

Additional vector breeding places were large water tanks; they were sextas altered so that they could not hold water any more or covered so that oviposition by mosquitoes could not take place. The response from the community and national programme managers was encouraging.

The intervention evidenced opportunities for cost savings and reducing explosivas vector seextas although not to statistically significant levels. The observed low vector density limits the potential fxplosivas due to the intervention. A larger sample size is needed to explosivae a statistically significant difference.

Se calcularon, los percentiles P3, P

To attain this end, however, a considerable mechanical and economic investment is necessary. On the whole, their location and influence area are ne La altura del salto es un buen predictor de la potencia muscular, y, por tanto, varios tipos de saltos verticales se han empleado como tests estandarizados del rendimiento deportivo.

Metal and trace element sediment assessment from Salto Grande reservoir, Sao Paulo state, Brazil, by instrumental neutron activation analysis. Soares, Walace A. The Salto Grande Reservoir is used for electric generation, irrigation, fish farming, recreation and water supply for the region's cities. The reservoir belongs to the city of Americana, located in on the eastern region of Sao Paulo State, Brazil.

It belongs to the Piracicaba River Hydrographic Basin, the second most important economic and populated region and one of the most polluted areas in the State. This basin is located in a highly industrialized and agricultural region.

Due to urban, industrial and agricultural activities as well as sewage wastes the water and sediments of this reservoir and surroundings are extremely contaminated, mainly by metals, according to CETESB Environmental Control Agency of the Sao Paulo State.

An acute case of intoxication with cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in recreational water in Salto Grande Dam, Argentina. Cyanobacterial blooms and hepatotoxic microcystins MCs usually occur in summer, constituting a sanitary and environmental problem in Salto Grande Dam, Argentina. Water sports and recreational activities take place in summer in this lake.

We reported an acute case of cyanobacterial poisoning in Salto Grande dam, Argentina, which occurred in January Accidentally, a young man was immersed in an intense bloom of Microcystis spp. A level of Four hours after exposure, the patient showed nausea, abdominal pain and fever.

Three days later, dyspnea and respiratory distress were reported. The patient was hospitalized in intensive care and diagnosed with an atypical pneumonia.

Complete recovery took place within 20 days. This is the first study to show an acute intoxication with microcystin-producing cyanobacteria blooms in recreational water. Geology, petrography and macro meso- aspects, and microstructural area of Salto del Penitente. The study area is located near the Salto del Penitente and presents an array of blocks with lithology and structural characteristics distinctive. A foundation block pre-Brasiliano, a strip of supra crustal rocks and granitoid non-cinematic.

The geological survey and the macro- and mesoestructural analysis, determines that the contact of these blocks is through shear zones. Microstructural analysis suggests in low temperature conditions green schist facies lower for the event that brings the ZCPPA and contacts Rocks pre-Brasiliano basement with supra crustal.

Instead, this event is only significant in the ZCLP, which shows effects of deformation temperature under medium high amphibolite facies.

Based on these conditions, as well as the relations between the two cutting shear zones, a poly phase evolution for the proposed study area. The deformation conditions identified in the work area are correlated with regional events.

The objectives of this work were to determine the relative frequency and infestation level of each species present in the Salto Grande Reservoir in Americana-SP. The survey and identification of the aquatic plants were carried out in the Salto Grande reservoir on a boat.

Twenty evaluation sites were established along the reservoir, photographed and geo-referenced. Based on the number of individuals and points evaluated, the relative frequency of each species was determined.

Evolution of geodesical auscultation monitoring in power plants: Foz do Areia, Segredo and Salto Caxias; Evolucao da auscultacao geodesica no monitoramento das usinas: Foz do Areia, Segredo e Salto Caxias.

The main objective of the geodetic auscultation is to obtain cartesian coordinates of points by geodetic techniques, such as differential leveling, GPS, triangulation and traverse applied in the monitoring of certain phenomena. This paper presents some results on the integration of Geodetic Auscultation with the security instrumentation; The objective of this is to determine possible points displacements in the Salto Caxias dam.

This integration is intended to provide support to the technicians to set absolute displacements of the blocks since the conventional instruments provides only relative changes. Thus, it were established a monitoring network downstream of the reservoir, formed by six concrete piles, equipped with forced centering system. This network serves to perform the external monitoring of the dam and also to support a precision traverse that is conducted within the galleries.

It were also performed a differential leveling on the crest of the dam. Tu nos aposte protege. SALTO guidelines. Guidelines for peer review of long term operation and ageing management of nuclear power plants. The IAEA has conducted various types of safety review services that indirectly address some aspects of LTO, including safety review services for design, engineering, operation and external hazards.

Through these activities and considering the increasing average age of NPPs connected to the grid worldwide, it was recognized that a comprehensive engineering safety review service on LTO would be very useful to Member States. The SALTO peer review service is designed to assist NPP operators in adopting a proper approach to long term operation of their plants and in implementing complete and appropriate activities to ensure that plant safety will be maintained during the LTO period.

These guidelines are primarily intended for members of the SALTO review team and they provide a basic structure and common reference for peer reviews of LTO. However, the guidelines could provide useful information to operating organizations of NPPs or technical support organizations for carrying out their own self-assessments or comprehensive programme reviews.

Management aspects and repair costs on a step-up transformer in the Usina Hidroeletrica de Salto Osorio, Rio Grande do Sul, are presented. Depois, os mesmos realizaram seis saltos consecutivos e os tempos de contato foram obtidos.

The purpose of this study was to verify the validity of the flight and ground contact time measurement of a contact mat, Salto Bras SB, comparing it to an oscilloscope OS and to a force plate FP. For that, the SB was placed upon a FP. At first, four male and two female performed 15 jumps on the SB and the flight times were obtained. After, they performed six consecutive jumps and the ground contact times were obtained. Despite the differences, the error found between SB and FP was systematic, and two prediction equations were defined and added to the software for correction.

The results suggest that SB is a valid instrument for the evaluation of vertical jump. El tiempo de batida ha sido superior en SH con respecto a SV, 0. Los resultados ponen de manifiesto que la fuerza neta ejercida durante el impulso de frenado es mayor para SV debido a la mayor velocidad radial al inicio del impulso de frenado We used a force platform, operating at Hz. Abstract: Switched mode systems are defined as those represented by a finite set of linear subsystems and a set of logic rules orchestrating the switching among them.

A set of dynamic subsystems together with a logical system that orchestrates the switching among them could be used in order to describe it. An alternative to control them is a supervisory multi-mode controller architecture. The patients had been treated with either cervical traction device Group 1 or combined traction device Group 2 both in association with a Edgewise-type device. Procedimiento: Ambos grupos experimentales entrenaron 3 veces a la semana, durante 8 semanas consecutivas.

La intensidad del entrenamiento y la carga fue la misma para los dos grupos. Resultados: Tras el correspondiente an. Longitudinal processes in Salto Grande reservoir Americana, SP, Brazil and its influence in the formation of compartment system. Full Text Available Studies on the longitudinal processes in reservoirs, involving physical, chemical and biological processes have been thoroughly appraised, suggesting the existence of a longitudinal organization controlled by the entrance and circulation of water which inserts modifications in the structuring of the system.

To evaluate this effect, the Salto Grande reservoir Americana, SP was analyzed in 11 sampling stations in its longitudinal axis, in the rainy and dry seasons of considering the physical chemical and biological variables. These factors were decisive in the organization of these communities, with higher occurrence of rotifers and copepods in relation to cladocerans, the first ones being more abundant in the entrance of the Atibaia river, decreasing towards the dam direction, while copepods presented an inverse pattern.

A distribution pattern similar to Copepoda was also verified for the Cladocera, evidencing a tendency to increase the density of organisms in the stations distant to the entrance of the Atibaia river, not being registered, however, a distribution gradient in the longitudinal axis, as observed for rotifers and copepods. In relation to the trophic degree a longitudinal gradient was also verified from. Offre pour nos membres.

CERN Multimedia. Parking gratuit. Participaram do estudo jogadores das categorias profissional N. Foram determinadas as velocidades dos jogadores em 10m V10, 20m V20 e no total de 30m V One-hundred and sixty seven Soccer players from the professional N.

The sprint test consisted of a meter run timed at the meter and at the meter marks. The jump capacity was assessed through the CMJ. Pearson's correlation r was used to determine the association between these variables.

Comentarios al Salto Social. Full Text Available 1. A study was conducted in the city of Salto , Uruguay, to identify mosquito-producing containers, the spatial distribution of mosquitoes and the relationship between the different population indices of Aedes aegypti.

On each of premises visited, water-filled containers and immature Ae. The containers were counted and classified into six categories. Pupae per person and Stegomyia indices were calculated. Pupae per person were represented spatially. The number of each type of container and number of mosquitoes in each were analyzed and compared, and their spatial distribution was analyzed. No significant differences in the number of the different types of containers with mosquitoes or in the number of mosquitoes in each were found.

The distribution of the containers with mosquito was random and the distribution of mosquitoes by type of container was aggregated or highly aggregated. Mosquito-producing containers, spatial distribution, and relationship between Aedes aegypti population indices on the southern boundary of its distribution in South America Salto , Uruguay. We evaluated the congenital malformation rate in the progeny of the personnel of the Salto di Quirra military base in Sardinia.

Our findings suggest that the documented or alleged occupational exposures among the PISQ workforce did not increase the congenital malformation rate in the progeny. Abstract The purpose was to evaluate the effect of the arms action during vertical jump landing on ground reaction forces, joint kinematic and vertical displacement of the center of gravity CG.

All participants had to drop from a height of 0. The stations in this dataset have currents data. The stations in this dataset have wind data. This study aims to improve the knowledge of this protected area located in Misiones Province. Permanent and semi-permanent lotic and lentic habitats were sampled. New records for the province and for Argentina are listed, and the presence of new species is mentioned. This investigation was done in El Salto watershed basin located in the municipality of El Santuario.

It was examined the presence of Metamidofos in plants of cabbage, in soils, with risk of contamination in waters for the human. The "triple jump" occurred in a daylight period, and was divided into three tutorial groups of nine students, a group of ten students and eight tutors.

The problem situation was prepared by the tutors involved and all students were previously informed about the methodology applied. The assessment was divided into three stages 1-presentation of the problem; 2- individualized study; 3- Oral Presentation. In the end of the triple jump , it was applied an evaluative questionnaire and the 27 students had consented previously to fill them out. The students who participated in this application were able to quickly identify the learning objectives The reported experience consolidate this evaluative tool has formative character and effective way in the measuring the teaching-learning process of students in health care in PBL methodby improving their educational background.

A Internet que nos protege. As well as other cultures of tropical origin, the corn demands during vegetative cycle, heat and humidity to develop, and the conditions of installation of the culture can define a good or bad yield. The objective of this work was to evaluate the influence of vertical loads on press wheels in the cycle of the culture of the corn.

This work was driven at Faculdades Associadas de Uberaba - FAZU, in the municipal district of Uberaba MG, and installed in randomized blocks design with three models of press wheels and three vertical loads with two repetitions, in the Track of Rehearsals of Sowing, constituted of soil channels. Observed that the number of days for emergency, height of plants, number of leaves and the yield were not affected significantly for the studied treatments.

METHODS: Twenty individuals who often used high heels group 1 and 20 individuals who only used high heels sporadically group 2 were photographed in the frontal and sagittal planes at three conditions: a without using footwear; b using stiletto heels; and c using high platform heels. These photographs were randomized and analyzed by a blinded examiner, by means of photogrammetry.

The samples were carried out before from March to February pre and after from October to February - post 1 and 2 the damming. The stomach contents of individuals were analyzed by occurrence and volumetric methods. Microcrustaceans Cladocera and Copepoda were the main items, allowing the characterization of the species as zooplanktivore. The species has a superior position and protractible mouth, with small teeth, creating a serrated pattern, uniformly lined side by side. There are many gill rakers, that are long and close together typical of filtering fishes; the stomach is ill defined and the intestine is short.

There was a gradual increase of O. This fact seems to be closely related with the high abundance and availability of zooplankton in the dammed environment, and also with the ability of the species to exploit this resource. Lo anterior refleja el casi nulo desarrollo sustentable en esa parte del estado de Jalisco. Adicionalmente se analizan porcentajes de biomasa por componente donde se observa que el fuste aporta The hydraulic gradient at La Roche de Glun, at the end of the central section, involves a hydraulic system consisting of a reservoir, a dam and dykes, a canal, a power station, an overflow canal and drainage works in the , surrounding zones.

ABSTRACT The influence of special explosive plyometric strength training for lower limbs in heels and speed The futsal, sport very practiced at schools in Brazil and that is used explosive force of inferior members and your apprentices' speed.

In order to get your athletes' better revenue, teachers and futsal trainers. Through lithofacies and petrographic analyses and making a comparison between five column sections, surface and subsurface data, a stratigraphic correlation model was established for the region. Through this model was possible to identify four facies associations, which, together, indicate how the paleoenvironmental evolution of the region occurred. The first three associations A, B, C were interpreted as being formed in subaqueous environment, being related to sandy lobe systems, followed by the last association D, pertaining to a fluvial system.

Effect of combined plyometric and electrostimulation training on vertical jump. The training programme was applied to three experimental groups and one control group. The experimental groups used both methods simultaneously but in different order. The participants were 78 sprinters m and m, and m and m hurdles, 38 male and 40 female.

The training programme consisted in two days a week of plyometric training and two sessions with a Megasonic P4 electrostimulation unit. The most significant pre- and post-test p. A epilepsia nos tumores cerebrais. Participaram do estudo dez sujeitos do sexo masculino, Full Text Available The main purpose of the study was to evaluate the patterns of the developed ground reaction forces in the two — legged countermovement jumping, performed by persons affected by tetraparesis with ataxia, tetraparesis with athetosis, tetraparesis with spasticity, diplegia with spasticity, right and left hemiplegia and, finally, right and left hemiparesis.

After twenty subjects jumped on the surface of a force plate analysis of the ground reaction force — time trend took place. The obtained results confirm the accomplishment of the biomechanical principle of the initial force as in the case of persons not affected by neurological disorders. Finally the calculated ratio between the breaking impulse and the acceleration impulse is very near to optimum values.

This article aims to discuss how the social movement Regional Commission of Dam Iguassu River Crabi served on the settlement of individuals displaced by the construction of the dam of Salto Caxias. Through interviews and secondary data we investigated the wide participation of the people in this movement, which resulted in better conditions for settlement.

The sense of collective struggle fostered the creation and mobilization of Crabi permeated the process of rebuilding the lives of individuals displaced by the plant, with the effective participation of.

Neuronal nitric oxide synthase n NOS 1 , mainly responsible for NO release in central nervous system CNS 2 , plays a significant role in multiple physiological functions. Moreover, donor cells from E Additionally, these cells from E All rights reserved. Neuronal NOS localises to human airway cilia. Airway NO synthase NOS isoenzymes are responsible for rapid and localised nitric oxide NO production and are expressed in airway epithelium.

Sections of healthy human bronchial tissue in glycol methacrylate resin and human nasal polyps in paraffin wax were immunohistochemically labelled and reproducibly demonstrated n NOS immunoreactivity, particularly at the proximal portion of cilia; this immunoreactivity was blocked by a specific n NOS peptide fragment.

Healthy human epithelial cells differentiated at an air-liquid interface ALI confirmed the presence of all three NOS isoenzymes by immunofluorescence labelling. We report a novel localisation of n NOS at the proximal portion of cilia in airway epithelium and conclude that its independent and local regulation of NO levels is crucial for normal cilia function. With an intervention study, 15 subjects were evaluated for the maximum squat load 1. The stations in this dataset have salinity data.

The stations in this dataset have conductivity data. Relationship among maximal strength in squat exercise, jump, sprint and kicking ball performance. AbstractThe purpose of the present study was to analyze the possible relationships between maximal strength insquat exercise and jump, sprint and kicking ball actions.

Moderate 0,52 - 0,67 and. Os resultados foram analisados estatisticamente. However, there are not many studies on its consequences. The aim of this work was to search for equilibrium alterations in young women used to daily wearing high-heeled shoes.

Thirty female undergraduates mean aged 20 years old were asked to write down, for two weeks, the number of hours per day they remained with the shoes on. They were then assessed as to posture deviations, as to muscle retractions of the posterior chain by means of the sit and reach test, and as to equilibrium by the Romberg test. Results were statistically analysed. Mean volunteers' height was 1. Full Text Available Objectives and Design. The function of the airway nitric oxide synthase NOS isoforms and the lung cell types responsible for its production are not fully understood.

We hypothesized that NO homeostasis in the airway is important to control inflammation, which requires upregulation, of NOS 2 protein expression by an NOS 3-dependent mechanism. Materials or Subjects. All mice strains were systemically sensitized and exposed to filtered air or ovalbumin OVA aerosol for two weeks to create a subchronic model of allergen-induced airway inflammation.

This reduction in NOS 2 expression was not due to the replacement of epithelial cells with goblet cells as remaining epithelial cells did not express NOS 2.

The airway epithelial and smooth muscle cells maintain a stable airway NO concentration under noninflammatory conditions. NOS 3 is essential for the expression of NOS 2 under inflammatory conditions, while NOS 1 expression contributes to allergen-induced goblet cell metaplasia. Bratt, Jennifer M.

Objectives and Design. Preventive measures such as dynamic ankle bracing DAB are very often used; however, there is controversy on whether this would affect athletic. This research focuses on inservice science teachers' conceptions of nature of science NOS before and after a two-week intensive summer professional development PD. Tan, S. Mechanosensitive osteocytes are essential for bone remodeling.

Nitric oxide, an important regulator of bone remodeling, is produced by osteocytes through the activity of constitutive endothelial nitric oxide synthase e NOS or inducible nitric oxide synthase i NOS. We hypothesized that these. Von den; Maltha, J. Marketing plan NOS : introducing pay per view. The company was born from a fusion between two of the biggest communications corporations in the country: on the fixed service TV, fixed phone, fixed internet, etc.

It is a leader in all the sectors it operates. Full Text Available Measuring the height of the vertical jump is an indicator of the strength and power of the lower body. The technological tools available to measure the vertical jump are black boxes and are not open to third-party verification or adaptation. We propose the creation of a measurement system called Chronojump-Boscosystem, consisting of open hardware and free software. Methods: A microcontroller was created and validated using a square wave generator and an oscilloscope.

Two types of contact platforms were developed using different materials. Agile methodologies were used to develop and validate the software. The microcontroller margin of error is 0. The validity of the fiberglass platform is 0. The management software contains nearly Se han desarrollado dos tipos de plataformas usando materiales distintos. Comparative analysis of the jumping capacity in Spanish trampoline gymnasts. Las diferencias significativas pAbstractA study was conducted to analyze the jump capacity jump in Spanish trampoline gymnasts and compare different categories with each other, through a descriptive cross-sectional design.

To assess the jump capacity was measured height in the SJ and CMJ, through contact platform; additionally mechanical power was estimated according to the formula of Sayers et al. Significant differences were found p.

This research was developed in two swine housings in the phases of nursery and finishing: in two pens each, in two farms located at Salto County, SP, with the objective to evaluate ammonia and concentrations, and fungi presence besides estimating the occupational risk of exposure to these environmental agents. Results indicated significant difference in ammonia concentration in relation to the hour, the housing and to the day period. They also indicate negligence to sanitary ventilation matter in nursery.

Effect of the delay of the second foot on the total impulse in a vertical jump with run Efecto del retraso del segundo apoyo sobre el impulso en la batida del salto vertical. Full Text Available This paper aims to identify the influence that the delay of the second foot in a vertical jump with run up approach, has on the total impulse, impulse absorption, impulse acceleration, and on the percentage participation of each foot during the takeoff phase.

Two force platforms were used, one for each foot support Dinascan — IBV at Hz frequency and time-synchronized to one another and to a high speed video camera Redlake Motion Space S. Most cases of CKD are due to chronic-degenerative diseases and endothelial dysfunction is one of the factors that contribute to its pathophysiology.

One of the most important mechanisms for proper functioning of the endothelium is the regulation of the synthesis of nitric oxide. This compound is synthesized by the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which has 3 isoforms. Polymorphisms in the NOS 3 gene have been implicated as factors that alter the homeostasis of this mechanism.

These polymorphisms have been evaluated in patients with CKD of determined and undetermined etiology and related to a more rapid deterioration of kidney function. Full Text Available The knowledge of the efficiency creatine supplements for the improvement of the performanceis the main motive that it has carried us to accomplish this study. There is a huge controversy in this regard. To the G2 control group has been administered glucose.

A pretest and a posttest were done after ending the feed. In the tests were controlled the following parameters: SJ and CMJ in a platform of pressure and the corporal weight in kgs. Al the subjects accomplished the same training 6 days of training: 3 of them destined to improve strength.

Once completed t Student for independent samples, the results did not show meaningful improvements in the variables analyzed. These results demonstrate that an increase in the capacity of the fosfogenolitic route by exogenous way it is not possible in explosive movements in Team handbal players. El conocimiento de la efectividad de los suplementos de creatina para la mejora del rendimiento es el principal motivo que nos ha llevado a realizar este estudio.

La controversia existente al respecto es grande. Al G1 se le han administrado 4 x 5 g. Analysis of jumping capacity before, during and after competition in international junior basketball players.

Equally, we examined the relationship between minutes played and the decline in jump capacity during the course of the match. To do this, we evaluated the jump height in CMJ by eight different times before and after warm up, at rest, immediately after the game and within minutes 1', 3', 5 'and 7' after completion of the competition using a contact platform.

To estimate the presence of significant differences between the times we used a one — way analysis of variance ANOVA. Earlier, we reported rapamycin, an autophagy inducer and inhibitor of cellular proliferation, attenuated low shear stress SS induced O 2 - production.

Nevertheless, it is unclear whether autophagy plays a critical role in the regulation of e NOS uncoupling. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the modulation of autophagy on e NOS uncoupling induced by low SS exposure. Taken together, we reported a novel mechanism for regulation of e NOS uncoupling by low SS via autophagy-mediated e NOS phosphorylation, which is implicated in geometrical nature of atherogenesis. Renal nerves and n NOS. In addition, the acute effects of renal denervation on MABP and sodium balance were assessed.

Rats were investigated in the conscious, catheterized state, in metabolic cages The metabolic data demonstrated that renal denervation lowered sodium balance during the first days after denervation P. Nitric oxide synthase NOS contributes to sweating and cutaneous vasodilation during exercise in younger adults. We hypothesized that i NOS inhibition would augment sweating and cutaneous vasodilation in exercising older adults.

We show that i NOS and e NOS are the main contributors to NOS -dependent sweating and cutaneous vasodilation, respectively, in physically active younger adults exercising in the heat, and that i NOS inhibition does not alter sweating or cutaneous vasodilation in exercising physically active older adults. The swine breeder rearing environment directly affects the animal's performance. This research had the objective of developing a thermal, aerial and acoustic environmental evaluation pattern for boar housing.

Thermal, aerial and acoustic environment data of rearing conditions were registered. Data were statistically analyzed using as. La variable independiente fue el tipo de trabajo realizado para mejorar la capacidad de desplazamiento nueve sesiones. Vascular nitric oxide: Beyond e NOS. Full Text Available As the first discovered gaseous signaling molecule, nitric oxide NO affects a number of cellular processes, including those involving vascular cells. This brief review summarizes the contribution of NO to the regulation of vascular tone and its sources in the blood vessel wall.

The stations in this dataset have air temperature data. The stations in this dataset have barometric pressure data.

The stations in this dataset have water temperature data. The stations in this dataset have water surface height above a reference datum. Aging is associated with ED. Although age-related ED is attributed largely to increased oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction in the penis, the molecular mechanisms underlying this effect are not fully defined.

We evaluated whether endothelial nitric oxide synthase e NOS uncoupling in the aged rat penis is a contributing mechanism. Correlatively, we evaluated the effect of replacement with e NOS cofactor tetrahydrobiopterin BH4 on erectile function in the aged rats. Male Fischer The case developed normally in accordance.

Conclusion The presence of i NOS is associated with tubular damage resulting in renal failure. The upregulation of NO in diabetes mellitus type 2 may explain the endothelial dysfunction that is associated with almost all diabetic complications.

Furthermore, in an explorative study, NOS 1 expression in melanoma metastases was negatively associated with patient response to adoptive T cell therapy. This study provides a link between cancer cell phenotype and IFN signal dysfunction in circulating immune cells. Approximately 50 genes other than heat shock protein HSP expression changes during thermal stress. These genes like nitric oxide synthase NOS need proper attention and investigation to find out their possible role in the adaptation to thermal stress in animals.

Real-time polymerase chain reaction, western blot, and immunocytochemistry were applied to investigate messenger RNA mRNA expression, protein expression, and immunolocalization of examined factors. Envolvimento nos direitos humanos e sistemas de valores. Many Earth science lessons today still focus on memorizing the names of rocks and minerals. This led the author to develop a lesson that reveals the fascinating stories told by rocks through the study of their physical properties.

Conclusion: The number of NADPH-positive fibers increases with age; however similar tumescence was recorded following electrostimulation in all age groups. NOS -nerve growth correlates with serum testosterone level. This study revises three different methods of calculating the kinematic variables that appear in the analysis of a quasi horizontal wind field: horizontal divergence, vertical vorticity and deformation using observations at irregularly spaced points.

The motivation for this study was the increasing number of field experiments in South America when special upper air observations are made.

Some upper air data measured in the Large Scale. The influence of authentic scientific research experiences on teachers' conceptions of the nature of science NOS and their NOS teaching practices. Twelve high school biology teachers participated in this study.

Six of the participants had authentic scientific research experience ASRE and six had not participated in authentic scientific research. Evidence from this study indicates participating in authentic scientific research as a member of a scientific community has dual benefits of enabling high school science teachers with informed understandings of the NOS and positioning them to teach with the NOS.

However, these benefits do not always result from an ASRE. The results of this study suggest that participation in ASREs may be one way to improve teachers' NOS understandings and teaching practices if the experiences themselves offer a comprehensive view of the NOS.

Because ASREs and other science learning experiences do not always offer such experiences, pre-service teacher education and professional development opportunities may engage science teachers in two ways: 1 becoming part of a scientific community may enable them to teach with NOS and 2 being reflective about what being a scientist means may improve teachers' NOS understandings and better position them to teach about NOS..

Full Text Available Gentamicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, is used for the treatment of serious Gram-negative infections. However, its usefulness is limited by its nephrotoxicity. Sildenafil, a selective phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, was reported to prevent or decrease tissue injury. The aim of this study is to evaluate the potential protective effects of sildenafil on gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats.

Moreover, immunohistochemical examination revealed that sildenafil treatment markedly reduced inducible nitric oxide synthase i NOS expression, while expression of endothelial nitric oxide synthase e NOS was markedly enhanced.

The protective effects of sildenafil were verified histopathologically. In conclusion, sildenafil protects rats against gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity possibly, in part, through its antioxidant activity, inhibition of i NOS expression, and induction of e NOS production. Effects of cyclooxygenase inhibitor pretreatment on nitric oxide production, n NOS and i NOS expression in rat cerebellum.

The therapeutic effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs is thought to be due mainly to its inhibition of cyclooxygenase COX enzymes, but there is a growing body of research that now demonstrates a variety of NSAIDs effects on cellular signal transduction pathways other than those involving prostaglandins. Nitric oxide NO as a free radical and an agent that gives rise to highly toxic oxidants peroxynitrile, nitric dioxide, nitron ion , becomes a cause of neuronal damage and death in some brain lesions such as Parkinson and Alzheimer disease, and Huntington's chorea.

Rats were treated with a saline, b lipopolysaccharide LPS 5 mg kg -1 , i. Contribution of the nos -pdt operon to virulence phenotypes in methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus. Full Text Available Nitric oxide NO is emerging as an important regulator of bacterial stress resistance, biofilm development, and virulence. Although a role for sa NOS in oxidative stress resistance, antibiotic resistance, and virulence has been recently-described, insights into the regulation of nos expression and sa NOS enzyme activity remain elusive.

To this end, transcriptional analysis of the nos gene in S. Furthermore, nos is co-transcribed with a downstream gene, designated pdt, which encodes a prephenate dehydratase PDT enzyme involved in phenylalanine biosynthesis. Deletion of pdt significantly impaired the ability of UAMS-1 to grow in chemically-defined media lacking phenylalanine, confirming the function of this enzyme.

Bioinformatics analysis revealed that the operon organization of nos -pdt appears to be unique to the staphylococci. As described for other S. The nos mutant also displayed reduced virulence in a murine sepsis infection model, and increased carotenoid pigmentation when cultured on agar plates, both previously-undescribed nos mutant phenotypes.

These results reinforce the important role of sa NOS in S. However, the significance of the operon organization of nos -pdt and. Estimated gene flow Nm varied from 2. They also suggest the possibility of different spawning areas, partially avoiding the genetic homogenization of the IT and PL populations.

Diecisiete practicantes de deportes de equipo de Abstract The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of three different warm-ups low intensity aerobic warm-up, static stretching and dynamic stretching on the horizontal jump and repeated sprint ability with changes of direction.

Seventeen players of team sports whose age was The acute effect of each warming over performance was studied in a test of horizontal jump HJ and repeat sprint test with change of direction RSCD. Cela vous permettra de.

Long-term effects of high protein diets HPDs on kidneys are still not sufficiently studied. Irisin which increases oxygen consumption and thermogenesis in white fat cells was shown in skeletal muscles and many tissues.

We aimed to investigate the effects of HPD, irisin and NO expression in kidney and relation of them with exercise and among themselves. Rats were kept on a HPD for 5 weeks and an exercise program was given them as 5 exercise and 2 rest days per week exercising on a treadmill with increasing speed and angle. Effects of exercise and HPD on kidney should be evaluated with different exercise protocols and contents of the diet. A high proportion of colorectal cancers were found to express COX-2 and a significant number produced i NOS , suggesting that their inhibitors may be potentially useful as chemotherapeutic agents in the management of colorectal cancer.

A number of authors have recognized the importance of understanding the nature of science NOS for scientific literacy. Different instructional strategies such as decontextualized, hands-on inquiry, and history of science HOS activities have been proposed for teaching NOS. This article seeks to understand the contribution of HOS in enhancing…. There is controversy regarding the effect of alcohol beverage intake in vascular vasodilatory function in peripheral arteries.

The effects of beer intake in coronary vasodilation remain unknown. We investigated whether regular beer intake alcohol and alcohol-free protects against hypercholesterolaemia-induced coronary endothelial dysfunction and the mechanisms behind this effect.

Lipid profile, lipoproteins resistance to oxidation and urinary isoxanthohumol concentration were evaluated. Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beer intake prevented WD-induced impairment of receptor- and non-receptor-operated endothelial-dependent coronary vasodilation. Haemodynamic parameters remained unchanged.

Animals taking beer showed HDL with higher antioxidant capacity, higher LDL resistance to oxidation and increased isoxanthohumol levels. Weight, lipids levels, liver enzymes and MCP-1 expression were not affected by beer intake. Light-to-moderate beer. Silver Spring, MD USA pat.

The triangular tower housed two. Medo de que? It seems to be urgent the investigation upon the cohesive processes in the Transcendental studies by Franz Liszt: the emergence of a unified whole is already suggested in the tonal plan that coordinates them. The examination of other aspects that could guarantee unity - related to specific materials of the compositions - is this text's main concern. Its focus is the subset formed by the last seven pieces of the group, and that is justified by the fact that they show a particular affiliation, the ascending leap of sixth preceded by different forms of emphasis.

The theoretical basis adopted is an adaptation of Dahlhaus' concept of subthematicism, which supports the methodological procedure: the analytical approach. The results show connections based not only on harmonic phenomena, but also on the recurrence of flexible materials that are object of transformations. Hence, it is possible to substantiate the cohesion of the selected pieces and the relevance of the.

This dynamics extends the physical Hamiltonian dynamics by the addition of a 'thermostat' variable, which is coupled nonlinearly with the physical variables. The accuracy of the method depends on the dynamics being ergodic. Numerical experiments have been published earlier that are consistent with non-ergodicity of the dynamics for some model problems.

In this paper, this result is extended to non-harmonic one-dimensional systems. We also show that, for some multidimensional systems, the averaged dynamics for the limit of infinite thermostat 'mass' has many invariants, thus giving theoretical support for either non-ergodicity or slow ergodization. Numerical experiments for a two-dimensional central force problem and the one-dimensional pendulum problem give evidence for non-ergodicity.

The approximation leads to a Langevin-like equation driven by a fluctuating dissipative force and multiplicative Gaussian white noise.

The steady state solution of the associated Fokker-Planck equation is the canonical distribution. We investigate the dynamics of this method for the case of i free particle, ii nonlinear oscillators and iii lattice chains. We derive the Fokker-Planck equation for the free particle and present approximate analytical solution for the stationary distribution in the context of the Markovian approximation.

Numerical simulation results for nonlinear oscillators show that this method results in a Gaussian distribution for the particles velocity.

The establishment of well-defined temperature profiles are observed only when the lattice size is large. Our results provide numerical justification for such Markovian approximation for classical single- and many-body systems.

A sociologia funcionalista nos estudos organizacionais: foco em Durkheim. Em um primeiro momento, as obras de Durkheim. Em um segundo momento, o impacto e a supremacia dos enfoques funcionalistas nos estudos organizacionais.

Zinc regulates i NOS -derived nitric oxide formation in endothelial cells. Mechanisms responsible for the fine-tuning of i NOS activity in inflammation are still not fully understood. Zinc is an important structural element of NOS enzymes and is known to inhibit its catalytical activity.

In this study we aimed to investigate the effects of zinc on i NOS activity and expression in endothelial cells. There is considerable interest in implantation techniques and scaffolds for tissue engineering and, for safety and biocompatibility reasons, inflammation, angiogenesis, and fibrosis need to be determined. The contribution of inducible nitric oxide synthase i NOS in the regulation of the foreign body reaction induced by subcutaneous implantation of a synthetic matrix was never investigated.

However, no alterations were observed in levels of CXCL1 and CCL2, chemokines related to neutrophil and macrophage migration, respectively. These data suggest that i NOS activity controls inflammation, angiogenesis, and fibrogenesis in polyether-polyurethane synthetic implants and that lack of i NOS expression increases foreign body reaction to implants in mice.

Cortese-Krott, Miriam M. Aberrant production of nitric oxide NO by inducible NO synthase i NOS has been implicated in the pathogenesis of endothelial dysfunction and vascular disease. Operating License Nos. Ciencias Activ. The aim of this study is to examine the differences of force production in 50 year old athletes and active subjects, both before and after the strength training and, on the other hand the effects of such a 16 week strength training on height jump in bosco protocol SJ, CMJ, DJ.

The strength training is based on the alternative use of light and heavy leads. Methods: Thirty health rats were randomly divided into three groups: normal control group, irradiation control group, and IgY protection group. Results: NO and i NOS levels increased evidently in the irradiation control group in contrast with those of the normal control group P NOS levels increased slightly in the IgY protection group in contrast with the irradiation control group P NOS concentrations were synchronous.

Wood, Katherine C. While the current paradigm holds that this bioactivity derives specifically from expression of e NOS in endothelium, circulating blood cells also express e NOS protein. Conclusions These are the first studies to definitively establish a role for a blood borne e NOS , using cross transplant chimera models, that contributes to the regulation of blood pressure and nitrite homeostasis.

This work provides evidence suggesting that erythrocyte e NOS may mediate this effect. Crime e castigo nos Estados Unidos: de Nixon a Clinton. Appendix ''A'' to License No. Information is presented for Braidwood Station Unit Nos. Increased expression of microRNA miR results in a decrease in endothelial nitric oxide synthase e NOS expression and impaired endothelial function. Factors that have been shown to increase expression of miR may be mitigated by WS , an extract of hawthorn leaves and flowers Crataegus special extract that contains a range of pharmacologically active substances including oligomeric proanthocyanidins and flavonoids.

In the setting where miR may be expressed, WS may offer vascular protection by increasing the expression of phosphorylated e NOS. Promising new pharmacological agents and gene therapy targeting cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 and inducible nitric oxide synthase i NOS could modulate treatment of colorectal cancer in the future. The aim of this study was to elucidate the expression fo beta-catenin and teh presence of COX-2 and i NOS in colorectal cancer specimens in Malaysia. A cross-section study using retrospective data over a 2-year period involved archival, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue samples of colorectal cancers that were surgically resected in a tertiary referral.

COX-2 production was detected in adjacent normal tissue in 34 sample No i NOS expression was detected in adjacent normal tissue. Intense beta-catenin immunoreactivity at the cell-to-cell border. Full Text Available Asiatic acid is a triterpenoid isolated from Centella asiatica. The present study aimed to investigate whether asiatic acid could lessen the metabolic, cardiovascular complications in rats with metabolic syndrome MS induced by a high-carbohydrate, high-fat HCHF diet.

To evaluate the expression of endothelial and inducible NOS in addition to the miRNAb in the corpus cavernosum and peripheral blood of healthy rats, diabetic rats, alcoholic rats and rats with both pathologies. Forty eight Wistar rats were divided into four groups: control C , alcoholic A , diabetic D and alcoholic-diabetic AD. Samples of the corpus cavernosum were prepared to study protein expressions of e NOS and i NOS by immunohistochemistry and expression of miRNAb in the corpus cavernosum and peripheral blood.

Immunohistochemistry for e NOS and i NOS showed an increase in cavernosal smooth muscle cells in the alcoholic, diabetic and alcoholic-diabetic groups when compared with the control group. The major new finding of our study was an impairment of relaxation of cavernosal smooth muscle in alcoholic, diabetic, and alcoholic-diabetic rats that involved a decrease in the nitric oxide pathway by endothelium-dependent mechanisms accompanied by a change in the corpus cavernosum contractile sensitivity.

Because the NOS 3 gene expression is altered by physical activity PA , we also tested for interaction between The aims of this research are 1 to explore the inter-relationships within the individual elements or tenets of Nature of Science NOS , based on the dimensions of scientific knowledge in science learning, and 2 to consider Kuhn's concept of how scientific revolution takes place.

This study suggests that instruction according to our NOS Flowchart…. Association between nucleotide mutation of e NOS gene and serum Various mutation on endothelial nitric oxide synthase e NOs gene cause reduced production of NO, the expansion factor VEF and may accelerate the process of atherosclerosis.

The study was designed to investigate the frequency of TC polymorphism of the gene or nucleotide mutation of e NOS gene in patients Aminoguanidine or ketoconazole, but not 7-nitroindazole or saline, blocked stress-induced NOS Obesity, inflammation, and exercise training: relative contribution of i NOS and e NOS in the modulation of vascular function in the mouse aorta.

Full Text Available Background - The understanding of obsesity-related vascular dysfunction remains controversial mainly because of the diseases associated with vascular injury. Exercise training is known to prevent vascular dysfunction.

Using an obesity model without comorbidities, we aimed at investigating the underlying mechanism of vascular dysfunction and how exercise interferes with this process. Methods - High-sugar diet was used to induce obesity in mice. Blood pressure and heart rate were assessed by plethysmography. Changes in aortic isometric tension were recorded on myograph.

Western blot was used to analyze protein expression. Nitric oxide NO was evaluated using fluorescence microscopy. Antisense oligodeoxynucleotides were used for inducible nitric oxide synthase isoform i NOS knockdown. Results - Body weight, fat mass, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol fraction, insulin, and leptin were higher in the sedentary obese group SD than in the sedentary control animals SS.

Exercise training prevented these changes. No difference in glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and heart rate was found. Tempus est optimus judex. La idea era interesante, pero iba contra la corriente. Este es el punto en que me encuentro. A esa regla general escaparon, a rigor, Frank, , y Martins, II y Marini cap.

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Francisco , n. Respuesta a F. Cardoso y J. BAEZ, R. Cordera comp. Rebels, Death Squads, and U. Power , Boulder Colorado , Westview Press, KAY, C. LEAL, L. LIMA, M. LIRA, M.

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