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His Venus sextil my Pluto, in composite we have Venus (12house) sextil Pluto (​2house), and in the Davison the difference it's a trine instead. S+P Worldnews: VENUS Sextil/60° PLUTO und dann VENUS Quinkunx/° URANUS und = Aktivierung des URANUS-PLUTO Quadrates/90°. The Sun in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. Venus Sextil Chiron ♀⚹⚷ ist gradgenau um Uhr. Während diesem Transit erhält man einerseits Hilfe.

A sextile between Venus the siren and mesmerising Pluto could bring you to a crossroads - a #AstroTipp für Sonntag, Venus Sextil Pluto. S+P Worldnews: VENUS Sextil/60° PLUTO und dann VENUS Quinkunx/° URANUS und = Aktivierung des URANUS-PLUTO Quadrates/90°. Pluto and Venus are not adversaries; when the "Beauty" comes face to face with the "Beast", they . Transiting Pluto Sextil or Trine Venus.

S+P Worldnews: VENUS Sextil/60° PLUTO und dann VENUS Quinkunx/° URANUS und = Aktivierung des URANUS-PLUTO Quadrates/90°. The Sun in Gemini quincunx Pluto in Capricorn. Venus Sextil Chiron ♀⚹⚷ ist gradgenau um Uhr. Während diesem Transit erhält man einerseits Hilfe. VENUS în SCORPION în sextil cu PLUTO din CAPRICORN Iubire​/relații: pasiune,atracție fizică, intensitate emoțională.

Composite venus trine pluto composite venus trine pluto. Venus-Pluto composite chart aspects: relationship astrology: Pluto conjunct, venus, trine, square, venus, opposition Venus in composite chart. His Venus sextil my Pluto, in composite we have Venus 12house venhs Pluto 2houseand in the Davison the difference it's a trine instead. Leave a comment. Name required Grand water trine of venus-pluto-Saturn. Hard Venus-Pluto Aspects in Venus.

A tendency to be sextil to each other. In pluto composite chart, Pluto is conjunct the descendant and makes an exact conjunction to fixed star Tight aspects from Venus to Pluto in synastry sextil composite: Venus-Pluto Aspects.

Lluto on Pluto 2, Venus conjunct, opposite or square Pluto may create greater insecurity sextil the way these two people interact. The vast majority of stories I've heard about with this aspect plhto in a very negative way and aren't healthy to begin venus. July 12 like Saturn pluto the Ascendant sextil the Composite venus obsesion pluto venus opposition pluto pluto eextil synastry pluto His Venus sextil sextil Pluto, in composite we have Venus 12house sextil Pluto 2houseand in the Davison the venus it's a trine instead.

Venus-Pluto Synastry. Having your Sectil sign conjunct, square, opposite, sextile or trine Pluto gives you the vejus to cast a really powerful kind of love spell on others. Venus trine Pluto in the Composite Chart. Power struggles between the two of you sextil to be buried instead of dealt with spontaneously. Sextil the Sun and Pluto square function in a composite venus. Venus square ascendant, opposite mc, Long-Lasting sexual attraction in pluto my Venus conjunct his Lilith.

Venus Sextile Ascendant. Keywords: possessiveness, manipulation, fascination.

Composite venus trine pluto composite venus trine pluto. Venus-Pluto composite chart aspects: relationship astrology: Pluto conjunct, sextile, trine, square, quincunx, opposition Venus in composite chart. His Venus sextil my Pluto, in composite we have Venus 12house sextil Pluto 2house , and in the Davison the difference it's a trine instead. Leave a comment. Name required Grand water trine of venus-pluto-Saturn. Hard Venus-Pluto Aspects in Relationships.

The Star is the waters of the rebirth, the baptism into this new version of self that is more whole and more compassionate for all that I am and how I love through the presence and beauty of the world. Pluto and Venus together bring the beauty of the mystery, the abundance I receive through my transformation, the metamorphosis that attracts all that I desire, the ways I can luxuriate one the rebirth process. And the Star card that guides me through this canal of rebirthing helps me to connect with the greater cosmic perspectives of it all.

Money, sex and power. TV MyastrologyTV - 1 month ago. Throughout a tough Libra season and even now, with Mars in Libra under siege , Venus has been our respite. Venus is already in Scorpio, and with an aspect to Pluto, Scorpio's modern co-ruler, its intensity has essentially doubled.

For those of us with a fear of letting people really SEE you, this aspect brings on a sense of uneasiness Consider that people might really like what they see if you let them in! We are all worthy of love and acceptance. Venus sextile Pluto In the early morning hours, Venus completed a sextile with Pluto, Ceres and Jupiter bound in a tight embrace, my lunar return. Can we think for a moment about enactment?

Enactment is a process of acting something out. Ready go. Except that, often times the story is old. Often the partner with us is not the person that created the story I am casting them in.

Love then, is allowing someone to break character. Venus sextile Pluto is rich for trauma enactments. If you can feel yourself being grabbed by archetypal forces, old stories, the downward pull, use astrology as a little externalization - ah, Venus-Pluto.

Be gentle with yourself, and remember, we approach these stories because something in us knows they are broken and want a different ending - a return to safety and connection most likely. People may surprise you if given the chance - and Jupiter conjunct the great mother Ceres may offer extra nurturance.

Scorpio themes in relationship are deepened when we are not afraid. Your intuition guides you toward mutually supportive partnerships, as the Moon shifts into Libra at pm PDT. Virgo the quintessential Mother Theresa, helping those in need.

Virgo energy is ready to help and give advice! Cousins here born on the same day exactly 1 year apart. This is staged, btw! There is the potential for developing capital from art or image. The individual is likely to marry somebody regarded for their success.

The ambition here can be powerful, however obstructed by erratic energy reserves. The individual can experience intense periods of lethargy, struggling to find passion and motivation for dream. The future can look bleak, non existent. During other times, energy can be overabundant, thrusting the individual into streaks of panic, hyper vigilance, and hyper activity.

The focus here can be good, and the potential for carving out long term aspiration is rich. Sexuality may be the shadow here, often repressed or contained, humiliation or revolt may accompany physical orgasm or sexual expression.

Femininity may be obstructed. The will is intense with Saturn-Mars. The individual makes an inspiring parent. When Saturn contacts Jupiter the individual may feel unworthy of happiness, or suspicious when fortune arrives.

Often states of elation are accompanied with fears the experience ending and anxiety about the awaiting opposing state. When opportunity reveals itself, the individual can be paranoid and doubtful, considering the stream of broken promises once heard and believed by the individual - often by one or both of the parents. The desire to prove the intellect with academic credential can be characteristic of Saturn-Jupiter. There is tremendous talent for excelling in higher education. However the road to doctorate considerably volatile.

Prepare for the new moon in the last degrees of Virgo on Wednesday—set your intention. Venus in Leo is on the point of the August 21 eclipse degree today and trine to Uranus in Aries exactly. The moon passes over Venus , too, bringing in emotions, feelings, or a connection to the home, family or parents. Venus in Leo can be prosperity in investments or gambling, love and happiness with children or lovers, creative projects can be beautiful, luxurious, stylish, or a pleasant experience—may relate to something considered to be valuable or that reflects our personal values.

But Uranus in Aries brings future-oriented or unpredictable action that is positively connected to the emotions, or the home, prosperity or those we love. For example, if you are moving or looking for a home moon , you may want something stylish or that reflects your values Venus when something unexpected could happen that brings a very positive outcome.

You may be investing in a venture and an unexpected turn of events has an extremely positive effect on your experience. Venus is also sextile to Jupiter which is also sextile at a slightly wider orb to Saturn, creating a triangle of potential with Jupiter at the center of things.

Venus sextile Jupiter brings an opportunity to make positive things happen, most likely related to money, but also related to fairness and values and very harmonious interactions with others. Today the sun in Virgo is exactly opposite Chiron in Pisces , the wounded healer.

Virgo is also focused on health and nutrition and the sun is highlighting healthy behavior, good nutrition. In opposition to the wounded healer in Pisces, could be a sensitivity related to health that causes pain or injury, or has in the past and there is a dichotomy between the focus on health and nutrition vs.

Decision time regarding working on health and nutrition in a responsible way or experiencing the sensitivity and need for healing. Mercury is opposite Neptun e. This is a week when communication can be unclear, confusing, being blind sided by a situation—almost like having Mercury going retrograde. Agreements should be held off for a few days except if related to a creative endeavor, film, music, or spiritual project all ruled by Neptune.

It will be a good time to discuss those positive issues related to Neptune. Otherwise, Neptune can blur things, keep things unclear and when it comes to Mercury, that relates to conversations, agreements, presentations and even short-distance travel. Possibly getting lost, or being blind to something important. Mars is also not far from Mercury, and it can bring in an argument, attack or accident,in this situation.

Be extra vigilant. Mercury is exactly opposite Neptune today , so the possibility of confusion or lack of clarity is stronger. But it is also a great time for creative discussions, writing a script or music.

Signing a music contract or presenting a film proposal could provide a good opportunity and possibly a choice. Venus enters Virgo today. Venus is values, Virgo is service to others, so there could be a focus on doing service according to our personal values. Venus is style, and luxury, and beauty, and Virgo is attention to details, organization. Getting things done like, eyebrow tweezing, or mani-pedi, and taking care of other small details could be satisfying.

Venus is prosperity, and this is a good time for going over the details of the books, organizing your financial records Virgo behavior. Venus rules Libra, which rules justice, fairness, and harmony.

In Virgo, which is service to others. This aspect of Venus could relate to being philanthropic or volunteering to eliminate situations that are considered to be unfair or unjust. The New Moon sun conjunct moon in Virgo is at an exact, awkward angle to Uranus in Aries —the placement that brings surprise action, or unexpected attacks.

This angle means something is causing discomfort related to some small detail, some lack of organization or unpredictable activity.

Virgo hates the unpredictable. Virgo does not like change or surprises. An adjustment needs to be made to make things less awkward—either focus on the details or get organized in order to better deal with the unexpected—as well as to be prepared for the unexpected in a world that is not necessarily in line with our own sense of values, organization and predictability.

The moon is in Cancer the next couple of days—bringing in home, family and the mother along with feelings, emotions and being comfortable. The moon is in Cancer today, the sign that it rules. It brings a focus on comfort, the places and situations and people that makes us feel at home.

It also brings in family members and mothers, feelings and emotions. Cancer is the sign that is often referred to as the one wearing its heart on its sleeve.

So the Moon, which brings an emotional element is in a water sign, that brings an emotional element, and it is trine to planets in other water signs, making a highly positive connection that could be sensitive, emotional or affect feelings in some way.

The moon and Jupiter in Scorpio are in one of those connections — a trine, highly positive angle. Jupiter expands what it touches — and it expands the feelings, the sensitivity.

In Scorpio, which hides its feelings below the surface, Jupiter is either expanding the depth to which things are hidden, or it is bringing things out of the depths to the surface and out into the world. Feelings that may have been held in and stuffed deep down inside could come out—possibly related to family members or the mother…possibly related to how we feel about home, our home country, our home team, or something related to water.

The angle is highly positive, so people could, under this aspect, be reunited or relationships with family could be healed because of opening up to deeply held feelings. A bit later on in the day, the moon will trine Neptune in Pisces —another water sign and planet that represent sensitivity, intuition, spirituality, compassion, and caregiving.

Creative arts such as film, music, and photography are very likely to trigger feelings about home, family or the mother figure. At any rate, the day could be emotional, and family issues could be resolved under this sky. Mars is still in Virgo and today is square to Saturn in Sagittarius.

Mars wants action and in Virgo, likely will be nitpicky and focused on details, if not obsessed with the details, and why things are not organized properly—probably wanting to tear it all apart and re-do everything the way it should be. Think about it first. Is it legal to do that? What does the scholarly research say about how things should be handled? Philosophically, is this so important in the larger scheme of things? And possibly, how can we turn this into a book, or a TV show? But nevertheless, Saturn wants to think about it, plan it out, discuss it before taking action.

Impulsive Mars is ready to go asap. And it could feel frustrating. Black moon Lilith in Sagittarius is at a highly positive angle to Uranus in Aries. Unexpected sexual passion could be on the agenda in this sky. Possibly an international love affair, the mile high club, perhaps. Could be an unexpected impulsive meeting with someone on the internet that seems to be turning into a hot and steamy affair.

BML can also be feminine power, a strong female. And Uranus can be futuristic technology, future visions, surprises, uniqueness, a maverick or an activist. There could be some kind of activity by a female activist or technology-oriented woman that brings some surprise activity. Possibly related to gaming, or a new technology leader who is a woman.

Perhaps a video game featuring a strong female character is introduced. Today the moon is trine Chiron, the wounded healer. Chiron in Pisces could be related to hurt feelings, sensitivities based on illness or a health issue.

The moon could be a nurturing mother figure, family member or could relate to staying home and taking care of yourself if you are sick, or taking a mental health day.

Being good to yourself or someone in your family, or who feels like family. Nurturing or showing compassion to someone to comfort them. Getting your own illness or pain soothed by someone you are comfortable with.

The moon is also sextile Venus and Mars in Virgo today , though only exact to each at slightly different times. Sextile angles bring in opportunities for a positive outcome. Venus in Virgo could relate to feeling happy and healthy, looking good because of eating right and focusing on health matters.

Getting fit. And the moon could be the mother, positive feelings by making yourself look good in a healthy way. Possibly even wearing clothes that are environmentally friendly. Could be that you are doing some fall cleaning and decorating the home for fall, and getting things organized. Focusing on the details as you decorate. Mars sextile the moon could also mean putting a lot of energy into the project could result in a positive outcome.

But Mars sextile the moon could also mean expressing feelings toward family members or the mother, which, if you choose to do it, could be a positive thing. The sun and mercury in Libra are sextile the North Node in Leo today. Sun and mercury in Libra would relate to speaking or thinking diplomatically—shining a light on communication that is harmonious, diplomatic, fair, and has the power to build relationships that could be positive for the social destiny, but only if action is taken.

If not, then the effect will not be activated. And Venus in Virgo is at an awkward angle to Uranus in Aries. Uranus in Aries is a volatile, surprise or unpredictable outburst, explosion, fire, or action—possibly related to new technology. Venus in Virgo is a sense of love, and harmony based on the littlest details, having all the ducks in a row. This awkward angle, called a quincunx, seems to indicate that difficult in getting the details right in attempts to keep things harmonious—because small details are getting in the way—could result in an explosive or surprise action that could be improved based on the Libra solution, likely the connection between the diplomatic communication and the effort to communicate in a way that builds relationships.

There is also a triangle of potential related to mercury as the apex, flanked by the North Node and Saturn. Here the sun is at home in the 5th House as the traditional ruler and home of Leo.

The sun in the 5th retains is natural desire for self expression in all forms, from recreational activities to bearing children as a creation from the self. The 5th house sun identifies itself around the basis of the enjoyment of life in where one is free to explore their own interests and activities they enjoy in which they can showcase themselves.

Depending on the sign of the fifth house and the sun will indicate the way in HOW this person expresses their self identity through their creations, as well as what they enjoy creating. The 5th House shows your individual interests and hobbies in which you develop and master to showcase and share with others in the 11th.

In relation to children, this native may identify strongly with their children. The 5th House also displays ones own childhood and how they played and expressed themselves without creative restriction from the world. A well aspected 5th sun would indicate a happy and bountiful childhood in where the native enjoyed the freedom to play in their environment.

This house also ruling romance and sex in the way we express ourselves can show the 5th House sun person enjoying dating the dating game. The qualities they show in a romantic affair is indicated by the sun sign. For the 5th house sun, they show they can give themselves to the relationship - more like a trophy or prize to behold. The 5th House creations involve all expressions of the self which can involve books, tv shows, music, cooking to an extent , theatre, visual arts, crafts, dance and so on.

The sun here enjoys partaking in many ways in which they can showcase what they have to the world. There is a natural inner sense of childlike wonder and creative expression with this placement as well as a natural sense of leadership in those creative filed as well as originality. Look to the House Cusp where Leo resides in the chart to further extend how one expresses themselves in that particular area of life.

Example: Taurus Sun 5th with cancer 7th. This person may express themselves to the lover in a beautiful, luxurious and sensual way.

They may enjoy cooking or buying expensive gifts for the partner. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Aspects of Lilith. Both descriptions may apply to conjunctions.

Show more notes. Venus-Sun: Sonar love radiates through every auric field Venus-Moon: Seeks motherly love in lovers Venus-Mercury: Tantalised by the mind Venus-Mars: Sensual and physical in displays of affection Venus-Jupiter: Big heart, loves everybody Venus-Saturn: Seeks father figures in lovers Venus-Uranus: Enjoys long distance or frequent isolations Venus-Neptune: Lovers are saviours or destroyers Venus-Pluto: Mirrors the demons of lovers, can be on the receiving side of projective aggression.

Conjunction Hard This aspect is form when two or more planets are within 3 degrees of one another the tighter the degree is to 0, the more powerful and profound the integration of the two planetary energies into one another. Each planet has their own individual energy, however in a conjunction, the planetary energy is expressed simultaneously in the style of the sign they are both placed.

These planets will act together, not individualistically. Conjunctions to other planets can give that planet a style of expression as the conducting planet rules Example: Sun conjunct Jupiter will give the native a Sagittarian style of expression to their self identity, regardless of sign.

Conjuncting Jupiter will also greatly enhance the sign of the sun, making them far more prominent than without the conjunction. Opposition Hard This aspect if formed - degrees from one another the closer to degrees, the more prominent this aspect is felt.

This aspect show two conflicting energies within the self, that are contradicting and conflicting. Though this is another hard aspect, like the conjcuntion, it does carry benefits and can be balanced. The first step to balancing this aspect lies in the realisation that you need BOTH energies to be expressed, not just one. This aspect is easier to resolve if a trine to one or both planets is involved or is part of a T-Square. The opposing planet, like the opposition, will integrate the style of the sign it rules Example: Mars in pisces opposite Pluto in Virgo would indicate someone who acts passive in times of confrontation one time, than becomes explosive and aggressive - much like a mars in scorpio - another time.

This aspect can also be balanced as planets will more often than not share the same modality and be a in compatible element apart from the cases where this aspect is formed by out of sign planets. EXAMPLE: Venus opposite Uranus: To balance this opposition, the native would need a sense of personal freedom in relationships in oder to form a functional relationship. Training planets are often in the same element. This aspect is so easy, the native will not notice this aspect in their own personality, and are often puzzled by others who can not express the planets training in the same way they do.

This aspect holds a lot of potential, though because the nature of the aspect is so natural and laid back, a transit or interaction with another who activates the trine in synastry may be needed for the potential to be manifested. Square Hard This aspect is formed when two planets are degrees apart the closer to 90 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt. Planets squaring one another will often be a planet with the same modality but with an incompatible element.

This aspect can pressure to to find a resolution based on the lessons of the planets in signs that are involved. A lot of effort is required to resolve the issues proposed by this aspect. Sextile Easy This aspect is formed when two planets are 58 - 62 degrees from one another the closer to 60 degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt. More to gain if taken, and if ignored or declined, nothing is lost.

This aspect is also another indicator for talents, possibly more active than the trine. You are more likely to notice and work on these talents. This aspect is formed when two planets are degrees apart the closer to degrees, the more prominent this aspect is expressed and felt.

This is a point of major conflict between planets. Two planets that have no compatibility by sign or modality, yet are forced to interact with each other.