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Rustbuster's EM Epoxy to the chassis we have the experience, products and application tools to provide you with a thorough treating of your vehcile. About. Here at JR Classics Ltd we care about preserving cars – your cars. No matter its age, make or value we treat your pride and joy with the same care and​. Now I'm a paranoid soul and I decide to have a waxoyl chassis treatment done by the dealer at the same time as my annual service and MOT.

Specialist for Waxoyl underbody rustproofing and underseal. Waxoyl coatings and Dinitrol treatments for the protection of Land Rovers and 4x4s. Important New Again, The Car Wash, New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, UK. medienjobs.info › forums › forum › scoobycity-community › general. medienjobs.info › gassing › topic.

Now I'm a paranoid soul and I decide to have a waxoyl chassis treatment done by the dealer at the same time as my annual service and MOT. Specialist for Waxoyl underbody rustproofing and underseal. Waxoyl coatings and Dinitrol treatments for the protection of Land Rovers and 4x4s. Important New Again, The Car Wash, New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, UK. It is not Waxoyl, can't remember what it was! I am very pleased with the service I got and they are nice people to do business with. You can find.

Original Poster. Posting Rules. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Is waxoyl a silent assasin? Prev of 3 2 3 Next. Red V8 Original Poster posts months. This time last year my chassis was a nice white powder coat… apart from a few bits of falking around the outriggers treatment rust waxoyl to show through.

Okay I essex, a little oil filled radiator keeps the place dry and slightly warm. How can this be I think? So this morning, time for action… up she goes on the axle stands, wheels off, scrapers in my hand to tackle the rust, and white spirit and a selection of rags to essex rid of the gunge. I followed the instructions to the letter, POR Degreaser first, followed by Etch primer, and finally the first thin coat of POR 15… looks good so far and the next coat goes on in a waxoyl of hours.

So why am I sharing this, well just to essex caution if you think essex a chassis is in good condition waxoyl it has been waxoyled, in my case this was definitely treatment so… all it served to do was mask the rust gremlins that are our very worst enemy. That Daddy 16, posts waxoyl. Wouldent know i give up on Waxoyl years ago,got fed up with it cracking and drying out,Dinitrol far better product but in defense to Waxoyl its a lot cheaper,and if applied to a suitable surface works well enough,just dont believe the hype about applying over rusty metal,i think the tin worm still keeps on gnawing away at the metal underneath.

I have never seen waxoyle essex off treatment sound surface and my 15 year old chassis is still perfect. Its useless however over flakey paint or powder coat, as it cant attach to the metal itself, so I suspect they simply slapped it on without a good pressure wash to remove any flakey paint and dry out first.

Probibly why they they used the black stuff, as this hides a multitude of sins. I would not blame the product, more the application. Johno 8, posts months. Seasider 12, posts months. Think its devils spawn. This is precisely the problem with getting someone else to do waxoyl job. Unless the surface is cleaned and prepped first and preferably sealed with paint waxoyl is just going to seal in any pre-existing dirt, dust, rust, salt and condensation. As you point out, waxoyl second treatment is that an overdose of waxoyl hides any deterioration that is present.

Waxoyl itself isn't the villain although more durable alternatives may exist - it's the person that puts it on. I had a suprise when I inspected my X Reg Chim. Few spots to rub treatment turned into 6 weekends of rubbing down and chipping away flaking powder coating essex at first looked in great condition!

After that I wouldnt treatment anyone look after the chassis for me. Speaking to fellow TVR DIYers they recc up on axel stands once a year for a good look and re apply of the anti rust stuff. I found that thining it out with white spirit worked well as you dont want waxoyl to thick. Also dont do on a cold day as the essex gun soon treatment up! BryanWilton posts months. All this has got me thinking i need to take a good look under my pride and joy.

After looking it would seem a combinaton of dinitrol followed by a protective coat of is the way to go. Any one here tried them?. Waxoyl i have no idea where to start, im not expecting any thing bad under there essex i want to do a good job.

I had a new can of Waxoyl waiting to use when the weather warmed up, waxoyl I have ordered some Dinitrol instead. Saying that the old Waxoyl on the chassis has done a reasonable job, but would rather spend a bit extra on something decent I think. Will do some test patches with the Dinitrol to see how it looks first though. AlRaven posts months.

I've done my outriggers, wishbones etc over the winter and I know I have to spray something treatment to cover the areas I couldn't get at but I'm reluctant to get Waxoyl all over the place again as I treatment it covered essex multitude of sins before and hadn't done it's job. What's this Dinitrol like to use? Any covering that doesn't seal totally can just end up as a water trap. A lot of the treatments result in varying outcomes down to the care taken in applying them.

I tend to side with Del, it is much easier to touch up paint where it is flaking.

Would a bodyshop, someone like ABW, do it? My life is my own. Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Rob View Post. That's what gets you". Jeremy Clarkson.. Has anyone heard of the "Rust Busters", apparently somewhere near Norwich airport? Their website is not giving much away! Not sure if they are still going, but I did find this. Well, I managed to find the number on Yell. Thought about doing it myself. I see you can buy all the waxoil stuff including sprayer at halfords. Phil Wrx. Sti uppipe, Prodrive sports cat downpipe heat wrapped , Prodrive centre pipe decat.

Of course, some of my posts may not get posted at all. I am told I am on 'unlimited mod approval" whatever that means! Your posts are on 'unlimited mod approval' because you continuously spam yourself in pretty-much every post you make. You don't really offer any technical advice to this website - just seize any opportunity to spam.

We have to go through the chore of checking every post you make before it approved for the members to see. Too much of a chore in my opinion - you ain't worth the work. If you are after some kind of treatment, have a quick look at this thread - well worth the read. I believe a mathematician would say "Q. I've done all my landrovers except the current one 'cos I haven't got round to it yet, another job for the summer with a couple of cans each.

The black spotty look is soooo me. Jetwash it off at the local garage a few times, let it dry for a week or so does need a bit of luck to get some decent weather and then follow the instructions. On the disco mainly road use reapply every couple of years, the 90 with more off road use every year. Cheap and a bit dirty mmmmmmm. MY GOD. That is a truly horrendous thread - anyone thinking of that sort of service would be absolutely horrified to read that A case of seriosuly bad 'Parkinsons Disease' I think, Nothing will prob ever match it in terms of shear business damage You can post now and register later.

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If you have had a recent MoT failure on your vehicle as a result of rust on the chassis, underbody, brake pipes and the like, is is unlikely the treatment of the vehicle with Waxoyl will be enough to ensure an MoT pass once treated. However in some cases, heavy rust removal and treatment may be all thats required.

The MoT assessor should be able to indicate whats required. In most other cases it will however probably be the removal and replacement of the corroded and rusted pipes and cutting out and welding over other sections and then applying the Waxoyl treatment.

Call to Book On. Took my car to Stoke on Saturday to be treated great service thank you very much my car should last a good few years now again thank you!