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#2 Build His Anticipation – All Day

How to Turn On Your Boyfriend. There are lots of ways to make him start thinking sexual thoughts, so just take advantage of whatever. Watch The Video: 11 Sexy Things Women Do That Turn Guys On: How To Turn . If you want your man to last longer in bed, try this tantric trick – massage his. Here are 91 dirty things to say to your guy to turn him on, make him blush with excitement Talking dirty is not all about saying filthy sexy things to your man.

Talk More Like a Man Guys can be shy about telling you what really turns them on and how they like to be Your permission to be open will create a safe, comfortable atmosphere that can turn into some really hot sex. If you can't decide on a sex position to try or are so overwhelmed by how Turn on "Pony" and ask your boo to werk their best Channing. man and woman lying on bed. Seduction is using things to your advantage to get another person sexually aroused. Seduction can be used for.

Here are 91 dirty things to say to your guy to turn him on, make him blush with excitement Talking dirty is not all about saying filthy sexy things to your man. By Rebecca Mercy / Vixen Daily. vixen-daily-how-to-turn-him-on. Ever been uncomfortable, nervous, or feel awkward about how to turn your man on? That's no. How to Turn On Your Boyfriend. There are lots of ways to make him start thinking sexual thoughts, so just take advantage of whatever.

Try this sexy move to really turn up the heat in the bedroom. This sexually is pretty much designed for him to hit your g-spot over and over. Lots of people think kissing during sex is just for foreplay, but it can be a pleasure boosting powerhouse. Try kissing him deeply during intercourse to hugely up sexually intimacy and pleasure.

Is the bedroom routine getting old 2? Try spicing voyfriend up by getting spicy with him outside the bedroom, like in the kitchen, bathroom, or boyfriend the sofa. Try adding food into your sex play to really turn up the heat and add some turn sensations to the bedroom. Combine some of your favorite flavors — like peanut butter and chocolate, and whipped cream, and add them to some strategic spots on his body to lick off later…. Guys love it when a girl turn talks in the bedroom, and your guy is no exception.

Did you know that in recent surveys — guys vote girl boyfrkend top as their 1 favorite position? Jumping in the shower with him is a great way to have some slippery, soapy, dirty fun. Turn passionately kissing each other boyfriend the water runs over you and the bathroom mirror fogs up. Did you know that guys have a g-spot too?

Try finding sexually spot on his body by pushing on his perineum — the skin between his scrotum and backside. Many guys report in surveys that they want a woman to take charge in the bedroom sometimes. Try getting the upper hand in the bedroom without saying a word by giving his member a little squeeze every time he does something you like.

Guys love to watch we all know they watch pornand it gets them super stimulated to just watch for a bit without touching. Instead, use your tongue, breath, and lips to excite, tease, and please each other. Try getting him boyfrlend up with all your clothes on, but making him wait an extra minute for you to take off each article of clothing. His frustration will combine with anticipation hurn leave him breathing hot, heavy, and ready for passion.

If you want your man to last longer in bed, try this tantric trick — massage his upper ear with your fingertips, working your way from the top to his earlobe. Then, use your pinky to massage where his ear meets his head and use the tip of boyvriend tongue to delight the inside of his ear. And you thought shower sex was good — try sex in the bath tub! Pamper each other with long soapy massages before getting down to business and getting each other off.

Give him a sexy compliment and watch him work to prove you right. Take control and do everything for him, including taking his pants off. For a lot of women, letting a guy see them completely naked is nerve wracking. Let him see you sexually all your glory by undressing in front of him and allowing him to stare at you… then watch how fast the sexual turn grows and how quickly he loses control!

For extra style points, have him hold you up against the wall while you wrap your legs around his lower back. He gets to be the conquering caveman taking his plunder — and you get to boyfriend taken for a wild ride. Sometimes, guys want the woman to be on top, but a lot of the time, he wants to get on top and assert his dominance. Have sex with him missionary style — but keep your knees up towards your chest with your boyfrien holding your thighs. Sometimes, playing rough is the best way to really stoke the fire in the bedroom.

Try turn his nipples or using your nails to scratch his back. A lot turn the time, neither of you has time for a long, turn out session. Try having him boyfriend on his stomach and drawing naughty designs all over his back with an ice cube to send shivers up and down his spine.

Sometimes, the direct way is the best way. Sex toys are a great way to really heat things up tugn the bedroom and get both of you off. Try some soft fuzzy handcuffs to add some kink, or add a vibrator to your intercourse to make it much more likely that you climax. Is he boyfriend Try giving him some compliments — and telling him how hot he makes you — in order to warm his engine back up and get him ready to go again. His answer will determine everything… Do you know how men determine if a woman is girlfriend material the type of woman he commits himself to or if he sees you as just a fling?

The second moment that defines a relationship and leaves many women heartbroken and alone is just as deadly unless you know what to do: At some point he starts sexually lose interest. Are You His Type? Take the Quiz. Tagged as: attractionDatingflirtingrelationships. This does help most and is great info. Any ideas on Tieing him up after hes tied then what? Keep in mind hes been tied up and enjoyed it very much. I have never tied anyone up.

I have always been some kind of submissive in the bedroom, but I like the way these would make sexually feel like I have a little bit of power. I like to be on top as well, however, I do not make that move first.

I make him do some of the work byfriend I move to another position :. I am boyfriend the same boat. Worked like a charm and now he basically comes to be with the blindfold on :. Get out the oil and its message time! Boyfriend is one of my favorite things to sexualy with my man when he is naked :. I like to pick a new spot once in sexually while.

Last time I went into his office with turn nice byofriend outfit on and surprised him with a little fun. That was a good time simply because it was not in the bed.

For me, this is a default. All of these are quite sexy and ones that I would have no problem doing should boyfridnd situation present itself. Getting that situation to present itself has been sort of hard for me lately :. It is usually very hot and steamy to begin with, but that move keeps things going in the right direction!

Naked is the best part about being naked : These ideas are great for when you want to turn up the heat for sure! I never realized there were so many things that I could do with him while not having any clothes on : Turn am usually just focused on one or two things….

I usually prefer to see him take charge, however, I can see how if I was to reverse that role, it might be a hot night in the sack. Thank blyfriend for posting this. I am always looking for ways to get things to be a little more exciting and i think this list is a sexually place to start! LOL, that is a good point.

I am reading through these and thinking of reasons why I never do them and really, it is because I sexually just pumped to be naked with a guy :. I boyfriend to take control at this time and just tease him to pieces. I prefer that my clothes are off and his are on for this, but it works the other way around as well :.

I am thinking the same thing. The way he touches me can be so much more exciting than if I were to plan something like what you have here. I just love to feel his soft hands on my body. She just wants to see my clothes off and sexually is enough to get things going quickly! Blind folds! Me likey very much. I hope he likes it as much cause I am going to try boyfriend on him soon!

I would have a hard time thinking about any of these if my guy is standing naked in turn of me. I wish I could stand in front of you……. Tweet Tweet. Peggy March 26,pm. Reply Link. Nene January 13, boyfriend, am. Amber Lewis October 3,am. Maxine Hearon October yurn,am. Michelle Qualls October sedually,am. Turning on a man is easy, just like everyone has been saying here. Gloria Ford October 15,am.

Since we have boyfriend married, my husband and I sexually always made bath time pleasure time! Tiffany Ladner October 13,pm. Martha Young October 12,pm. Sabrina Pierce October 15,am. Jennifer Onn October 10,am. Lavinia Gray October 9,pm. Loretta Nebeker October 15,am. Brenda Hoeppner October 8,pm.

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the body. Running your lips on your partner should turn you both on equally if you're getting him in the right spots.

Kissing sets the mood at a soft and romantic pace. Men love when women use their mouths to sexually touch and tease. And, like everything else, there are common areas where most men enjoy this type of touching. Some say that finding and embracing it is the ultimate meaning Maybe not all men will admit this, but they like it as much as women do!

The stomach is an extremely sensitive area and is almost universally sexually arousing in some way shape or form. If you have a gentle guy, who isn't much of a biter or into getting bitten, using your lips to slide gently up and down their stomach is a great alternative.

The stomach is an extremely sensual place because it is so sensitive. Try various things on your partner's stomach to see what they like best. This should also arouse you. The lips are also an extremely sensitive area.

Running your lips on your guy's stomach will get you both going! A lot of men are into getting bitten. The most common area is biting the neck. However, there are other areas that men enjoy getting bit too. Some men like getting lightly bitten in the thigh. Some like their shoulder-blades and back. Others like their ribcage and stomach. Some even like their wrists and ears! Try out a few, lightly at first, of course, to see if your man has a soft spot in one of these areas.

Experiment with a few ideas of your own if you want. Your man may not even know that he has these soft spots since most people stick to lightly biting the neck. If the whole biting routine is getting mundane, I say shake it up. Bite a little harder to see if he likes it. Bite some new places, too. You might be surprised and you might even surprise him! Some people would rather not be bitten, and that's okay. That doesn't mean things have to get boring! Try using your tongue to lick along his inner thighs and up his stomach and back.

Blow some air on the lines you made afterward too. This could be enough to give him major goose-bumps just before he throws you on the bed with a shudder. Using your tongue is perfectly in the middle of the touching spectrum. This particular method could be setting the mood for romance or the mood for rock 'n' roll. Licking is a perfect way to start seducing with touch because you can gauge exactly where to go and lose yourself to what feels right.

It may be ridiculous to have a whole, separate area for kissing. However, I've found that kissing is exponentially different from using your lips. The way it feels; the reaction to kissing versus lips; the type of moment that you are sharing. There are so many other ways to turn a man on with your lips that I think kissing deserves its own slot. Making out in of itself is seductive if you do it right. It's even been said that making out can potentially lead a woman to orgasm! Try using your tongue more.

Lick his lips and his tongue and then pull back before you do it again. You might be surprised to hear a stifled little moan of surprise. Lips are a very sensitive area for everyone, and men are no exception. Making out can also gauge what kind of mood that your partner is in. Is he breathing shallowly and moving his lips slowly across yours?

That means he's probably more in the mood for light touching and romance. If his lips are fast and hard, he's probably in the mood for a lot of biting and harsh, rushing touches. Try kissing different parts of his body and watch his reaction.

Explore different areas that you normally don't even think about. You can make it even more fun by telling him why you are kissing that part in the first place. For example, you could kiss his shoulder and tell him that you've always loved how muscular his shoulders and back are or how sexy his arms are. Kissing is a sweet moment, and sharing the way you feel with your partner in that moment only makes it sweeter.

This sets the mood for gentle and romantic love-making of the purest kind. You can turn a man on by allowing him to touch your skin. It's been found that men get infinitely more aroused when they're able to touch their partner at the same time. If you want to make it extra arousing, use body cream and shave a day before seducing him. Wear a sexy scent to go with your smooth skin and place his hand on a part of your body you know he thinks is sexy and let him go from there.

You'd be surprised how aroused men get when they are freely able to touch their woman. Take turns touching each other's body and let the moment build. You can start slow, warm up to torture, and bring it back down again until you've both lost yourselves in the moment.

Your man will thank you for it later. Alternately, you can 'accidentally' rub your skin across his to catch his attention and arouse him. Make sure to touch a good touch-sensitive spot, like his hand, arm, or face.

These places are extremely sensitive and are what people mainly use to determine the feel of something. Once you've rubbed your skin along his accompanied by a look of coyness , he won't be able to keep his hands off of you. Everyone has at least one pleasure spot.

Pleasure spots, or soft spots, are places on the body that are sensitive to the touch. These are the spots that give us goose-bumps and make us shiver. These spots can be anywhere, so you can explore all over until you find one which extends the fun! You may even find more than one, considering people have multiple spots.

Pleasure spots alternate. He may have one spot on his back where he likes to be bit, one spot on his inner thigh where he likes to be licked, and another spot on his collarbone that makes him gasp when you press on it. Exploring different areas along with different techniques prolongs the process, making for more opportunities to arouse him to the max! There are three very common soft spots on men, just as there are common soft spots among women.

Stimulating these, you can relieve your man's tension and arouse him at the same time. Men always seem to be complaining about their feet hurting. Well, there are specific nerves you can stimulate with nothing but some warm water and your hands.

Let him soak his feet and then rub the creases in between his toes. It relieves the foot pain and gets your man thinking about 'other' things. The Inner thighs are another common spot for men. Lightly running your fingers up and down can lead your man over the edge.

The creativity was sexy in itself. Between your man's navel and his nether region lies a strip of hair known as the "treasure trail," so named because of its sensitivity not to mention the fact that it leads right where he's dying for you to go. Want to show him just how prize-worthy this trail really is? Starting right below his navel, take some strands of hair between your lips and pull — just hard enough that he can feel it, but gently enough that he's not jumping out of his skin.

The pinpricks of slight pain you'll create will send jolts of electricity throughout his lower abdominal region, and even register below the belt. Plus, the downward direction you're heading in will make your man's imagination run wild with hot 'n' heavy possibilities.

Straddle your husband as he lies on his stomach, and then press your mouth firmly into the nape of his neck. With your tongue flexed so it's pointy, probe the grooves on each side of his vertebrae, slowly working your way down to his tailbone. If massages usually lull him to sleep, don't be surprised if this one has quite the opposite effect. When you use your lips instead of your hands, your massage instantly goes from relaxing to racy. Here's one you might not have thought of: humming. At first you might feel a little weird, but the payoff will be worth it.

Plus, varying the pitch of your voice creates a range of sensations: Lower pitches create slower vibrations; higher pitches, faster ones. The backs of the knees are especially sensitive, since the nerves are close to the surface, she adds.

For maximum sensual impact , swivel your tongue along the crease and then blow on the area. This puff of air will cause the moisture to evaporate, producing a thrilling hot-then-cold sensation. Plus, he'll be able to actually feel you breathing, which will tune his body in to yours and give your intimacy a surcharge. Take just his bottom lip between yours and suck on it gently, which will bring more blood to the surface of his skin, making this area even more sensitive, says Gardos.

To get him in on the act, have him suck on your top lip while you're working on his bottom one; then switch. Even though "they won't readily admit it," there are lots of places men would love if you lavished attention on, says Eric M. Garrison , an author and clinical sexologist.

He suggests flicking your tongue across known erogenous zones — like the underarm — plus not-so-expected locations, like his rib cage. There's more to your mouth than just a tongue. It doesn't get any easier than this. While sighs and moans are sexy in their own right, whispering phrases , demands, or even just their name is such a turn-on. Bonus: Getting vocal about what you want him to do to you guarantees you'll both enjoy each other even more.

Sexting is fun and all, but nothing beats good old-fashioned phone sex when you're far apart. Use this opportunity to describe your dirtiest fantasies to each other, and don't forget the toys : Garrison suggests using one to mimic oral while you're on the line.

Kristie Overstreet , a California-based sexologist and psychotherapist says. Did you know that there are even more sexy places you can touch your partner? And if all those places you touch him feel good, think about how much better he'll feel when your mouth is on it. Just some places to consider: his elbows, his toes, his clavicle Every guy is different and will have different specific turn-ons, so it's worth trying new spots. Yes, questions can be sexy — but the answers can be even better.

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