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I meet Scaraffia, 70, in her home in the plush Parioli district of Rome. She is softly spoken, but strong willed, maintaining that it was the right thing sex do to leave the magazine.

But in the end, they left no space for autonomy. Then came an article in Tekst that denounced the servitude of nuns who work tekst a pittance to cook and clean for clerics. Scaraffia went sex step further in February with a scathing account of the numerous cases of nuns being raped or abused by priests and bishops, or being forced to have an abortion or leave the church if they became pregnant as a result.

A few days after the article was published, Pope Francis acknowledged sex issue of widespread abuse against nuns for the first time. But, so far, there has been little evidence, at least publicly, of steps tekst taken to address the tekst. Scaraffia and her team never took salaries. It was a profound job. She was brought up a Catholic but tekst going to sex when she started university. But as sex professor, I studied saints and the history of the church and this got me closer to it again.

Sex university years coincided with the growing feminist movement in Italy in the late s, and she became an active campaigner. Sex is where I tekst the courage to start speaking publicly. Among these topics was sexual harassment. She was among the campaigners who fought to legalise abortion in Italy in the late s, yet she is against terminating pregnancies. Instead they are pressured into taking contraceptive pills and the morning-after pill. But its fervour hardly reached Italy, let alone the Catholic church — and tekst reaction to it is again controversial.

This is tekst problem that needs sex be recognised as not everything that people say is true. To speak to Scaraffia often feels like navigating sex moral maze. For her, the biggest feminist victory has been education. One thing that she is clear on, sex, is that women should not be pitted against sex other. Last week, a new editor was appointed.

In the wake of the tekst, Scaraffia was criticised for her comments against the female writers introduced by Monda and accused of being a tekst prima donna. She is clearly disappointed that it tekst this tekst, especially after founding the magazine. Her time may be over sex Women Church World but Scaraffia is determined to continue her work. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Women. Catholicism Journalism, publishing and public relations Vatican Italy Religion Sexual harassment features.

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I meet Scaraffia, 70, in her home in the plush Parioli district of Rome. She is softly spoken, but strong willed, maintaining that it was the right thing to do to leave the magazine. But in the end, they left no space for autonomy. Then came an article in March that denounced the servitude of nuns who work for a pittance to cook and clean for clerics.

Scaraffia went a step further in February with a scathing account of the numerous cases of nuns being raped or abused by priests and bishops, or being forced to have an abortion or leave the church if they became pregnant as a result. A few days after the article was published, Pope Francis acknowledged the issue of widespread abuse against nuns for the first time. But, so far, there has been little evidence, at least publicly, of steps being taken to address the issue.

Scaraffia and her team never took salaries. It was a profound job. She was brought up a Catholic but stopped going to church when she started university. What a pathetic scum. They were aware. I read this article twice and still have a rough time understanding it. I even looked at my calendar. In ?? What blows me away about this whole incident, and many like it, is the unquestioning complacency and obsequious, ovine nature of the audience.

Were they aware of the college seating arrangements or were they simply indifferent to being manipulated? If people refuse to take charge of their personal freedoms they are destined to prolong a sick, top-down social psyche in humanity. At the beginning of the debate the Professor made a huge spectacle concerning the way a section of the audience was segregated. The auditorium had a mixed gender section, a male section and a female section.

Unfortunately, the Professor stormed out of the room and demanded that a couple of guys who wanted to sit in the middle of the sisters section were not thrown out of the room. He obviously did not want to hear the truth, as the guys were thrown out of the room due to their behaviour I believe they were allowed back in. Imagine if there were a bunch of ladies in a restaurant and they wanted to have a female only dinner party, but a bunch of males forced themselves on their table, what would you think?

This seems to have been a deliberate move from the some of the Atheists because they probably knew their spokesman would not have a strong argument.

It seems to me that the Professor was just forcing his own beliefs on others. What he describes is shocking.

There were segregated queues; there were five security guards provided by the organizers, who tried to physically remove audience members who refused to comply with gender segregation. Hang on. It is about someone exporting their choice to segregate from others to the realms of a university founded on the virtues of equality.

If you feel uncomfortable near people of different gender, race or faith — no one forces you to come in contact. However, you cannot expect an institution like a university to cater for that.

If you want to visit the equality club you have to accept equality rules. I have to accept the rules of the host institution. I hope the organisers of this event are exposed, they should not be allowed to mediate events at a university, especially for a debate like this.

It has everything to do with sexual apartheid — if a group of people want to sit together, they could easily do so. The system as it is works. LET people sit where they wish, women can group together if they wish, men can too, Races even. But they do so on their own, without the establishment getting involved.

Why did they even try to make a point of this system? Well what happens if only 3 women want to sit in womens only and the rest do not mind. This is not something we face here in this country, women do not in general care what sex they sit with, its an equality thing. In reply to 10 by aboodesta:. Well, there is, in my view, such a think as Islamophobia.

I understand it as the irrational fear and mistrust of all Mulsims, itself an unchecked belief that singles them out from other extremists and see all public manifestations Islam it as an aggression and at its core has more to do with xenophobia towards Eastern people than with secularism.

I find it a useful term, but also one that can be abused, and this is definitively NOT it. You can have all sort of extravagant seating arrangements in private, but in an open debate at a university it is not just unacceptable as diametrically opposed to what universities stand for, but also humilliating for the adult men and women who attend.

Surely there are some equality regulations in place? This event provided for the needs of those people. Would Dawkins prefer their needs not to be provided for, preventing them from ever seeing a male atheist speaker present their case in person?

I have no idea why this was allowed, as the article points out UCL has always had an enlightened attitude toward gender, sexuality, religion etc. Would Dawkins prefer their needs not to be provided for, preventing them from ever seeing a black atheist speaker present their case in person? In reply to 20 by Michael Kingsford Gray:. I wonder if the audience thought that the segregation was part of an experiment, or part of a point that someone wanted to make.

Outrageous that UCL could have let these misogynists practice their discrimination at the venue. Shame on the UCL- and they should issue a public apology for bad judgment and not following their own anti-discrimination policies. This is what passes for university policy in the UK?

Time to write another letter…. Sexual segregation in Islam is done with the consent of both parties, whereas racial segregation usually implies the oppression of a minority race by a majority one. This particular situation was obviously a difficult one, because the audience was a mixture of people who did and did not want the segregation. This is progress….? Sorry, but, no. When you have no other choice, but consent — otherwise you risk being stoned or mutilated, at best, or outright assassinated, at worst.

In any case, harm WILL come to you, no matter what — well, that is not consent by any stretch of the imagination. Is It? Or lets imagine this in a different context, if this had been a few decades ago and in the US there would have been people who would be offended by a joint audience of blacks and whites.

Was it right back then to just accomodate them? If they felt that strongly about it they never would venture out of Saudi Arabia or whatever theocracy indoctrinated them to be such self hating women. He obviously did not want to hear the truth, as the guys were thrown out of the room due to their behavior I believe they were allowed back in.

Krauss for not accepting it. There was a mixed section for people who wanted to sit there, and a section for women like me who prefer to sit separately. So the organisers were actually being considerate to everyone and making women like me who wanted to sit separately more comfortable.

They gave everyone the choice to sit in the mixed section if they wished to. For someone like you who talks about reason and proof to comment about an event you were not at, using badly conveyed third party information is really quite ironic. We look forward to seeing the video when it is released.

The BIG Debates seeks to build a bridge of understanding, discussion and dialogue between Western and Islamic thinkers. Oh, I see, Prof. Krauss was being an asshole because he had no valid arguments. That is quite an statement. Once more, deflecting blame. How convenient. How dishonest. How pathetic. This is what I would write If I were a male apologist too. I was at the debate. There was a space reserved for ladies, but some perverts were causing mischief.

I would bet that regular courses at this, other UK universities, and many schools, are not segregated — which might explain the lack of education and integration in some sections of immigrant communities who have only lived in third world countries and immigrant ghettos. So people were allowed to sit where they wanted, and there was a space reserved for ladies. I think there is a contradiction here. Out of curiosity, where were the Jews allowed to sit? Would Dawkins prefer their needs not to be provided for, preventing them from ever seeing a non-racist speaker present their case in person?

There was a Golden Age of Islam with advances in science and mathematics, and where anybody could practice their own religion, have their own religious buildings as they wished.

A Golden Age of Islam or normal , everyday life in modern Britain? Modern secular Britain has values of tolerance and freedom that matches the very best of the Golden Age of Islam. Let us be proud of that, and not jeopardise the values of secular Britain that has made this country a country of great religious freedom.

This segregated seating is just another example of the disgraceful intrusion of religion into secular institutions. Well at least we can now all sit back and watch as the islamic world collapses. Allah will be so pissed off that unattached men an women sat together. Expect earthquakes, storms, fire and more entertainingly fornication in the streets.

The end is nigh! How do you go to a restaurant or a cinema? Surely there will always be a possibility that there will be some men at a nearby table in a restaurant? Thanks for Clarification. If not, how was it named? Why does religious belief trump everything else? Even if it is true that some women wanted to sit separately from men, why should they be allowed to impose that on everyone else?

Can I demand not to sit next to people who support a different football team? Or vote for a different party, and therefore have a different political belief?

Of have a different skin colour? You can sit with friends — but you cannot demand that someone does not then sit next to you. You are offended? There is no right not to be offended. And this all presupposes these women really ARE offended if men sit next to them — which seems somewhat unlikely as they would have to live staggeringly sheltered lives. How did they get to the event? Clearly not public transport. Presumably they also never go to a doctor.

Or indeed any public place. Oh yes he does regret. He got face-punched in the debate. From an atheistic-point-of-view morality, I can agree he was right, but he being a speaker at the debate, and exhibiting such behavior was without any doubt not only unethical but also inarticulate.

You should have seen the his face. It totally looked like an Atheist got helplessly emotional. There was a space reserved for those ladies who wanted to sit in privacy. There was a separate section for mixed genders and those ladies were free to go and sit there.

Where do you see contradiction in that? How do they get to an event in the first place then? Do they not go to other lectures at the university? I am a big fan of Lawrence Krauss. But did he research this Hamza character before agreeing to debate with him?

This guy already declared publicly that homosexuality should be criminalized in exactly the same way as cannibalism and pedophilia. And that it should be punished the same way as adultery: by stoning. Lots of people mobilized here in Montreal, successfully, to prevent him from speaking at Concordia University. By the way, this Hamza individual is himself against ANY free speech.

Then you would definitely prefer to pursue your education in wonderful Iran, Saudi or Indonesia. Where segregation is the default, social standard, pretty much to your liking.

I find it hypocritical, to say the least. I think you are not ready for properly functional western, social dynamics, kindly let us, the civilized lot, follow what worked and works for us. In my recent observations New Atheism has gone a bit soft. This act of sexual segregatio,n what is no less than twentieth-century discrimination, is happening in London and in a center of academic learning and in , and the institution and the authorities are fine with this?

Is University College part of a temple? Is it under Shariah law? Its a shame that a couple of uncivilised disrespectful men had to disrupt an otherwise amazing well organised event. Clearly this was a pre-planned tactic to divert attention away from the actual outcome of the debate. Men forcing themselves upon women yesterday and promoting incest between a brother and sister.

Whats next Krauss? Genderless toilets? Its very clear that Islam is based upon Moral guidance and more beneficial to Human Society and Atheism is degrading our society as can clearly be seen by the moral decline of the west over the last years. Clearly Islam is more sensible. Some coverage in the Guardian. Comments not turned on. What can we learn from this discussion? Apparently western women can feel free to sit next to men, secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of western men can be trusted to behave like civilized beings.

Not so, apparently with Muslim women. Judging from the comments here, Muslim men cannot be trusted to behave themselves in simple proximity to women. And instead of taking responsibility for their bad behavior, they force the women to the retreat to the back of the auditorium for safety. What a truly bizarre remark!

Only clinical insanity, or the delusions that result from cultish indoctrination can possibly produce such sincere off-the-planet assertions as the above. They bear zero correlation with any reality. Professor Krauss intervened and threatened to leave to stop the removal of the two audience members.

Professor Kraus said he had been told in advance that there would be no segregation, and that people could sit wherever they wanted. Get over it. It was a public debate, no? If people want to sit in privacy, they should do it in private. Otherwise expect to mingle with- shock horror- other human beings. Also that dinner analogy is a hideously bad one: of course if you are arranging a private function such as a dinner party you invite whomever you want to and could even apply a seating plan if you so wished.

Why are you comparing this to this UCL debate? To me, it sounds like so much Social Justice Gobbledegook. Are you able to define your two novel terms for me please? I sit next to my sisters all the time the thought of incest has never occurred to me. Does it will occur to you if you do? Must make family meals difficult. Afraid to tell you some European countries already have them and people are not bonking each other senseless. Many a nude beach around the world, again people restrain themselves.

Moral decline? Most of the West is being flooded with Muslims from countries where their particular brand is putting their lives at risk, others are economic refugees because many Islamic countries have collapsed upon themselves.

Universities are places where often the push to advance our civilization has come from. Our technology, science and understanding of our place in the universe and yes our morality have came to a large extent from people studying and working at universities. They are to a large extent the reason the West is more affluent and yes civilized and tolerant enough to take many of the people from Islamic countries in. They are therefore as sacred to any intellectual as your mosques are to you.

You want use these spaces and apply medieval standards of morality to them, expect a backlash. In this is absolutely disgusting, the UK is a country that is proud to be multicultural and is accepting of different religions and races. My first reaction after reading the original post watching the video and reading some of the replies here was a similar sense of indignation. What an outrage!

What an offense to our egalitarian sensibilities! I abhor these archaic customs as much as anyone. After a while though, it started getting tiresome to read because I started thinking about it from a different angle.

The first thing that hit me was that Krause, Dawkins, a lot of the respondents and I seemed to get a heck of a lot more incensed about this than the people in the audience who were subjected to it. It seems that they rather sheepishly submitted to this segregation without so much as a bleat. Could it be that no one was bothered enough to object? Next I thought that this event was sponsored by an Islamic group. This is not unreasonable. It would appear that by offering a couples section they were willing to accommodate those who came together but did not want to be separated according to strict Islamic custom.

This created a situation offensive to our conflicting sensibilities. One could entertain the charitable and completely speculative hypothesis that a substantial clash of cultural and social practices came about due to a blind failure in communication.

Furthermore, out of respect for their tradition and hospitality, it was no problem to wear the yarmulkes we were offered.

When I attended a Jewish wedding and was a guest at a Passover Seder, I felt privileged to be included and in no way demeaned or offended to honor the traditions. There are single sex educational institutions where religion has no bearing on the matter. SO what you are saying is that University College London is perfectly right to hold public events where people are segregated by gender. And that Muslim women are really not happy about having men in the same area as them….

After all, some of those men might be Jews, or atheists or black, or Hindus. In reply to 72 by whiteraven:. Or could it be be that Islamic women surrounded by Islamic men know how they are supposed to behave and the dangers of not behaving that way? So why is it not reasonable that when others attend a university they show the flexibility that you showed and behave in a manner consistent with the traditions of that institution?

I watched the video on the other link I thought I heard Boos and cheers. The camera was quite close to Lawrence, so possibly people further back may not have known what was going on?

You may have seen a video of the whole talk, is so would you mind linking to it? I would agree if they held the event in a mosque or institute owned by a Muslim group. And in the video Lawrence clearly stated that his participation was conditional to not having a segregated audience, if this is the case then they were in breech of this agreement so therefore he was not the one who caused the fuss.

The organisers who mislead or were too disorganised to ensure this agreement was in place who are responsible. If what Lawrence says is correct then the organisers should admit fault and defuse the situation. I happen to be a man and I find your attitude extremely sexist and offensive.

It seems that you find my being a man so utterly disgusting that you are uncomfortable even sitting next to me in a public place. What else do you find so uncomfortable about me, that you would not allow me sitting in a chair next to you? My skin colour? My political opinions?

My religion or the lack thereof? Is it also ugly secular fundamentalism, if you had no extra-special section for your extra-special gender, race, colour and religion, but — horror of horrors — were made to sit next to a Chinese person? A handicapped person? A homosexual person? A Jewish person? You have a problem. So acknowledge it, get over it and grow up. Or stay home. I am a man. That is he way I was born, and I had no choice over the matter. What I have a choice over is my behaviour.

And if there is something wrong with my behaviour, please tell me so and I will try to amend it. However, taking a vacant chair next to you at a lecture hall in a public European university does not count as wrong behaviour.

However, I am a father to a very smart daughter, whose choices shall not be limited by the gender of her fellow students and future co-workers. Not much IMHO. The Abrahamic religions are all crazy about the uncleanliness of women and menstruating women in particular. Speaking from personal experience of two years with the Marist Brothers in an all boy institution. No wonder Muslim women are uneasy about allowing their 13 year old daughters to sit next to Muslim men.

And some probably did it out of their own volition which, although based on individual fredom of chouice, ends up putting more pressure on the women who find this sort of segregation humilliating There are Muslim women in my class and they just sit wherever happens to be a free space. I never thought this would be an issue, particularly with students.

In reply to 73 by stevencarr:. Atheism has not been degrading our society or causing the moral decline of the West or East over the last years. Believers in religions using their texts, tenets, and dogma as weapons against family, community, and society is what degrades everybody and everything.

I just wanted to throw out some ideas for discussion if they aroused any interest. Not being a witness or having complete details, I may have misunderstood, misinterpreted or even misread some things. I was at the debate and saw the whole incident and sat next to the individual who was asked to leave. Taking video footage of a part of what happened and making an overall judgement on it — is misrepresentation.

What you were told had happened and what actually happened are two different things. Professor Krauss was nowhere near the individual who caused the commotion. The particular individual who caused a scene was all the way at the back of the lecture theatre — next to me, and Professor Krauss was right at the front.

I have to say that this article is misrepresentation of what actually happened, and misinformed. So maybe you could correct that misinformation by telling us what this person did that caused them to be asked to leave. I only saw the short clip that ends with L.

Did they rent out the hall for the event or was the space provided free with ticket sales going to fund other stuff? The whole thing seems like a nasty mess. In reply to 76 by Reckless Monkey:. Interesting question. Some women were very angry about this, but I asked why the men wanted to attend — and they said, they were all gay men and they wanted to show solidarity….

They arranged in age from 20 to 41 yr as shown in Fig. All were attempting conception and most were nulliparous. Method of data analysis all studies The selection of the Segal-Tukey test provided a highly appropriate method of analysis for this type of research Lehman, Weekly sexual behavior defined the experimental condition, less than weekly sporadic and never defined the control condition and cycle length was the variable being tested 'score'. A rank ordering of scores permitted one to test whether different conditions showed a different range of scores.

One was therefore measuring relative variance of scores from the two conditions. Selection of one cycle per subject was deemed necessary because: 1 there was no adequate way of dealing with different numbers of cycles per person since subjects provided 1, 2, 3 or 4 menses onsets during the fall semester and 2 observations from any one individual had a degree of dependency.

The first cycle was selected for all figures but statistical analyses showed that regardless of whether one tested first, last or mean cycle lengths, the results were very similar.

Unfortunately only mean data were available for substudy 1. Determination of frequency of behavior for university subjects involved inspection of their behavior data charts covering the span of the semester. Weekly categorization required a report of sexual behavior every week of the term and thus reflected an ongoing pattern of weekly behavior.

For Substudy 3, the infertile sample, in which different time spans of record were available for different patients, consistency required behavior categorization to span only the one cycle under consideration, ie.

Each student's mean cycle length during the fall semester is shown in Fig. The weekly subjects displayed a cluster of menstrual events within the day range mean A variety of personality factors showed no association with either cycle length or sexual behavior.

The following were investigated but the associations did not appear: incidence of depression or monthly cramps; variability of the cycle; systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels; liability of blood pressure and measures of neuroticism, introversion and extraversion Eysenck, Figure 2 shows the first cycle of all students grouped by coital frequency.

Again the weekly subjects displayed a relative centering of cycle lengths about John Tukey personal communication. Included in the weekly category Fig. The median of these cycle lengths was 29 days with 22 people having this length. Figure 3 shows the first cycle of the students for whom genital stimulation GS data as well as coital information was available.

This includes experimental groups 2 and 3. The subjects of group 1A were eliminated from this analysis as only weekly coital information had been obtained by telephone. Again, weekly subjects tended to cycle at lengths approximating The symbols in Fig.

Inspection supports the statistical impression of a stronger effect for diminished number of short cycles in association with weekly behavior. Figure 4 shows the coital grouping of the students in group 3 for whom masturbation M data were available. As in Fig. Although the number of observations is too small to make firm conclusions, two testes supported the conclusion that application of masturbation information did not yield an association with cycles in the narrow ca.

First, combining all sexual behaviors to obtain a weekly criterion yielded a z of 1. However, when this was compared with a test among group 3 subjects in which weekly behavior was defined by heterosexual activity alone, i. Heterosexual behavior was associated with the narrower range of cycle lengths while M information diminished this association. Inspection of Fig. This, both by data inspection and by statistical evaluation the M criterion seemed inadequate as an associate of particular cycle lengths.

A similar analysis applied to Fig. If anything could be reasonably inferred about these small N's, it would be that GS data improved the result. Two replications of substudy 1 are now presented: 1 Group 1B was employed as a control to replicate the work. Figure 5a shows the first cycle of these prospective cycling reports grouped by each subjects' retrospective estimate of her coital frequency.

Minimum weekly coital behavior was associated with cycles in the ca. They also show the same pattern of fewer extreme cycle lengths among the weekly subjects.

As in substudy 1, cycle variance, neuroticism, extraversion and intraversion did not show an association with cycling length or sexual behavior. Because both obese and emaciated women frequently stop cycling, these parameters were evaluated with respect to cycle length using a relative ponderal index of height divided by weight. Thus, in this sample, extreme cycles were not associated with obesity or extreme esthenia. The first cycle length of each of the 60 infertility patients is shown in Fig.

Only two categories, weekly and sporadic, defined all the subjects. The less sexually active showed a wide range of short, medium and long cycles. The age distribution by coital frequency of this sample, shown in Fig.

It has been demonstrated that the behavior of regular weekly heterosexual stimulation is associated with menstrual cycles of approximately Study 1, from the Fall of among university students, used prospective menstrual cycle data and retrospective self-report of coital frequency estimate. It is therefore possible that an inaccurate report of coital frequency occurred and consequently clouded the interpretability of these results. Substudy 2, from the Fall of , corrected this weakness by its use of prospective menstrual and sexual behavior data of university students.

Again, cycles within the ca. Both coitus and genital stimulation GS were shown to be effective behaviors for yielding positive associations with ca. Masturbation M could not be shown to be associated with a particular pattern of cycling. Small N's severely limit the capacity to generalize the GS and M data.

Substudy 3 investigated a sample of infertile women who prospectively had maintained coital and menstrual data incidental to keeping body temperature charts. Again, cycles within the approximate 29 day range showed a definite association with regular weekly sexual behavior.

Regular coital stimulation was also investigated to see if twice weekly behavior was associated with a different pattern of cyclicity than weekly behavior. The results were mixed and since the N's were small no definite conclusion is suggested. The possibility that sporadic sexual activity might be due to the practice of the rhythm method of birth control was considered.

A careful review of each behavior chart of each sporadically active woman showed only two people who avoided intercourse in the presumed pre-ovulatory range days premenstrually. As these two patients had ca. Lest the reader, at first glance, consider the sexual activity of the university women unusually low it should be remembered that the conditions of this study prevented many sexually active women from participation.

The use of either an IUD or a contraceptive hormone drug was sufficient condition to bar participation. Because of the need for privacy, we could not obtain data on the reason why about half of the women approached expressed reluctance at having to disqualify themselves once the list of criteria for participation was read.

Since others have suggested that copulation the week before ovulation facilitates ovulation, as described in the introduction, it is interesting to note that our data do not support this hypothesis. In fact, inspection of these data showed that the infertile women tended to clump coital events at presumed preovulatory days in those instances where sporadic coital activity occurred.

The sporadic college women showed activity at the presumed ovulatory time of the cycle. This could explain why investigators have repeatedly been unable to demonstrate any of the components of reflex ovulation.

The extremes of cycle lengths are an expression of a reduced fertile capacity would seem to be quite clear. Two types of data lead to this conclusion: 1 cycle length evaluations, especially with respect to basal body temperature analysis and 2 physiological studies in humans and rhesus monkeys which show various endocrine states being reflected in length of cycle or length of one of the phases of the cycle. Recently, Vollman demonstrated that the incidence of anovulatory cycles increases as a function of increasing extremes in cycle lengths.

Vollman's' prospective measurements showed that the incidence of monophasic temperature charts increased with increasing extremes of cycle lengths; and that monophasic temperature charts are characteristic of men, pre-pubertal girls and postmenopausal women.

One may conclude that cycles of extreme lengths tend to be anovulatory and are infertile while cycles of days tend to be ovulatory and potentially fertile.