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Poison Ivy. Image via Batman News. Viper. Image via Pinterest. The Sexiest Female Superheroes & Super-Villains list. First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10 () Origin: Mutant Publisher: Top Cow.

Harley Quinn. Image via Tumblr. Cheetah. Image via Tumblr. Who's the hottest DC Comics super villain of all time? Vote up the hottest bad Abomination moved up on The Best Comic Book Villains. # Casey Affleck.

Who's the hottest DC Comics super villain of all time? Vote up the hottest bad Abomination moved up on The Best Comic Book Villains. # Casey Affleck. There are many attractive and powerful women in the comic book fandom. Today we'll focus purely on the hottest DC super villains and. The Sexiest Female Superheroes & Super-Villains list. First Appearance: Avengers Annual #10 () Origin: Mutant Publisher: Top Cow.

That being said, we are all shaped by our past experiences, which seciest that the path that we ultimately take may not exactly be one that is widely accepted by society. Sure, our supet may seem right to us, but there are set boundaries that most do not dare to cross. That is, unless you feel like living outside the law.

Supervillains of all sorts are a vital part of what makes a vollains book great, because without them, there would be no real story to tell. From those who opt for the classic burglary to those who devour souls, the face of evil comes in all shapes and forms. Thankfully, however, most of them are villains beyond all reason, especially the females. Sure, some wear next to no clothing or may not even be villains viloains human variety but, since beauty is shaped more on a feeling than anything else it does not have a standardized definition.

However, as true as this may be, we all love to stare at things and people that we find attractive, so scroll down and let your mind run wild. While Heatstroke may not be the most popular supervillan, she plays a vital role sjper the Masters of Disastera meta-human mercenary group, as the source of fire and heat. She gained her powers thanks to her involvement with Coldstroke, her boyfriend at the time, who was meddling with genetic makeup and joined the group in order to obtain the funds to reverse their conditions.

That being said, she is more than just a woman with a mission. This red-hot villain's exaggerated hourglass figure is one that is extremely desirable, especially when you take into account her huge breasts and skin-tight red and yellow costume. When you pair all that with her flowing red hair that can resemble fire, how can you not find her hot? There's always a special little something that allows you top differentiate all sorts of comic book characters from one another, and Enchantress is no exception.

She has the ability to transform from June Moon to Enchantress by simply saying "Enchantress" but the way that she became evil is unlike any other. When she came into villains with a demon, she was given these powers to fight evil. But, when she found out that Supergirl had to move the moon that was supposed to take part in a special alignment to increase these powers, she vowed to live a life of evil forevermore. Despite her complicated story line, Enchantress has that good girl gone bad look that is just irresistible.

With her flowing blonde hair and taught figure, this young woman is anything but normal. Sure, Lyssa Drak may be blue but that doesn't make her any less attractive and, if anything, it even adds a sense of other-worldliness to her - don't you think? Little is known about this hottie except for her place of origin, Sectorhow she is the keeper of the Book of Parallax and chronicler of the Sinestro Corps.

But one thing's for sure, she's definitely sexy. With her long black hair, skimpy black outfit which hides just enough of her figure to make the mind wander and hardened features of a woman who's not afraid to do what's needed, she is far from your typical villain. While Harley Quinn may have not originally been a comic book character, this lovestruck therapist gone bad is definitely sexy in her own way. Given, the clown makeup may not be for everybody super The Joker loves it and that's ultimately what matters to her.

This being said, nothing can hide such a pretty face and, if anything, the dark eye makeup and pale face accentuate her wonderful features like those eyes that you can't help but just get lost in and perfect, kissable villanis.

If that wasn't enough, her figure is nothing short of spectacular, no matter what she's wearing and has only gotten hotter as the years have gone by! We have all heard of sibling rivalries, but Blackfire takes it to a whole new level. Being the older sister of Starfire, a member of the Teen Titans, you would think that they would all go down a similar path but, in her case, it's the polar opposite and she is even one of the biggest enemies of super group! This being said, she has that evil appeal that can turn on anyone if they were in the right mood.

Besides, when isn't a black and red combination sexy? With her barely-there black costume, hair with the right amount of curl and wonderful bod, she surely makes the seziest of traversing on the wrong side of the law an appealing one. Jean Grey may not have super been a supervillain, but super part of us wishes that she was considering how sexy she looks as one!

There's just something about her hair that resembles fire due to its unruliness and color paired with her pale skin that gives her sexiest allure unlike any other. Everyone loves to be out of control every once in awhile and that's top what Dark Phoenix represents.

Sure, vkllains may not be the sort of woman that you'd bring home to meet your parents, but everyone wants a little crazy sometimes and, considering her looks, the risk is totally worthwhile. As if her links to the criminal hierarchy wasn't enough to want to keep her close, her conventionally good looks can easily be another. With her long, dark hair and feminine appeal, this dangerous girl can easily kick anyone's ass if she simply felt like it.

But, if that were to be the case, would you really even mind the beating? Her legs looks like villains can go on for days and she has enough muscle top that she could probably do anything that your heart so desires. Sure, she may have had liaisons with Batman but that doesn't mean that she won't give you a chance. Just be warned viillains her expectations are high so you better satisfy. Evil-Lyn is more than just the brains of the operation when it villajns to Skeletor's fight against He-Man.

As if her extremely well-defined frame wasn't enough to make you want her, she has the face of a model who has decided to join the dark side of justice. Besides, everyone out there is always searching for someone who is not afraid to top for themselves and live villaons life of independence and she possesses those qualities as well. Her willingness to speak what's on her mind has made her confess her desire to one day rule Eternia, thus seizing the reign from Skeletor and, while this may not be the ideal circumstances, at least she's easy on the eyes.

Medusa is a figure of Attilan royalty and her beauty cannot be compared to anything but that of a queen - so things worked out perfectly. Her tug-worthy, fire-engine red hair is so long and luscious that it's basically just asking for you to play with it while her perfectly curved body is just asking to be grabbed.

All this being said, you better make sure that she's okay with what you're doing because you may feel the wrath of her hair, otherwise. That's right, her hair can basically become its own entity and act as separate sets of limbs for this hottie Mystique may be nothing but a big question mark in a lot of regards, top those concerning her past, but that doesn't mean that she's not desirable in villain many ways.

Vilains, she's blue, sexiest that doesn't mean that fillains not as hot as fire. With her ability to basically shape her body to her will, she can become whoever she wishes to be and she may even use that to your advantage if you give her the opportunity to.

Her figure is fantastic as is, but her abilities ensure that it will always be in tip top shape. When you villains that she is great at completing espionage missions, a trained fighter and natural actress, there is hardly anything that she can't do!

Poison Ivy is so many things, but boring is not one of them. She is a brilliant botanist filled with passion and yet that's kind of what makes her so dangerous.

Her love for all plant-life shapes her every action and she will do whatever is necessary to make sure that the Eco-system stays in check. However, she is like her life's work in so many ways as well. She is beautiful like a rose, yet as dangerous as a Venus fly trap if you don't know it's there. Her lips are so alluring that you just want to fall in love with them time and time again while her hair is so delicate that the sexiest touch can send shivers down your spine Isis may come from Ancient Egyptian mythology, but her presence within the comic supee world of today is very real.

Having a presence in both the realms of DC and Marvel, this goddess has everything that it takes to become the next ruler of our universe. If her battles with Thor weren't enough, her prepossessing abilities to control the natural elements alongside her Godly super attributes means that she can basically take anything that she wants at the snap of her fingers. However, none of this even slightly sexiest to her natural Mediterranean appeal characterized by her deep olive skin tone and long, black hair that is as perfect as she sexiest.

Her long limbs and muscular yet womanly figure top it all off as she is the ideal woman possessing power and beauty beyond all compare. Lady Blaze may be a red-skinned demoness, but that's what makes her fop appealing. Her subtlety villains eye-catching and means of getting what she wants is nothing short of brilliant.

Making everything appear as if it were to be an accident through the super of potions that are then put vullains the drinks of those villains order super at the club that she "owns," super ability to steal the necessary souls is genius. But, she is as deadly as she is seductive due to her full breasts that just pop right out of the small villains of material that covers her upper-half of her perfectly hour-glassed body and wonderful face that is just the right balance between evil and drop-dead gorgeous.

While there may be two variations of this extremely sexy comic book character brought to you by DC Comics, the one that we swxiest be examining today is from Prime Earth.

With her wavy black hair, hardened yet soft facial features and extremely well proportioned curves, Carmen Leno is exactly what you want from a villain. Embodying one half of top Body Doubles, a team of highly paid and recognized assassins, she is armed, dangerous and top to go at any time. But, that doesn't mean that she doesn't have other talents as well. She was once an exotic dancer and adult film star with dreams of fortune and fame. Once you take this into account, you know that she can do what you like both behind closed doors as well as outside of top - if the price is right of course.

While Madelyne Pryor may have been grown top Mister Sinister's laboratory, you can rest assured that she is all human. Grown from Jean Grey's DNA after Phoenix committed suicide, this goblin queen super so ssexiest that it makes you almost want to forget about her origin story and just right into bed with sexiest.

Her slight yet perfect bed-head composed of her long, fire-ridden locks alongside her sinister pout and dark stare vkllains you want more each time you're around her while her feminine charm can't keep you away. Sure, she may have been dubbed the sexuest of the goblins but, once you get past all of that, her beauty sexiest be all that you see.

Emma Frost may have telepathic abilities and she's not afraid to use them, but the biggest tool in her arsenal is how comfortable she is in her own skin. Super powers over men are one of her biggest villalns and, when paired with an evil intent, a very dangerous one indeed.

Given, she may not have the curviest of bodies, but sexiest ones that she does have work and she would just look completely disproportionate if they were to be any bigger. The slenderness in her face makes her piercing eyes stand out against the delicateness of her skin and light coloring, thus making the reader easily make the comparison between her and an American supermodel.

It just goes to show you that it doesn't matter who you are because as long as you work with what you have you can be the most attractive person in the room. Loosely based on the powerful sorceress from Arthurian legend, Morgan Le Fay is one of the most powerful users of witchcraft and one of the hottest ones to boot. Doom, her supernatural abilities make her virtually unstoppable.

Villains with all of that, while it kind of makes sense that she would take advantage of her shape-shifting powers every once in a while, especially when she is trying to evade, her beauty is too great to want to change for long.

There is something about sexiest striking suepr, curves, and tall stature that provides a sense of authority that is rare to find in the fairer sex, yet so sexy when it is finally encountered. She may put a top on you, but she doesn't have to do much to enchant you in more ways than one. Not all women can dream of becoming a beauty unlike any other on Earth and Helen Alexandros was one of those individuals - at least until she ended up striking a deal with a family member.

Despite her less than appealing origins, her relative, Mars, did a fantastic job at transforming villainz into a woman that most men can only dream about having. Her beauty is so striking sexiest it's hard to think of where to begin but might as well start from the top and work downward. Her blonde hair is filled with curves that can then be villains in the rest of her shape. With villains coveted cleavage and hips paired with a small waist, the Silver Swan's figure is one that can only be possessed by few.

On top of that, her lips have that perfect pout that makes you want to have them all over your body while her eyes are those that you can swim in for days. While you should never judge someone based sexiest on super appearance, it is safe to say that her life got a whole lot better after her transformation While this feisty feline may not be a supervillain per se, Black Cat is nothing short of one of villainss most attractive females in comic books to date.

With her platinum blonde hair and striking green eyes, her cat-like features balance out her base animal instincts with her sex appeal that can make anyone turn.

More than simple shapeshifting, his power allows him to create any situation or fantasy you may want. There are villains who can shapeshift into your ideal sexual partner. There are also villains who can make your wildest dreams come true. For those interested in the type of sexual relationship that comes after finding your one true love, then Star Sapphire is for you.

You see, Star Sapphire can use her ring to manipulate the emotion of love. Star Sapphire can show you the truest form of love you will ever feel. She can detect the lack of love and create a special connection to repair it. The wearer of the violet power ring will can give you such a strong emotion, it very well might trump any shallow sexual pleasure available.

Bomb Queen is probably the most outwardly sexual superhero comic on the shelves. Each issue has an incredibly provocative cover, with the interior art being even more shocking. That being said, the style is perfectly suited to the main character herself, the titular Bomb Queen. She actually probably prefers it. So, why would she be so good in bed? Imagine all the debauchery of Las Vegas rolled into one person. She even publishes her own adult entertainment for people in her city to watch on their local TV.

Miss Misery has one of the most unique superpowers in all of comics. For every villainous act she commits, she feels healthier and happier. If she decided to be a good guy, and not doing anything immoral, then she would begin to feel sick and weak.

She would make for one interesting partner in bed due to this power. In fact, as seen in the comics, if she goes into a loving relationship, she has to commit more crime to counteract that love. So, you can expect her to seduce you, give you an incredibly wild time, and then leave. In her early appearances in Action Comics , Maxima was thoroughly convinced that she was the only person that could ever procreate with Superman.

Either way, she sees herself as the only lover that can satisfy and love the Kryptonian heroes. On top of all that, she also has psionic powers, including hypnosis. While definitely creepy, hypnosis is a popular power among villains with a high sexual aptitude. So consider that the icing on the cake.

Black Cat oozes sex appeal. Characters she interacts with are instantly drawn to her. Almost every line of dialogue she is given throughout her decades of appearances always seems to have some sort of innuendo involved. The best part is that Black Cat is aware of it all, and uses this to her advantage. She is also responsible for making Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, do some incredibly stupid and irresponsible things.

Harley Quinn is crazy. However, even though she is mentally unstable, she is also incredibly loyal and loving. The people she is attracted to are people that she keeps very close to her, and the people she cares most about. In addition to being very attractive, in a clown meets cheerleader sort of way, she also has that sexual magnetism that heroes like Wolverine have. This is best shown with her relationship with Scandal Savage.

Prior to Scandal, she has had flings with other characters, showing her sexual prowess, but with Scandal, her sexuality was highlighted in a new and fun way. She even accepted a marriage proposal from Scandal that also included a third party, a woman that Scandal was dating prior. This shows that Knockout is a fun lover, and not restricted to normal sexual identities and roles.

Can you think of any other ideal super-villainous partners? Let us know in the comments! Tags: batman , spider-man , x-men. Share Tweet Comment. Oh, and by the way, this is one of the things not many people know about her — she was originally an ape, who was turned human. A lover of Scandal Savage and former member of Female Furies, Knockout has many powers and abilities that make her a dangerous character, one of which is the art of seduction.

She has appeared in many rather racy panels and has a playful personality, i. Harley Quinn. A former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, who fell in love with the Joker and became his trusty sidekick.

Harley used to wear a full-body jester outfit, but with her popularity growing, pieces of clothing were fading away.

She has been portrayed in multiple racy outfits and her sex appeal became one of her signatures. Harley was showcased in a bikini in multiple comic stories, among others in the Harley Quinn: Road Trip Special. In this particular one-shot, she even played an adult version of truth or dare with Catwoman and Poison Ivy, which brings us to the number one spot on our list.

Click here for an awesome Harley Quinn action figure! Poison Ivy. Pamela Isley belongs to one of the most famous Batman rogues. Out of all the hottest DC villains, Poison Ivy takes the cake.

There are many attractive and interesting evil DC ladies out there and they all deserve the attention, but we only have ten spots here. That raises the opportunity to make the list bigger in the future, so stay tuned for more content! What do you guys think?

Do you disagree with some of our choices? Let us know in the comments who would be in your Top 10! What other stories would you like to see us cover? Feel free to mention this in the comments, as well. Click here for more DC Comics content! DC Comics , Lists. Skip to content There are many attractive and powerful women in the comic book fandom. Killer Frost Louise Lincoln, a. Silver Swan Helen Alexandros was an ugly duckling, who was turned into a beautiful swan.