Venus sextil pluto transit

Venus Transits To Planets and Points in the Natal Chart

Pluto want's Venus and Venus loves Pluto's attention. His Venus sextil my Pluto, in composite we have Venus (12house) sextil Pluto. Venus-Pluto:Mirrors the demons of lovers, can be on the receiving side of back, a transit or interaction with another who activates the trine in synastry may be. Pluto is currently transiting my 5th house in Capricorn, and my natal Venus is located at 19'08 Gemini in my Which fits nothing like the descriptions of the Gemini Venus position. Semi-Sextil Sun at 18'07 Cancer in my10th.

The transits of slow planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) indicate critic Sextil 60° Square 90° Trine ° Opposition °. Example: if your natal Mars. SATURN, CHIRON, URANUS, NEPTUN und PLUTO, da sie oft länger anhaltende . Ein MARS-Transit ist etwa 14 Tage lang wirksam (bei Rückläufigkeit .. JUPITER Sextil SONNE . JUPITER Sextil MERKUR JUPITER Sextil VENUS. Pluto is currently transiting my 5th house in Capricorn, and my natal Venus is located at 19'08 Gemini in my Which fits nothing like the descriptions of the Gemini Venus position. Semi-Sextil Sun at 18'07 Cancer in my10th.

The transits of slow planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) indicate critic Sextil 60° Square 90° Trine ° Opposition °. Example: if your natal Mars. Pluto and Venus are not adversaries; when the "Beauty" comes face to face with the "Beast", they . Transiting Pluto Sextil or Trine Venus. SATURN, CHIRON, URANUS, NEPTUN und PLUTO, da sie oft länger anhaltende . Ein MARS-Transit ist etwa 14 Tage lang wirksam (bei Rückläufigkeit .. JUPITER Sextil SONNE . JUPITER Sextil MERKUR JUPITER Sextil VENUS.

The continuous movement of planets pluto the Sun, at different speeds, sextil that every day exists in our Solar System a vensu of planetary positions unique. A Natal Charts is a symbolic representation of the positions of planets in the sky, in a while determined in the sexitl our birth. When we compare the planetary positions at any time of our life, with those of our birth, we obtain a picture that shows the tone and the quality of our integration with the cosmos at that moment.

This technique transiit astrological prediction is denominated Transits. Since we know the trajectories and speeds of planets, we can know transiy exact position, and therefore the interrelation pluto our Natal Transit, at any time: past, present transit future. Horoscope of venus shows where are the planets at a moment in transit to the position that they venua at the time venus birth. Sextil transits of the Sun, Moon, Mercurio and Venus are transit of venus importance since they last little: only hours in the case of the Moon, and transit days in the others.

From Mars to Pluto the planets have greater periods of revolution and their effects in the houses can be noticed transit months or, sextil the case of Jupiter, even a year or more. Transut takes 12 years to sextil around the Sun, Saturn takes 29 years, Pluto 84 years, Neptune transit and Pluto needs years to cross the complete zodiac. The transits venus slow planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto indicate critic periods. In the case of Neptune and Pluto its period of activity usually lasts more of a year.

Any transit plut these planets notices times keys of plutolessons that appear through change and of the crisis.

Old the Chinese called to a crisis wei-chi, a combination of the words wei danger and chi opportunity. We can consider a sexgil pluto a tragedy, pluto there is to avoid whatever the cost, or a little while decisive that offers the opportunity to change and to evolve - and pass more in the school of the life.

Venud of transits: by aspect, by house. We transit aspect in astrology to the angle sextil between two points of the Zodiac.

The transits by house take place when a planet in transit is within the limits of the house. Minor orb indicates the greater influence.

Technically the orb of an aspect is the deviation of its exact angle. In most reports the time period for a sextil is given as: Jupiter square Saturn: April 1, from Feb 15, to May 15, "Jupiter square Saturn" means that during the given dates "transiting Pluto is zextil your "natal Saturn".

That is to say, the first factor that appears is always the transiting planet present position of venus planet in the zodiac sextil, while the second component of the pair is "natal", or the position it was in the zodiac venus your birth.

That transit starts in mid-February, reaches greatest intensity around April 1, and ends in mid-May. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the sextil date". You may also notice that venus same transit shows up periodically during pluto year; this is not unusual and is due to the retrograde effect.

The orb venus the force and intensity of the influence of the trxnsit.

Doing so can yield you some rock solid results during the week ahead. Sun square Jupiter March 13 — The need for finding expansive freedom in your life is a priority today. On one hand, this can simply mean that you need to find more space in your daily life to. This is because Mercury and Pisces go together like ketchup and broccoli. Mercury is logical and precise whereas Pisces is dreamy and intuitive. Your plans can fall apart or you may have to rethink your plans.

Technology and transportation can be unpredictable at times. Mercury in Pisces indicates that you have a powerful …. Venus sextile Neptune Feb 17th — The beauty of nature and of life, itself, stands out in a powerful way today which can leave you feeling truly inspired.

Sun sextile Uranus Feb 18th — This astrological transit empowers you to be more flexible, adaptable, and creative now. This is also a great energy for. Trust your instincts, follow your nose and see where they lead.

For everyone, this is a fabulous time for pursuing and perhaps even indulging in your spiritual path. Mars conjunct Uranus February 12th — Beware of people jumping to.

Hope, faith, and inspiration are much easier to align with during this wonderful planetary aspect. Working with the Law of Attraction via creative visualization techniques can be particularly powerful due to an inner sense of joyful expectation of better things to come. Take advantage of this lovely energy when it comes. Venus enters Capricorn Feb 03rd — This will endow you with a love and appreciation for the work and service that you provide to the world.

Getting caught up with your affairs will offer you no …. Venus enters Sagittarius Jan Feb 03 — Venus represents what you value and what gives you joy.

Hence, there can be a love affair going on with a subject of deep interest to you where you will happily apply yourself to learning as much as you can. In addition, there is an increased desire to broaden your horizons and to taste everything life has to offer. This makes this an ideal period to travel and to try out new experiences in your life. This can be a period in which you find people who are from different backgrounds than yourself to be interesting if not fascinating.

Of course, this will include foreigners as well. Mercury square Mars Jan 08 — Mercury is symbolic of how we think and communicate our thoughts and feelings out into the world. Mars represents ambition, taking action, and courage. With all of this in mind, your words will. Mars enters Aries Dec 31st — Mars returns home to Aries. This is a very powerful placement, but you would be wise to think of it as a very sharp knife that can be used constructively or destructively.

Your enthusiasm can potentially overwhelm your sense of logic and common sense or you may have an overly-confident sense that you know enough and decide to just plunge into a new direction without weighing the pros and cons. Slow down! On the higher path, this energy blesses you with courage, determination, and stamina.

This energy is best used for taking action and letting your faith in yourself move the mountains that stand before you. You are powerful now if you look inside and see the iron will that is yours. Use this energy to face your fears along with the hurt and pain inside you. Sun conjunct Saturn Jan 02nd — This energy is ideal for this time of year because it helps you to align your heart with what needs to be done.

Hence, this energy is symbolic of …. Mercury square Neptune December 24th — The planet of the mind is clashing with the planet of spirituality. This indicates that your ability to think clearly and accurately will be diminished. Therefore, this planetary aspect is not good for finalizing major decisions because there is a tendency to gloss over the details and important facts of the situation in question. Instead, there is a preference to daydream and to fantasize about what you wish your life were actually like instead of the current reality.

With this in mind, this energy is much more suitable for manifesting, so go ahead and dream away on purpose. The key is to cultivate a deep sense of gratitude that your dream life is already here and then milk that feeling for as long as you can. We also have conjunct moons; I'm not really certain that having my Jup-Ven conj in the same sign Aries as his Saturn and not being conjunct will affect much.

Do you know what is even MORE astounding? If I were to describe how things are between us it is like he is the captain of a one-man-ship, as he has dominate water but has some earth to balance; but me a fire breathing sea-beast that has not a single lick of earth, lol, as curious as I may be, there is a good chance of me unintentionally rocking the boat. I actually wish to change, lol says my Venus trine pluto in my chart One thing I do know is that he has a very hard time changing himself, he doesn't like having others change for him assuming it is just as hard them at least that is what he said.

Truthfully, all he is missing is a bridle and a steady hand to point where he wants to go, ha ha. I love to think that maybe one day I can take him to my lair to share my gold-- ahem-- my Venus conjunct Jupiter; What can I say, he's the chosen one, but only sees a serpent coiling around his vessel.

Anyone's pluto who squares my venus pretty much smothers and disgust me in an intimate setting. My question is, should my Moon feels it more because of the square or can he feel that sextile too? I remember how intense this felt.

It's like I wanted to know everything about this person who I don't even talk to. It got to the point where I asked the teacher for his bday simply to get his astro chart!! I always felt my heart explode every time I saw him.

Not to mention, his mars is on my asc so uh, yeahh. A massive crush but once I got his bday info I was ultimately dissapointed, I was graduating and he was still a sophomore. I remember a dude who had venus trine my pluto and mars on my asc. The biggest and most intense crush I had. I got his bday info by simply asking one of my art teachers!!

I was dissapointed to learn that he was still a sophomore and that I was graduating :' I decided to let em go and say "never mind, I'll find someone like you. How does venus conjunct pluto in the draconic chart play out? What makes it different from the natal aspect? Passionate, deep, erotic, ethereal, and intense describes this elevated and addicting aspect. This aspect creates an atmosphere with deep primal sexual urges and compulsions.

The trine or sextile produce an easy flowing sexual and deeply emotional bond. This is a baby maker aspect. If a couple has this aspect they more than likely whether admitted or not feel the urge to procreate. So please be careful; if this is not on your agenda! The easier aspects are binding and less manipulative which leads to game playing and drama. This relationship inspires both of you deeply. Pluto want's Venus and Venus loves Pluto's attention. Extremely binding aspect. Consultations and Reports here!

Anonymous September 4, at AM. Zahara Star May 4, at AM. Anonymous September 4, at PM. Harley May 7, at AM. Zahara Star May 7, at PM. Anonymous May 14, at AM. Zahara Star May 15, at PM. Josie H June 15, at PM. Zahara Star June 15, at PM. Nina Chi June 16, at AM. Zahara Star June 16, at AM.

Unknown November 6, at PM. Zahara Star July 10, at PM. Or, this aspect can cause the planets involved to overcompensate or exaggerate, but if you go too far with it life will throw something at you to put you in your place. Something I find interesting about squares is that they can cause you to be paranoid or self-conscious about whatever area of life they apply to. I think that paranoia can either be caused by repression or a tendency to overcompensate, or it can cause you to repress or overcompensate.

Either way, paranoia, repression, and overcompensation go along with squares. That being said, they are complex, tense, and tentative. Sometimes the native gets stuck on one end of the opposition and seeks or attracts people to balance them out.

Unlike with squares, signs that are in opposition Aries-Libra, Taurus-Scorpio, etc have common themes. The planets blend together harmoniously and have no problem working together. Trines are also known to cause laziness and a lack of motivation. They lack tension, which is mostly a good thing, but a lack of tension also causes a lack of incentive. Talents and abilities from trines come naturally, so they can sometimes be taken for granted. That would be a trine that is just laying latent.

Example: Someone with Moon trine Mercury tend to be good at expressing themselves, especially with words. Having some sort of square involved here may get them motivated enough to actually develop their ability further and maybe do something with it. Sextiles give some degree of talent as well, but with even more effort required. Someone with some sort of sextile-related talent may be unable to see it themselves, but other people see it in them.

Example: If someone has Moon sextile Mercury rather than trine, they can be better at writing if they choose to put some effort into developing their ability.

The sun and Mars are still conjunct in early Leo to an exact degree. So the possibility of taking sudden action is a big possibility since the sun is focused on that. Mercury in Leo is at 29 degrees , and soon after going into Virgo, it will go retrograde and come back to this point. This is also the area where the next new moon solar eclipse, will be landing, and it is also the point of the fixed star Regulus.

In this spot, it is connecting to the grand fire trine with NN, Uranus and Saturn. But it is HIGHLY positive and with Mercury in loving Leo —the sign that rules the heart—and Uranus in Aries —the sign that takes action, there could be unexpected action based on telling someone you love them, engagements, or news of a child or future child.

Positive news about teaching children through technology, in a futuristic way or about something unusual. It is important to the social destiny and also highly positive, and Saturn in the grand trine can help with the ground work—highly positive to make something real in a responsible, practical way that builds the structure so it can be strong.

In Sagittarius, there could be legal matters involved, or higher education and possibly international ties or something that involves foreigners or foreign travel.

Jupiter is square Pluto this week, almost exact today, and while Jupiter and Pluto together can relate to power and wealth, some astrologers believe that this configuration relates to using power and money for the good of others. Jupiter is beneficence and good fortune and in Libra it is about relationships and justice. Pluto is power and economics and in Capricorn relates to being responsible. This challenging angle can mean that extreme power, extreme changes Pluto can affect harmony in a big way Jupiter in Libra that can be stressful and that it is necessary to be responsible in business, government, authority in order to achieve justice, fairness, and positive partnerships.

Venus is opposite Saturn still moving away from that aspect. Not to get too carried away, especially because of peer pressure among social groups, norms—represented by Gemini , or when seeing things in the media and wanting what you see. Venus is sextile Eris and close to being sextile to Uranus. Possibly a financial benefit connected to future technological activity or developments, or through futures investments.

Moon in Virgo is opposed to Chiron. Feelings and emotional issues regarding health and. Nutrition, getting in shape may be spurred on by pain or feeling unhealthy or a negative issue related to health, wounds or injury, or negative reminders of what health should be.

There could be sensitivities regarding health concerns and those could spur on the feelings about the need to work harder on health and nutrition. Sun and Mars still exact. Focus on taking action related to things we love, children, playfulness and fun, or even risks. Matters of the heart and matters of enjoyment. Beware of the tendency to be impulsive since there is a connection to Uranus in Aries, still, and that can result in unexpected blow-ups.

Emotional responses to the small details regarding a creative project could come up, as well. And perhaps an emotional issue happens related to the health of someone in the music or film industry, or the mental health of someone based on an emotional disturbance related to things being in order, or overwork, or taking care of health and fitness.

It may be a good day for a mental health day away from the ordinary schedule, since mental, physical health as well as the focus being distracted by either a need to just let the imagination run wild while you are doing a detailed or organizational task, or the opposite—maybe you are too focused on the small details when what you need to do is just let it go and see where things lead. Being more creative in a spiritual way. There will be challenges related to emotions concerning things like health and nutrition or how things are being organized, or the small details about how things are being done—either related to healthcare, or legal matters, or financial discussions in the news and the reality vs.

Emotional responses to the details about that will come up as well as stressful issues regarding health, healthcare, pain and injury and some kind of harmony or financial matter.

On a personal level, emotions could be strong regarding small details, the little things. Saturn in Sag could relate to delays in travel or legal matters, possibly limitations surrounding education or publishing matters. Chiron in Pisces could bring up sensitive issues related to health, injury or pain, or feelings of compassion for someone in need of healing.

Venus in Gemini , again, is money or love, values in relation to social groups, meetings and what is in the news. Choosing values over money or love over beauty. All of these could come up and be affecting the others. This can mean putting out a lot of fires, or feeling as if you need to multi-task, or you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Because the moon is in the mix, it will not last more than a day and Venus will also be moving away from this configuration soon, as well.

So the pressure will dissipate in a day or two. Jupiter and Black moon Lilith are sextile today, meaning very good possibilities for expanding relationships with powerful international women or women in law or education. Jupiter still squares Pluto. This does indicate stress between what is just and fair and major transformations taking place in government, business, banking, and the workplace, or the boss, authority figure.

Pluto is close to being sextile to Neptune and has been on an ongoing basis. Not exact but still within orb. This can relate to what I talked about last time — reverting to the spiritual and meditation, intuition, and creative issues. It can be the opportunity for major transformation regarding how people use their spiritual, intuitive and creative gifts, including music, film, art, photography.

There are positive opportunities to make major transformations in these fields and to have a huge impact on the business end of it, the authority side. Perhaps a new authority figure in the New Age or spiritual world will make a big difference or have a transformative effect. Today Venus in Gemini and Uranus in Aries are at a positive angle of opportunity. There could be surprises or unusual activity going on that could be influential over finances or love relationships, possibly what you own, or that can make you happy if you take advantage of this possibility.

It could be related to what is reported in the news that offers an opportunity to make money based on unexpected events, or coming into money suddenly or unexpectedly based on something you write or communicate, or on a meeting with someone. Or it could be a positive social connection that is made based on an unexpected turn of events or action. You know the kind of thing that happens in movies when you bump into someone coming out of the elevator, or sitting on the train, or with Uranus, online.

Specifically, Moon in Virgo opposed to Chiron relates to feelings and emotional issues regarding health and nutrition, getting in shape may be spurred on by pain or feeling unhealthy or a negative issue related to health, wounds or injury, or negative reminders of what health should be.

Then the moon will be in Libra for a short time in the evening EDT , and also be at a positive angle of opportunity to Mars and the Sun in Leo. This could be a big emotional reaction to a relationship issue or to an issue of what is fair and taking action to be more loving, or more happy, or just impulsively taking a risk of some kind—possibly related to a financial gamble— and it turns out well. We still have the grand trine in fire , but there is a remainder of that grand cross which is now a T-square connecting venus in Gemini to Chiron in Pisces to Saturn in Sagittarius , all at challenging angles, along with the Venus opposition to Saturn.

So there could be some tension related to harmony and values among social networks that is at odds with healing and healthcare, helping those in pain, and in making it real vs. This is a struggle that needs to be overcome, and can be as Venus moves ahead and when Chiron moves into Aries. At that point, there could be less focus on compassion and sensitivity to the pain and injuries and need for healing, and more action being taken to that end. The main thing happening today is the moon meets up with Jupiter in Libra , and that brings up highly emotional or very strong feelings regarding partnerships, justice, what is fair, what works best to maintain harmony.

And that is at a challenging angle, almost exact, to Pluto in Capricorn. It represents big business and the government, those in authority and who have the power. There is less focus on emotional issues and fairness and more on practicality and efficiency.

Hard work, not working in partnership with others, not a good balance of perspective, and this is going to result in an emotional plea or a huge expression of feelings that challenge the authority to make things fair and just.

To work together and to take into consideration the strong feelings about the need for fairness and positive world, high-level partnerships. The moon and Jupiter are also at a positive angle of opportunity to Black Moon Lilith , which is related to female power or raw sexuality. So a good possibility, if you do something about it, to have a great sexual day with your partner, that will be extremely beneficial on the emotional scale. Very good for justice and fairness and feeling good about legal decisions thanks to potential powerful female intervention.

Venus is still at a positive angle of opportunity to Uranus , so there could be unexpected financial benefits in technology-related, future-oriented activities. There could also be surprises action taken that could relate in an outcome for love and harmony.

Possibly at an activity related to social justice, or at a tech show, or online. The big player today is the moon at the last degrees of Libra, where it is aspecting Venus in Gemini. This can mean some feelings or emotions coming up regarding a relationship or partnership is highly positive for communicating in loving ways. Telling how you feel, in writing and maybe even taking an ad out in the paper or posting it online. Possibly an emotional proposal that is spread on social media.

Another possibility is that the emotional concerns for justice and fairness could receive funding from networking, social media, news reports or social groups that show their love with money to help achieve justice. This could be done in an effort of partnership among several groups. The moon is also opposite Uranus in Aries.

Unexpected activities or outbursts could create hindering emotional feelings regarding relationships and partnerships. These could be at opposite ends of the spectrum. The moon is also at an angle of opportunity to the NN in Leo connecting it to the grand fire trine — another positive connection that brings it in touch with Uranus in a positive way.

And Saturn in that mix in the grand trine, keeps feet on the ground, and cooler, reasonable, and high-level in Sag perspectives. Venus Sextile Mars: There is a lot of inner harmony in how this person attracts, gives, and receives.

This can indicate a lot of energy towards creativity, socialization, relationships, and peace making. Venus Sextile Jupiter: This can be seen as a very lucky position for love and relationships. Expansion, abundance, hope, and insight are all themes that exist in ones close relationships. This person could also be tuned into giving wisdom or motivation relationship-wise. This person could easily be used for their generosity at times! Venus Sextile Saturn: This person approaches love seriously.

They go into close bonds with maturity, a sense of responsibility they need to be careful of devoted feelings turning sour with a sense of burden , and reliably. They can have a down-to-earth side in love but sometimes their somber filter overlooks novelty, excitement, or general potential in others.

Venus Sextile Uranus: Can be highly independent in love. They can attract unusual partners and relationships at times. The highlight of this aspect is individuality. They desire a partner, friends, and loved ones who embrace their individualism or even help build it and boost it. This aspect has strong social awareness, they create good harmony in group settings, is observational in the social sphere, and can be given persuasion and charisma.

Venus Sextile Neptune: This is the true romantic!! Feelings for their partner flow and is expressed imaginatively, affectionately, and sweetly.

They can be highly compassionate, possibly more so to lovers. Watch out for a lack of boundaries in relationships, putting a partner on a pedestal, and they are highly receptive and sensitive in relationships, they can be changeable with emotions and hard to understand or keep up with on an emotional level.

Venus Sextile Pluto: Relationships and love are felt so intensely! This person knows what true intimacy is on many different levels.

Control issues, fixed feelings, and obsession could exist here but this mostly points to passion that ignites not easily but naturally in love. This person can have a manipulative side in relationships. They easily mystify and hypnotize others, especially in romance.

They may use manipulation merely to win someone over or to protect a loved one. Venus Sextile Ascendant: What a charming and attractive person! This gives social grace, diplomacy, and softness. But this person could be hesitant to stir the pot. Confidence can take time to really develop and show.

These people tend to focus on their physical appearance a lot somehow. The approach to the world is relationship-oriented. They can have a great eye for aesthetics. Venus Sextile Midheaven: Here is good luck with networking, getting along with coworkers and authority figures, and this aspect can increase the chance of one getting romantically involved with someone at work. This aspect warns of wanting to be liked too much in the professional realm.

One can struggle to stand up for themselves. Venus Sextile North Node : Relationships pave the path towards fulfillment and karmic lessons. Charm, persuasion, deception, romances, self love, and materialism could be tied into life lessons. Venus Sextile Chiron: Relationships and healing are connected somehow.

This person has a good sense towards relationships, maybe being a matchmaker of sorts. They understand love and rejects unhealthy detachment, any abandonment, coldness, lack of reassurance, or cruelty. They could be quick to recognize selfishness in relationships and will find that being in love or feeling loved are one of their top priorities, especially in terms of healing their wounds.

Venus Sextile Ceres: This can make someone a highly nurturing partner that wants to mother or father their lover or that they attract one who will take care of them in a nurturing way.

Venus Sextile Juno: This person has been searching for their other half since the beginning. They romanticize romance itself. This is the person who admits that their dream or goal in life is to find a partner. Venus Sextile Pallas: Here we see artistic abilities that are usually physically appealing or visually focused. Like the conjunction intuition can be more tuned towards relationships and social settings.

They might seek validation for their skills and talents via relationships or a partner somehow. Venus Sextile Vesta: This person is on top of practicing self care, especially in sensual, materialistic, and idle ways.

They could put an emphasis on helping their partner to relax and to help loved ones to become more in tune with what their needs are. Venus Sextile Lilith: Healthy, encouraging, and stable relationships help them overcome Lilith challenges.

Scars from past relationships can easily reopen with the wrong people. Empowerment comes from self love and finding inner peace. The individual inherited a wise mind. A knowingness was generated in childhood, and easily known to other people.

The mind is innately calculative, focused on mastering subjects and proving intelligence. The threat here is mental insecurity, the mind constantly doubting its talent. There is a good nature for study and potential for accomplishment in academic credential.

However good intention can become lost when youth and elder cross paths. The individual may study well for one semester then fall into bad habits, see no end point, then drop out. Or maybe the individual studies compulsively in one haul, exhausting and burning out the mind. Bouts of melancholy may be ritual. But so is intellectual mastery.

There may be deep shame, embarrassment, or panic regarding rejection or criticism. Harsh encounters with authority figures may put the individual on the constant defensive.